How to help disabled employees integrate into a business
employees integrate

Businesses who can’t attract disabled employees are missing out on recruiting a significant part of the population. If your business doesn’t have the appropriate measures in place to help disabled employees integrate, then it’ll be disadvantaged when it comes to acquiring talent. Below, we explore how you can help disabled employees integrate into your business.

Accessible recruitment process

The first place to start is with your recruitment process. Being an accessible recruiter will attract applications from potential disabled employees and help integration from the start. Begin by going through job descriptions and ensuring that there aren’t any discriminatory elements that will deter applications. Following this, you should ensure that all your documents are available in easy-to-read, braille or large screen versions. In some cases, you can offer telephone interviews if someone can’t complete an application. If part of the recruitment process is taking place inside the office, then you should also take steps to make it physically accessible. Even after you’ve completed these stages, you should continue to evaluate your recruiting process to ensure it is accessible and make minor adjustments.

Unconscious bias training

Unconscious bias training is crucial too. Most people, even with good intentions, can carry unknowing bias that makes the working environment more difficult for disabled employees. Training sessions can help your employees become aware of this. This can involve highlighting unhelpful behaviour towards disabled employees, while also making the workforce aware of the difficulties disabled people might face at work.

Physical changes to the office

There are physical changes you can make to the office that improve integration also. For a start, there should be provisions for those who are in wheelchairs or can’t climb stairs. Ramps and elevators can make your office more accessible, as can disabled vehicles in case you need to transport your staff around. There are subtler changes you can make too. Neuro-divergent employees can find bright lights, loud noise and heavy patterns on the walls difficult. To integrate these employees you can provide natural lighting, plus a quiet room they can relax in or allow them to work from home.

Attracting disabled employees to your business can provide you with a talent boost. By making the appropriate physical changes, tweaking your recruitment process and providing unconscious bias training, you can help disabled employees integrate into the business.

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