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The talk about creating a global view in every diplomatic enclave has widened the purview of education. Hence, the academic corridors, especially in higher education, have created a plethora of opportunities all across the globe. Today, for students, the choices are no longer pinned to the borders of their homeland. The world is literally a student’s oyster and with a freehand to chase their dreams, which they start weaving them right from their school days.

However, to achieve these dreams, one requires access to extensive information, streamlined processes, advanced financial aid, and thorough knowledge about the educational institutions. Here, comes the need for a well-aware and experienced network of education aligned service providers and consultants who devotedly provide conclusive counseling and support to students.

IDP Education & IELTS Testing is one such education consultant which is leading the way in helping students identify the best college or career in their preferable country with massive growth potential.  IDP is a leader in international education services, helping students gain entry into English speaking countries.

Check-listing Study-abroad Process

 IDP’s goal is to bring international education within the reach of every individual. Though the institution does not prepare students for a career prospect in a direct sense, it is a critical cog in the wheel; its role is pertinent in setting the direction of the career a student might opt in years to come.

Established as a not-for-profit organization, focusing on sharing agriculture knowledge between Australia and South East Asia, the growth of this organization into a preferential education consultant has been tremendous. The inception of this organization dates back to 1969, with 120 offices spanning across 30 countries. IDP established its office in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE in the year 1999 and started operations in early 2000.

At present, this organization stands in a position to connect students with the right course in the right institution in the right country. This organization provides the following education services to the students, parents, scholarship bodies and the local community for Australia, United Kingdom, USA, California, New Zealand, and Ireland:

  • Unbiased university and destination counseling
  • Application and Admission processing
  • Offer acceptance process
  • Visa counseling and support
  • Accommodation support and other student essentials support
  • Pre-departure services

As the co-owner of the IELTS test, IDP also conducts the test of candidates who would need to prove English Language Proficiency as a part of their academic, migration or work-related requirement.

Being student-centric counselors, IDP is not obliged to focus on any particular university. Representing more than 700 universities, offering more than 110,000 courses worldwide, IDP remains loyal to its principle of keeping students’ interest foremost. As such, through in-depth engagement with students and their parents, the team at IDP understands and formulates a customized plan for them. “Our key priority is understanding the needs and aspirations of our students so we find the course and destination that will position them for lifelong success, says Andrew Barkla, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of IDP.

 While talking about IDP, Andrew sheds light on how exceptionally talented counselors of IDP have helped it, in achieving its goal. For over 50 years, this organization has accumulated and succeeded in creating a network of experts. This expert pool of counselors identifies the need of students and secure them in the right college suitable for their prolific growth.

 Our customers trust our counselors as their advice is genuine, well-informed and unbiased,” comments Andrew. Prior to joining the IDP family, most of the counselors had pursued their education in different countries.  Hence, they understand the challenges that come with embarking on international education. This helps them to adopt a distant and personalized approach to understand and cater to the needs of all students.

A calculated and tailored approach based on the experiences and knowledge on the matter, that is how IDP aids its clients. An ideal example of this is Andrew, himself. He was appointed as the CEO of IDP in August 2015. However, his extensive experience in technology, services, software and more than 20 years of senior management experience in various roles across different countries, makes him a seasoned academician and leader. Guided by Andrew and backed by world-leading technology platforms and processes, IDP’s counselors have made the study-abroad preparations work easily and effectively for everyone.

Value-Added Offerings

IDP’s contribution to the international educational fraternity, students, parents, educators, and institutions does not end with just ensuring a smooth study-abroad process. As a leading agency, it also shares the detailed knowledge and insights of international student behaviors, destination preferences, and market trends with its clients and stakeholders.

IDP’s flagship annual research, the IDP Student Buyer Behavior study explores the shifts in student perceptions of popular study destinations. This study also examines the drivers of student mobility, including safety, affordability, graduate employment opportunities, student visa policies and quality of education. The outputs of the research are used by policymakers and universities to make more informed decisions on the factors that matter to students.

The consultancy also delivers a number of professional development initiatives including the Australian International Education Conference and the popular English language teaching conference, CamTESOL. Moreover, it also operates 9 English language teaching campuses across South East Asia.

 An Unmatched Reputation

Success at IDP is measured through customer satisfaction and the confidence each student has placed on it. Upon succeeding in finding their dream college in their preferable destinations, the students show their gratitude to IDP by referring this organization to their peers. “Our goal is to emulate the trust and advice of our expert counselors across all digital touch-points. We are developing technologies that help us share counselors’ knowledge and expertise with students across all stages of their journey, whenever and however, they choose to access it,” says Andrew.

IDP’s endeavor of offering unwavering service and its pursuit of making international education accessible for everyone has earned it many recognitions both locally and globally. As such, IDP now works closely with local government bodies like MOHE, ADEK, ADNO and also collaborates with leading study destination agencies including Austrade, Canadian Trade Commission, Education USA, Enterprise Ireland. The Global Education Agency award of the Year, 2019 by the Pioneer Awards is just one of the awards received by this organization.

Future Endeavors

IDP is building the world’s leading platform & connected community for international students to guide them along their journey to achieve their international education and career aspirations. IDP has grown to be one of the leading organizations in facilitating international students or IELTS test-takers to achieve their dream. However, it will continue working towards building a global marketplace that connects higher education institutions, students, alumni and service providers directly on its global platform.

Furthermore, it will also constantly innovate the IELTS test-takers’ journey to empower its customers to achieve their desired English language test proficiency. With a company culture that is centered around the needs of its customers, we can conclude that IDP will continue to make decisions that will help tomorrow’s learners to position themselves for success.

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