Technology has influenced almost every field. Wherever the technology has introduced it increased the effectiveness as well as it gives improved results in that field when compared to the previous methods. Now the technology has stepped into the educational field and has drastically making many changes in the education system.

In today’s world the teachers are struggling to make students concentrate on their studies as well as to teach them. Every day all students are thinking do I have to go to school? That’s where the system needs to change. When the learning becomes more engaging and fun students will feel happy to learn. This is part where technology plays vital role to help the teachers to engage students with interactive and fun filled learning experience. Well let’s see the upcoming technology in education field.

Upcoming Technology in Education Field:

Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality is software which creates artificial environment where user can experience it real time using their senses. It not new to us but due to continuous research and development it is used in various fields including education. Think that you are in a remote village in India. You are studying about Paris Eiffel tower in that books you can see only images and text content by using virtual reality you can get live experience and feel even if you are in village which is far distance away. It helps the student to experience of visiting foreign landmark which is not possible for them.

Learning Management System:

Learning management system is tools or software which allows both students and teachers to perform the academic activities in online. We can eliminate paper based work such as assignments. Quiz, which can be conducted via LMS and results, can be published immediately by the teachers. All text books, case studies, presentation can be uploaded in LMS students can also able to download them for further reference. Another important thing is student will not need to carry heavy loads in their bags.

Online courses:

Now you need not go to school or college for learning. If you are really interested to learn you can bring schools to home. Many online courses are run by school, college, even individuals who are expert in particular field, you just simply enroll for the online course and start learning. Study materials, training will be provided by those courses.

Biometrics such as eye tracking technology used by teachers to check you are concentrating the class or not during online course.


Holograms are like projectors which are used in schools but it is in 3D form. The holograms project video of professor taking class not in screen in real life. Holograms are still a dream due to its cost because implementing in classroom is more expensive Even structure of building, anatomy of animals…etc can be projected in 3D form to get a real experience. In future it will allow teacher to give lessons across the globe.

In old days teaching is like monopoly only teachers have to teach us. But today’s technology all you need is interest and eagerness to learn you can able to learn anything within your room with the help of internet and technology. So there is no doubt future education will be more interactive and fun filled one. Let’s all enjoy learning.

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