Indian Knowledge System Online Course Launched by UGC; Classes Begin on July 31

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on the Indian Knowledge System: Concepts and Application have been made available online by the University Grant Commission. UGC Chief Mamidala Jagadesh Kumar tweeted the announcement, stating that enrollment for the course has begun and that courses will resume on July 31, 2023. Additionally, Mr. Kumar supplied websites that will allow students to preview the courses.

The online course on the Indian Knowledge System comprises of three sections of humanities and social sciences, science and technology and engineering. Students who are interested in the course can sign up by going to the SWAYAM website,  The primary goals of the Humanities and Social Sciences course are to introduce students to the Indian Knowledge System (IKS) in general as well as the early Indians’ contributions to philosophy, science, and related applications and concepts. The science course syllabus spreads the applications and the topics into the duration of 10 weeks.

Among the subjects addressed in science are units of measurement, number systems, mathematics, astronomy, knowledge frameworks and classifications, linguistics, health and psychology, town planning, and architecture. Four quadrants, video lectures, specially prepared reading materials, self-assessment quizzes, and online discussion boards for doubt-clearing are all included in the online course.

Additionally, the UGC previously released a draught set of guidelines asking for comments on how to include the Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS) in curricula for higher education. The UGC had requested that universities create their curriculum in accordance with the regulations.

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