Improvement Required when Veterans Come Back to College

Army veterans when enrolls back to the college what they face is somewhat distressing that totally needs to be improved. They would go on campus and totally feel that they don’t belong to that place. Sometimes, colleges never have experience of veteran students and they don’t know their special requirements and they won’t be able to fulfill it accordingly. So, if colleges are not able to help transition soldiers from combat, then they are at risk of losing an entire generation.

Benefits to Veterans if they Return to College

What it really is is a readjustment benefit, it gives veterans the opportunity to do something that is constructive and healthy for their mind and their body, that will be assuring a mission and allowing them to move forward in life. It’s a backstop so you’re not walking right off the plane from a war in to the civilian world. It was designed to be a soft landing.

What Colleges Need to Help Veterans

Studies show that some strategies work to keep veterans in college. One of them is that colleges should more focus on specialized orientation programs, and inspire veterans to connect with each other, training faculty and staff for the challenges that veterans face can be overcome by offering more counseling and financial aid. But many of them are lacking such efforts which is being surveyed.

Difficulty Veterans Face when Back in College

Some academics and veterans’ advocates are alerting that many colleges are not even prepared to deal with the unique needs of ex-service members. Many veterans may face a difficulty during the transition to civilian life, ranging from readjustment issues to recover from physical and mental injuries. Without special attention, many may not able to graduate successfully.

One of the veteran’s personal experiences about how he feel while back on campus is like “I sit in the chair and hope somebody walks by”. “For me, being around other vets who have experienced the same thing is comforting or calming. You don’t have to worry about what they’re thinking. If I’m sitting around a college student I’m worried about whether what I’m doing, thinking and saying is different, normal.” A campus veterans’ organization or office that support or helps service members experience more involvement in student life may be a way that will decide if veterans will be academically successful.

Coming from a culture where they are taught to overcome and adapt, they are reluctant to ask help. Veterans admit that they feel confused at times, whether the role their military service should be significant in their education or not. Simply, they neither want to be singled out nor lumped in. They are different not traditional student, they are financially different and even in many ways they are different so they require attention to be paid.

Even the attendance policies need to be relaxed as student veterans have family, work and other responsibilities too.Most of the time we assume veterans as more mature, but their needs are different as where they come from is regimented environment to a college environment which is totally different where college may not be able to offer much direction. But improvements are taking place, services are there so veterans don’t fall behind.


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