How to Get Acquainted With Crypto Trading

So you’ve finally gotten caught up by the hype and you’re ready to bite the bullet and start investing in crypto. Now comes the golden question: where do you even start? or how one can become a full-time trader? 

For the uninitiated, the crypto market can be a confusing quagmire of buzzwords, bad memes, and an ever-evolving Rolodex of techno-jargon. This guide will briefly introduce the crypto world and list our top resources for learning crypto trading in 2022 and beyond.

1. Cryptocurrency Trading Books 

Books can be a great way to gain insight into crypto technology and its potential investment opportunities. There is a lot of information out there about cryptocurrencies, and a lot of it quickly becomes outdated as the technology continues to develop.

The good news is that numerous crypto-books have been published that explain the fundamental facts about cryptocurrencies, which can help you understand the crypto world better. Below are some great books to start learning about cryptocurrencies and crypto trading:

  • The Only Bitcoin Investing Book You’ll Ever Need: An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to the Cryptocurrency Which Is Changing the World and Your Finance in 2021 & Beyond: The title is a total mouthful, but this book will show you why it’s not too late to invest in “Digital Gold.” It offers tips on how to buy Bitcoin, how much money you should dedicate to it, and more.
  • An Altcoin Trader’s Handbook: Bitcoin may be the most valuable crypto asset, but it’s hardly the only cryptocurrency worth investing in. Nik Patel’s An Altcoin Trader’s Handbook provides years’ worth of insightful information on the ever-evolving nature of the cryptosphere, with comprehensive strategies for profitable altcoin speculation.
  • Cryptocurrency Investing For Dummies: The For Dummies series has built a reputation for publishing non-intimidating guides for a wide range of topics. Cryptocurrency Investing For Dummies is no exception. It provides clear guidance on how to profitably invest in the top 200 cryptocurrencies, no matter the market sentiment.
  • The Bitcoin Standard: Saifedeen Ammous’s The Bitcoin Standard is not explicitly about crypto trading, but it does a good job of analyzing the historical context of the rise of Bitcoin. It’s a great read if you’re looking for insight into why Bitcoin has become such a runaway success. 
  • Algorithmic Trading: A Practitioner’s Guide: Algorithmic trading is en vogue in the cryptosphere, but it can be a tough nut to crack without a technical background. Dr. Jeffrey Bacidore’s guide provides a deep look into how to successfully use algorithmic trading programs. 

2. Crypto Forums 

Web forums may seem like a relic of the 2000s, but they’re actually a great resource for answers and insights into the cryptocurrency field. In these forums, you can ask questions related to crypto trading, mining, exchanges, ecosystems, and more. Sometimes it takes time to find the best forum, but almost every crypto asset has a dedicated forum. Below are some of our top picks:

  • Reddit: Pretty much every cryptocurrency with any relevance has a dedicated subreddit where news and updates are posted and experienced members, investors, and sometimes even project developers are on hand to assist newbies with any questions. There are subreddits for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Ripple, and even general ones for all cryptocurrencies, crypto markets, and crypto-related memes.  
  • CryptoInTalk: If you’re looking for a forum that’s a catchall for hundreds of crypto assets, then CryptoInTalk is for you. You can find thousands of posts with lively discussions on mining, trading, crypto news, and general crypto-related discussions. 
  • The Bitcoin Forum:  The Bitcoin Forum is a general discussion board about Bitcoin and its ecosystem. In addition to development news and information on mining, market predictions, scams, and trading, the forum also has a section where enthusiasts can ask Bitcoin CEOs and industry leaders questions about the technology. 
  • Altcoins Talks: Altcoins Talks is a forum for more general discussions on altcoins with other crypto enthusiasts. It’s not the most active forum out there, but it does have thousands of discussion threads on crypto news, mining, trading, market speculation, technical & fundamental analysis techniques, etc. 

3. Crypto Podcasts 

Listening to crypto podcasts is a great way to learn about crypto basics and keep up with the latest trends in the industry. There are many professionals and traders who share their expertise in podcasts that could be very profitable for newbies.

Podcasts are a dime a dozen these days because of how cheap they are to produce. You’ll have to sift through numerous crypto-related podcasts before you find the right one for your needs. Our top picks include: 

  • The Pomp Podcast: Anthony Pompliano’s podcast covers finance, economics, technology, and entrepreneurship. Episodes range from 30 minutes to an hour and look into a variety of content, including how fintech companies are built, best practices for investing, how to avoid scams, and more. 
  • What Bitcoin Did: Peter McCormack’s podcast is a great resource for beginners and veterans that takes a balanced approach toward cryptocurrencies. His extensive archive of episodes includes a “Beginner’s Guide to Bitcoin” series that covers the history, legality, and future of Bitcoin and altcoins. 
  • Crypto 101: Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone’s Crypto 101 podcast provides news and analysis on everything crypto without the complicated jargon. The weekly episodes specifically target beginners and try to explain advanced crypto concepts in an easily digestible way. 
  • The Bad Crypto Podcast: Crypto-enthusiasts Joel Comm and Travis Wright’s The Bad Crypto Podcast is a serialized podcast that covers pretty much everything: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, cryptocurrencies, token events, developments in blockchain technology, and more. 

4. Crypto YouTubers 

YouTube is saturated with channels dedicated to crypto trading. There are numerous crypto YouTubers who claim to have great insights on the market but in reality have no great value. To save you time, we’ve sifted through numerous channels and listed some of the best ones below: 

  • Ivan on Tech:  Ivan Liljeqvist has made a name for himself on YouTube thanks to his daily videos on blockchain news, crypto insights, and changes in the industry. He’s worth following for regular updates on industry trends. 
  • DataDash: For up-to-date news on Bitcoin and market trends, DataDash is the channel to follow. It provides weekly content on all things related to financial markets and cryptocurrencies. 
  • Coin Bureau: The Coin Bureau is an information portal for everything in the cryptoverse. The channel’s team of experienced analysts perform regular reviews on coins, brokers, and exchanges, and help crypto newbies navigate the complicated crypto market. 
  • BitBoy Crypto: BitBoy Crypto is one of the largest crypto channels on YouTube that uploads regular videos on crypto news, new crypto projects, and trading advice. It’s a great place to learn about market cycles as well as the newest and hottest altcoins to add to your investment portfolio. 
  • Sheldon Evans: If you want info on the best cryptocurrencies to invest in, Sheldon Evans is your man. He uploads weekly videos on crypto projects worth investing in and market trends. 

5.  Crypto Trading Courses 

Books, podcasts, forums, and YouTube videos can only take you so far. It may sound tedious, but completing a full-blown course is a great way to fill in the gaps and master the fundamentals of crypto trading. Udemy has numerous crypto investing courses that are self-paced and affordable. Below is a selection of some of the most popular ones based on the quality of materials and student reviews:

  • Cryptocurrency Fundamentals: George Levy’s course Cryptocurrency Fundamentals: Buy, Sell, Trade Cryptocurrency claims it can teach students “everything you need to get started buying, selling, and trading” cryptocurrencies in under two hours! The course is one of the most successful in the niche, with thousands of five-star reviews. 
  • The Complete Cryptocurrency Investment Course: If you’d like to know the fundamentals of the blockchain, ledgers, mining, public/private key digital signatures, and has functions, then the Complete Cryptocurrency Investment Course is for you. In addition to the fundamentals, it covers how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on exchanges, techniques for managing your portfolio, technical and fundamental analysis indicators, and more. 
  • Algorithmic Cryptocurrency Trading: Petko Zhivkov Aleksandrov is a forex, stock, and crypto trader with over 40+ courses on Udemy. His Algorithmic Cryptocurrency Trading course provides in-depth information on how to use algorithms to set up five crypto trading strategies as well as how to remove emotions from trading, backtest trading strategies, and take advantage of market volatility to turn a profit. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you have options for where to learn about crypto trading, go forth and make some money! Crypto trading is for everyone, and, with some practice, you’ll quickly see that it’s simpler and more accessible than traditional financial trading. 

The cryptoverse will always be a complicated place full of buzzwords, bad memes, and techno-jargon. Thus crypto education is essential, as in any other field like Forex. But at least you now have access to tools that can provide some much-needed navigation.

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