IIT-KGP Researchers Develop Hand Sanitisers

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, based on the WHO guidelines, researchers from IIT-Kharagpur have developed two alcohol-based hand sanitizers, the institute said in a statement. A team from the School of Medical Science and Technology of the institute manufactured a hand sanitiser.

Research scholars Atul Kumar Ojha, Ayan Gope, Anurup Mukhopadhyay, Lopamudra Das, Akashlina Basu, were a few members who were a part of the team that studied pharmaceutical technology, the statement said.

Another team of the Department of Mechanical Engineering led by Prof Mihir Sarangi has developed a hand sanitiser based on 70 percent ethanol and 30 percent aloe vera gel.

The employees of the institute who are providing essential services to the students and the on-campus staff have been given the hand sanitisers made by both the teams.

Researcher Atul Kumar Ojha said, “The hand sanitisers have been made for non-commercial purposes.”

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