Independent Learning Fosters Education Advancement: Education Minister
Independent Learning
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According to Minister of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Nadiem Anwar Makarim, the government is working to improve and modernize Indonesian education, and this includes the Independent Learning movement.

“Being the leader of the Independent Learning movement makes us increasingly aware of the challenges and opportunities we have to develop Indonesian education,” he stated at the commemoration of the 2024 National Education Day on Thursday.

Makarim claims that the Independent Learning movement, which has been going on for the past five years, is what has been doing the most to change education in Indonesia, starting from early childhood education all the way up to post-secondary education.

He admitted that the shift had not been simple, particularly when it came to shifting viewpoints during the educational process. The minister saw that such endeavours were difficult and uncomfortable for some. However, Makarim stressed that the nation’s educational system must alter and that any suffering brought about by these modifications will only result in advancement and betterment.

The COVID-19 pandemic struck during the movement’s transition, slightly altering the educational process.Makarim claimed at the time that the epidemic offered a chance to expedite adjustments to the educational system in line with contemporary advancements, such as the incorporation of digital technologies. Together, we have surmounted obstacles. We have now started to notice the changes occurring all around us, progressing simultaneously and steadily,” the minister said.

Makarim claims that this Independent Learning movement is beginning to give prominence to the new Indonesian education and culture. The minister continued by highlighting how teachers in Indonesia provide pupils with an endless learning environment in order to impart fresh knowledge, and that youngsters in Indonesia are more courageous to dream.

Makarim emphasized that because of the endless learning space, kids believed that the movement had a beneficial effect on their readiness to work and contribute. “And we are celebrating the creative works of our artists to express their voice,” he stated.

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