Indonesian Ministry Collaborates with British Council for Teacher Training for English Teaching
British Council
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The Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture has partnered with the British Council to provide training for teachers on teaching English to elementary school students. The ministry aims to introduce a program with a proper module that enables teachers to teach enjoyable English lessons in elementary schools.

Eva Sofia, a staff member of the Directorate General of Teachers and Education Personnel, emphasized the need for support from the British Council for this program. She stated that the goal of introducing English from an early age aligns with a ministerial regulation that requires English to be re-established as a mandatory subject at the elementary school level.

“We want to introduce English as early as possible to students,” Sofia explained. She expressed hope that after the training organized in collaboration with the British Council, teachers will be able to train students to interact with their peers and follow simple instructions in English.

Summer Xia, British Council Country Director for Indonesia and Southeast Asia, highlighted the importance of fostering student interest and confidence through English instruction that goes beyond grammar. He emphasized the need to increase interest and motivate children to be confident in using English, not only in terms of grammar but also in pronouncing each word correctly and using English as a tool for chatting with peers and others in a fun way.

Since February, the British Council has been training 490 teachers, divided into 25 classes and supported by nine moderators. The training program will continue until August.

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