Inner Universe – Creating a Wave of Opportunities for Students

The company aims to establish a stepping stone for students educational endeavours and in turn build an ideal career path.

 The UAE has repeatedly introduced educational to help  build its focus on better preparation, stable accountability, increase in quality and improved professionalism. Established in 1993, Inner Universe (IU)  is one such organization that is working towards helping students find their dream school or university. They have, with plenty of years of experience, provided quality training programs in soft skills to the general public as well as popular companies in the gulf region. Their annual training programs were a huge success for which they required a permanent establishment in the UAE. Following this, in the year 2000, Inner Universe started operating from their branch office and ever since there have been 50,000 people who have attended their training programs. These were conducted for the corporate sector including Emirates Training College, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Petroleum Development Oman and many more in the Gulf.

These sessions were not exclusively for adults but even many children and teenagers found great sources of knowledge from their guidance modules. They belonged to the segments of Study Skills, Life Skills and Career guidance which is essential and crucial to every student’s academic life.  A couple of years later in 2006, Inner Universe officially established their educational services along with accreditations from the MOHE and KHDA. The company has also ensured that officials regularly visit to ensure that the standards and compliances are met duly.

Functioning and Facilities of the Company

IU has held the reputation of being trustworthy in any advice that it gives and gives importance to responsibility which has resulted in 100% students coming through referrals. The company has also given priority to students by taking their feedback and suggestions. They make sure to take the suggestions into account and work on them efficiently. The counsellors hence ensure that the trust established doesn’t falter at any point and reflects on the highest standards of educational consultancy. IU holds regular meetings where personalized work and targets are set, at the same time, targets are also revised according to the actual overall performance.

The team of IU has always believed in assisting the students with the pre and post application process, alumni sessions and webinars with various universities. The office premises have a very conducive environment which allows for competent counselling and training sessions. Additionally, there are plenty of journals, books and guides that the staff and students can both utilize anytime. This also includes journals, e-journals and periodicals that are made available for the students to keep track of everything that is occurring in the world of higher education. After all, it is this awareness, that can get them closer to making the right choices and to add on to this, rankings, deadlines and more are frequently displayed for the benefit of the students. The company also provides questionnaires that can help an individual evaluate academic and personal interests. It also provides various other facilities such as complimentary newsletters on higher education around the world, alumni interaction – which can prepare them beforehand for the journey ahead. They also organizes plenty of webinars belonging to a variety of universities around the globe. Their intentions behind conducting or implementing these facilities is to ensure that the transition of students from high school to university is a smooth process.

Creator of Pathways and Opportunities

If the entire team of Inner Universe consisting of counsellors are able to find an immense success ratio, it is credited to the Founder, Shyamala Elango. Her supervision has ensured that the counsellors are well read and prepared to lead students into their futures. This is why every one of them is armed with professional and post-graduate qualifications and are trained by none other than Elango herself. They are given immersive knowledge in the field of international education, the various education system within the UAE, their acceptability by universities abroad and the processing of applications.

Additional Efforts by Counsellors

The team of IU has built its recognition on the fact that for over 4 decades it has managed to provide education service to over 600 students each year. But, it’s perks are not just limited to that. The counsellors are constantly provided with training from  universities and are also kept updated by participating in visits to the various campuses. This makes them aware of all the emerging trends in the education industry as well the changes in requirements of universities. The counsellors have also acquired various credentials from CCG, Canada, PIER, Austalia, British Council, UK, ICEF and ISANA.

Accolades and Achievements Earned

Inner Universe, for the immense amount of efforts put into making education better for students, has earned various rewards in different forms.

  • They have successfully placed students at almost all top universities in the world.
  • IU has helped over 10000 students make informed decision on career, study destination and university choice.
  • The students have enjoyed 100% visa success rate since 2017.
  • They have managed international admissions for schools by conducting personal counselling sessions, workshops, university visits, career fairs etc
  • Inner Universe was also charged with the responsibility of running the International admissions (UG & Graduate) for Griffith University, Australia from applicants from Middle East & India for the period 2007 through 2012

Courses and Placements Included for Students

The company has always utilized an approach driven by data on various timelines and factors, which ensures that they’re able to provide the best services to the students. The student’s profile, development of situation, identification of any gaps, changes according to the data are all analysed. Following this, any required change is made in both the academic and non-academic aspects. For the welfare of the students it also helps them find the best of opportunities in foundation, undergraduate, graduate, diploma and Ph.D degrees in courses such as performing arts, fine arts, life sciences and medicine, law, humanities, business and engineering and technology.

Some students can also opt for a facility such as a first year immersion program that allows them to navigate through their university program in a smooth manner.

Placement of Students in Various Universities

The students who have approached Inner Universe have seen placements into a host of renowned universities as mentioned below for the year 2019 –

USA: Yale, Cornell, Columbia, Princeton, Duke, UC Berkeley, Georgia Tech, Johns Hopkins, USC, CMU, BU, University of Michigan, UT Austin, UIUC, University of Wisconsin – Madison, UMTC, Indiana – Bloomington, Rice, NYU, University of Maryland – College Park, Purdue, Ohio State, North-eastern, Parsons, SCAD, CCA, SAIC, GWU, Penn State, Virginia Tech, UIC

Canada: University of Toronto & Rotman Commerce, University of Waterloo, McGill, UBC, McMaster, Western, Ryerson, York, Wilfred Laurier

UK: Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, St. Andrews, UCL, LSE, Bath, Durham, Warwick, Surrey, Bristol, KCL, Loughborough, Southampton, Leeds, Lancaster,  Edinburgh, Newcastle, Queen Mary, RHUL, Sussex.

Australia: University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, Monash, RMIT, UNSW, UWA, Deakin, Macquarie.

Future Goals of Inner Universe

The company in the next five years aims to establish the following achievements to their credit –

  • Setting up boutique offices in niche refines in India and ME.
  • Develop on going support from IU alumni through mentoring.
  • Develop technologies – based consultancy solutions.

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