IMS Proschool: Bridging the Skills Gap
IMS Proschool
Mr. Sanjay Chaudhary | Founder & CEO | IMS Proschool

The game is set, and the challenge is announced: As robots, automation and artificial intelligence perform more tasks and there is a massive disruption of jobs, how will workers of a new generation traverse the uncertain job market? Experts say a wide array of education and skill-building programs need to be created to meet new demands.

Fortunately, an emerging institute based in India has stepped up to the challenge to make proficient and industry-ready professionals out of aspirants. It is the IMS Proschool!

IMS Proschool Pvt. Ltd. is an initiative of IMS Learning. At IMS, the operational goal for the past 40 years has been simple – Building a long-term successful career. Proschool is an extension of the same mission. At Proschool, students are provided practical skills and knowledge at affordable cost in the shortest possible time. The institute’s endeavour is to get students into jobs that give them useful experience for a successful and long-term career.

India is a country of largely young population. Number of students graduating every year is at an all-time high, but so is the unemployment rate. The main reason for this is that they lack basic skills that are required for the jobs.

IMS Proschool’s vision is to bridge the gaps using skills, to help them achieve a better career, as this institute only believes in one thing – ‘Shaping Careers, Building Lives’. And that is exactly their motto.

Courses Offered

Today, analytics is perhaps one of the most important skills that everyone should have irrespective of their job/career. To meet everyone’s demand, IMS Proschool offers three courses in the field of analytics, which are Certifications in Business Analytics, Certification in Data Science and PG Diploma in Data Science.

Certification in Business analytics is a three-month course, whereas Certificate in Data Science is a six-month course perfect for working professionals. And PG Diploma in Data Science is a 10-month course, perfect for freshers to start their career in Analytics.

“Today, I see a lot of confusion in people, as to what exactly Data Analytics or Data Science is,” commented the Founder & CEO of IMS Proschool – Mr. Sanjay Chaudhary. He adds: “I see many people scratching their head when they hear words like data science, machine learning and deep learning and all they know is the tag line ‘Data Scientist: Sexiest Job of 2021’ by Harvard Business Review.” 

However, Mr. Sanjay explains that the institutes, colleges, and schools are doing a great job by educating students with analytics knowledge, in a simple manner. He assures that his institution will soon be the leader in the field of Analytics and Machine Learning and then, Deep Learning will not just be a black box but a statistical and mathematical equation.

The Veteran Leader

Mr. Sanjay Chaudhary is a mechanical engineer with an MBA from IIM, Bangalore. He has nearly twenty years of experience across different industries and functions. He has worked with organizations like Voltas, Reliance, Reuters in India and abroad.

Sanjay has been associated with education and training since 2001. Till 2009, Sanjay was COO of IMS, where he oversaw the IMS operations spread across 90 cities with an intake of over 60,000 students annually.

Since 2010, Sanjay has been heading IMS Proschool where the vision is to create employment-oriented certification programs, which is widely cited as missing link in our higher education scenario.

Learning by Doing

For students, focus on careers starts right from their first lecture. The trainers at Proschool are all industry professionals who know what exactly is required to successfully enter any analytics career. The placement team, along with the faculties, first understand what kind of career roles the student is interested in and based on that, conduct their technical exams.

This provides an overview of what the strength of the student is and where he should work on. Next step is mock interviews conducted by industry experts. All these steps give the student’s confidence a boost to crack the real job interview.

IMS Proschool believes in Learning by Doing. Being true to that, they have adapted ‘Active Learning’ methodology in which before coming to the lecture, student first goes through videos and solves some basic quizzes to test their knowledge. In class, faculty spends 20-25% of the time clearing the doubts if the student has any and the rest 75-80% is spent on solving case studies. This way, student gets confident by solving case study and they also learn what approach does the trainer take to solve a problem.

Key Milestones

  • Proschool has been consistently ranked in Top 5 training institutes for Analytics and Data Science for last five years
  • Proschool became an approved training partner of National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) in 2014
  • Proschool has been associated with certification bodies like CFA, FPSB, ACCA, CIMA and NSE to provide best in class education

The Road Ahead

This pandemic has been ruthless for offline business. All centres of Proschool had to be closed for majority part of a year. With only online mode of learning available with Proschool, all its focus was to give the best learning experience to its students. With this focus, the team was able to manage their expenses without laying off any of their employees. Without the fear of being laid off, everyone at Proschool gave their 100%, even going and working beyond their working hours.

“This pandemic has made us realise that we can do much more than we can imagine, and we make our way into the next phase, with high hopes and enthusiasm,” says Mr. Sanjay.

“This pandemic has changed the way a student learns. Digital learning has become a huge part of a student’s life and we plan to have more online and self-paced quality learning available and affordable to all, be it in the field of Finance, Accounts, Data Science, Cyber Security or Digital Marketing,” concluded the Head of Products at IMS Proschool, Allen Aravindan.

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