How to Get Ready for Replacing Your Home Windows

After choosing the kind of windows you want and identifying the perfect window replacement contractor, you may think you have completed the hard part, and all you need to do is wait for the contractor to install your new windows. However, preparing for the window installation will help you to make the process smoother and faster without any unforeseen complications. Some handy tips to remain stress-free and make the process quick and efficient:

Ensure Easy Access by the Contractor

While your appointed contractor is responsible for removing the old windows and installing the new ones, you can make his job easier by removing everything that might obstruct him. Moving tables, chairs, vases, and other wall decoration items will allow the contractor better access to the windows. Also, remember to give the contractor a clear path to the areas he will be working because he and his workers will need to approach the windows with materials and tools using the front door. According to Forbes, hiring a licensed contractor is the best because you benefit from the expertise and better window prices. After all, they generally buy at wholesale rates.

Take Down All Window Treatments  

If you have curtains or blinds on your windows, you must take them down. You will also do well to remove any decorations or paintings hanging near the windows because they might break if the workers accidentally knock against them while working. While window replacement experts at Universal Windows Direct of Syracuse make it a point to work carefully, accidents can always happen, and you will not want a precious artifact to be damaged.

Cover the Furniture and Floors

Window replacements entail a bit of civil work because the contractor will take out the old frames and install the new windows. While the contractor will use a drop cloth to limit the dust flying around, it is always better for you to cover the furniture and the floors. It will ensure the dust does not settle on the furnishings and carpets and require you to spend a lot of effort sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming after the contractor finishes the job.

Allow Proper Access to Your Home

If you do not plan to be at home when the contractor replaces your windows, you must make sure the workers can ensure easy access to your house to prevent unnecessary delays and slippage in the schedule. Let the contractor know which gates and entrances to use, and ensure you have switched off the burglar alarm system. It is also a good idea to keep your pets sequestered to prevent them from being disturbed by the contractor’s workers and the noise. Keeping children and pets away from the windows will also keep them safe from injury and accidental ingestion of construction material.


Replacing the windows is expensive, and you will want to make the process quick and smooth. Preparing for the window replacement allows the contractor to work more freely and prevents your belongings from being damaged and your house from getting dirty. You can also ensure the safety and well-being of children and pets.

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