Integration of Technology while Evaluating Students
Integration- of- Technology- while- Evaluating -Students-Theknowledgereview

Every university, college and school have seen using technological equipment while evaluating student’s answer sheets, test results and even their attendance. Why depend on those technologies while ignoring more formal traditional ways? Well, on top of head answer would be a fair assessment. But technology does provide a more critical answer too, which are worth noticing. The time consumption and excess of paper work in traditional ways does fair the technology. The use of technology also provides much required transparency. The continuous feedback about students’ progress can be available with the help of integration of technology in education.

Even with those many advantages, the use of technology comes with a lot of baggage. The use of technology has been a bit of harshness on student, for example, in traditional way teachers are more than often are very gracious while giving those extra points for efforts that was given by students which is much appreciated. Due to which there is more positivity and students tend to put more of hard work in their work. Teachers these days relies more on these technologies than going with their instincts.

The question even stretches further more to what these students prefer. The next generation is surely smarter than the previous one, especially in handling latest technology tools. They are definitely more inclined towards technology. Let’s discuss how to find the perfect blend of technology and traditional ways to help these students pass through barriers in their way of success.

Pen and Keyboard

The usual phrase of ‘Pen and Pencil’ needs to be changed to the ‘Pen and Keyboard’. The use of computers while giving exams is a well-known idea. Though, the written tests are usually taken in handwritten form. So we must forget about pencil part and focus on a keyboard part. The major reason being for that is most work done by these students in the future will be using the keyboard, as they are preferred in every office, companies and any organization, leaving behind the messy paperwork. Though the use of ‘Pen’ cannot be forgotten just like that, as there is still value for use of ‘Pen’.

A Lesson on Teaching

Many universities, especially in the Master’s Degree program, are promoting the idea of classrooms without teachers. So a student can attend same lectures at different point in time. The convenience may cause an unhealthy environment. These students will miss out on special attention given by these teachers. Also a much needed session of question and answer will take a back seat. Technology may provide education to reach out towards students from far places. In those cases, the digitization of education will overcome all disadvantages of its own. The E-learning schools may be growing in rural and city areas, but classroom without a teacher can’t be a ‘Thing’.

To summarize, no can hold back technology use in education, but surely we need to find a perfect blend of modern and traditional ways while teaching and evaluating the students.

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