In Baoshan, an Alliance to Advance Rural Aesthetic Education Announced
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In the suburban Baoshan District of Shanghai, a program for rural aesthetic education was introduced on Saturday with the goal of bringing art and culture to rural communities and reviving them.

According to the district government, the program, which is a partnership between the Shanghai Institute for Urban Renewal and Sustainable Development, the Academy of Fine Arts at Shanghai University, and Luojing Town in Baoshan, aims to support China’s larger rural regeneration projects.

The “China Rural Aesthetic Education Alliance,” established by several national art universities, was formally launched in the town as a crucial component of the program. It aims to improve rural communities’ cultural and aesthetic environments by utilizing creative and educational resources.

Additionally, there was the 2023 Shanghai Science, Innovation, Art, and Urban Academic Festival. In order to promote a positive urban-rural cultural link, it concentrated on merging art and science in rural settings.

Wang Xiaolin, deputy Party secretary of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and a member of the recently announced partnership, stated that “the establishment of the alliance will enhance the role of national art universities in rural revitalization.”

“The alliance can also balance aesthetic education between urban and rural areas and create a platform for cooperation in rural aesthetic education,” she stated.

The alliance would support traditional rural culture, bolster social awareness of rural aesthetic education, and integrate resources from member institutions to investigate novel approaches and models for rural development, according to Jin Jiangbo, executive dean of the academy.

Jin urged the participating colleges to collaborate in order to improve rural development, governance, talent attraction, economy, and ecology through the use of art.

Prominent Chinese institutions of art and technology, including the Academy of Arts & Design at Tsinghua University, the China Academy of Art, and the Central Academy of Fine Arts, are among the founding members of the partnership.

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