How to Choose the Best School in Nashik for Your Child
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One of the top priorities that parents have is choosing a good school for their children. A good school and a healthy learning environment positively impact a major part of a child’s life. Along with education, a school also contributes towards the social development and emotional growth of a child. Therefore, every parent wants their child to be enrolled in a school that will help the child grow both academically as well as on a personality level.

If you are a resident of Nashik and wondering about schools for your child, you can be sure that Nashik has many great schools that you can enrol your child in. There are also international schools in Nashik that will enable children to experience a global approach to education.

Let’s talk about a few criteria to look at to choose the best school in Nashik –

  1. Education Board: Parents can begin with the education board (state board, CBSE, ICSE, IB, etc.) they want their child or children to study under. This point will instantly scale down the long list of schools that parents might have begun with. A point here to note would also be the language medium. Parents can choose between Hindi and English medium schools in Nashik.
  2. Distance from home: A criterion that sometimes parents overlook in search for the best school for their children. Many childhood education experts suggest that a school should never be far away from home for a child. The child will not only spend a lot of unnecessary time travelling to and from school, but they will also be too tired to focus on any other activity after school, including homework that maybe needed to be done for the next day. In present times, many states and cities have made it mandatory for children to be enrolled in schools only within a certain distance from home.
  3. Location of the school: Parents need to assess the area where their school of choice is located. This does not only tie in with the above point of distance from home but also is important in ensuring the safety of children.
  4. Safety and security protocols: Speak to school authorities about their safety and security protocols within the campus. It is very important to ensure that the environment children are learning in is protected and is safe for their mental and physical health. Children spend a considerable time of their day in school. It is imperative that the school ensures a secure environment for the children and not just within the campus but also while on the commute home if they are using school transport.
  5. Extracurricular activities: Education is not only about the academic syllabus. For the overall development of a child, they must get to participate and learn about extra-curricular activities like sports, dance, painting, music, martial arts, debate teams, and many others. Parents should choose a school that provides children with a variety of extra-curricular activities to choose from.
  6. Infrastructure: A school’s infrastructure contributes towards other factors like the safety and security of the children and what extracurricular activities a school can provide. To choose the best school in Nashik for your child, focus on how well-planned the infrastructure of a school is.
  7. Faculty: In addition to what the children are being taught, it is also significant to understand who is teaching them. Parents should inquire about the faculty of a school to determine whether it would be a good school to send their child to. This is also a criterion that parents need to keep a check regularly after the child starts going to school. The education system only works well with an efficient team to implement it.
  8. Fees: Parents always want the absolute best for their children, no matter the cost. However, it is unwise to overburden yourself with school fees. School is an investment that needs to be supported for anywhere up to 14-15 years. Check the fee structure of a school before deciding to admit your ward. There will always be additional costs that parents would need to incur for various educational purposes in addition to the school fees. Therefore, ensure that the fees do not end up negatively impacting your finances.
  9. Talk to other parents: And last but not least, talk to other parents and maybe even their children. Nobody will be able to provide better insight than the people experiencing a school environment daily. There can be many things that may not be very apparent to parents considering a new school, simply by looking at school brochures and talking to the administration.

Have an in-depth analysis before selecting a school for your child in Nashik. Consider all factors that will ensure that the next 10 plus years of your children’s growing years are endowed with healthy growth in all aspects of their life.

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