In the Scarcity of Sanitizer, IIT Hyderabad develops one to combat COVID-19

Since the emergence of pandemic COVID-19 (coronavirus), cities across India are facing a shortage of sanitizer and disinfectants. Hence, researchers at India Institute of Technology (IIT), Hyderabad have created a hand-sanitizer for the use of its students and staff as well as respective neighboring communities. IIT, Hyderabad claims that the sanitizer is in compliance with the standards recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), a federal health agency in the US.

Two female researchers have prepared the sanitizer to make it available for the community to fight the ongoing health crisis. The duo is not expecting to gain any commercial benefits from it.

The institute states that 10 liters of this hand sanitizer have already been distributed throughout the campus.

A research scholar and Co-creator of the Sanitizer, Shivyakalyani Adepu commented, “This was done purely to support the community, at a time when it is critical to adopt safe and hygienic practices. We have not thought of commercialization. Our motto is to help people around us.”

“The composition of this hand sanitizer is 70 percent isopropanol with glycerol, polypropylene glycol to increase the viscosity and reduce the volatility so it stays on the skin to allow the action. It also contains lemongrass oil for antimicrobial activity and therapeutic aroma. The 70 percent IPA solution penetrates the cell wall, coagulates all proteins, therefore killing the microorganism,” stated IIT Hyderabad in a written statement. The institute further adds that within 30 seconds of application the alcohol-based sanitizer kills most bacteria and fungi and prevents the spread of the viruses present in the hand.

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