Innomatics: Enabling Innovative Learning Opportunities for Data Science

Data today, holds a great deal of importance more than ever. It is powerful, enormous and disrupting the businesses in every way.

Nowadays, human decision making is becoming increasingly inadequate to deal with a never-ending expansion of the data. Therefore, companies are delving deeper into their data to increase efficiency, attain a greater competitive advantage and boost their bottom lines. To get these important insights, organizations are using Data Science, which helps in combining the disruption into categories and communicating their potential.

To get the crucial data and channelize its importance, Data Scientists have fostered new methodologies that maintain the balance with the data that is evolved, disrupted and being used in all the sectors. Data Scientists hold the key to unveiling better solutions to traditional problems. But many companies across the industries are struggling to find skilled data scientists who can meet their diverse requirements. Furthermore, many existing Data scientists in the industries still struggle to build complex algorithms, organize and synthesize massive data to predict, analyze and drive strategies. For aspiring professionals who dream to break into the data science industry, are still unaware of the exact path to take the leap.

Keeping the above in mind and the vital role Data Scientists play in today’s world, Innomatics delved with the businesses across all industries and developed courses for enthusiasts who aim to pursue a promising career in Data Science. The institute provides a multitude of courses and training for job seekers, tech-geeks, existing Data Scientists who aspire to transform their career and excel by delivering tangible results to various stakeholders across an organization or business.

Vision and Mission


Innomatics is established on a mission to help businesses find the best prospects who can set a benchmark in improving the organizations’ growth with their real-time approaches.

The institute’s mission involves: 1) Developing a state-of-the-art benchmark in data science, 2) Transforming all fields, professions and sectors through the application of data science.


Innomatics’s vision is to expand greatly into new horizons by creating the PAN India presence and implement data science research, more industry collaborations, educational programming, and the availability of cutting-edge tools and technologies.

Adapting the Contemporary Approach

Innomatics has come a long way since its humble beginning in 2018. Back then, the institute intended to ‘Transform the Career and Lives’ of individuals in the AI space and thus, created a balance between learning and implementing the real-time cases in businesses.

With its customer-focused training programs that accelerate tech capabilities, Innomatics empowers individuals to be industry-ready and help firms to reap benefits of data science technologies. The institute firmly believes and follows the practical approach rather than the theoretical one which prepares every student for industry challenges.

To Make students skillful, Innomatics works on a practical approach derived from the business case studies and challenges. Its 40+ trainers hailing from leading organizations such as Apple and Microsoft, have successfully trained over 50 batches with 1000 people who can identify and solve complex data analytics problems.

Preparing Holistically

Innomatics believes that supportive environmental conditions encourage strong relationships and community among students and staff. These include relationships that foster attachment and emotional connection with a sense of belonging and purpose.

The institute conducts several hackathons, workshops, meetups to prepare students to be industry-ready and keep them engaged with the current trends in the Edtech world. Innomatics provides students access to various engagement platforms where they can learn real-time problems and communicate with the industry experts. Furthermore, it has also been awarded as the biggest training institutes because of the ambiance, innovative training methodologies and expert trainers. 

Opening Doors to Opportunities

Innomatics has been featured in Times of India and  awarded with The Times Education Icon Award for the best Data Science and Digital Marketing Category. Also, the institute has been awarded by Times Group as Best Data Science and Digital Marketing Insitute, at the Education Icon 2019-2020. Such prestigious awards and its quality of education helped the institute to become an authorized training partner for IBM. The institute has successfully collaborated with top-notch companies and possesses a dedicated placement vertical. With this placement cell, trainees can take advantage to enter the business world and solve the complexities.

1) We have been awarded by Times Group as Best DataScience and Digital Marketing Institute. Education Icon 2019-2020.

2) We are partnered with IBM and now we are authorised training partner for IBM.

Nearly 30+ students with well-paid salaries have been placed in the fortune companies as of 2020. The institute continues to help over 1000 companies to recruit the best candidates, who can upskill the business requirements and elevate business growth.

Until now, the institute has solved 20+ business cases and helped 40+ industry experts, to leverage the business by resolving the complexities in AI, Data and Facial Recognition.

Views on the Industry

According to Innomatics, Data Science creates a great impact in every sector – be it in the commercial areas – it helps in understanding the customer behaviors, securing the data, etc. In hospitality, Data Science helps to detect and analyze the diseases in prior, digital marketing to target the right audience, speech recognition, fraud and risk detection. Hence, Innomatics believes that  Data Science will rule the world with its incredible eruption in the coming years.

Hence, the institute desires to explain and communicate the value of data science which it brings to the organization for a better decision making; demonstrate how methodologies can be applied within and across virtually in any sector to understand and optimize opportunities. It also envisions innovation and better tools to improve how organizations gather information, curate, interpret and utilize data.

Investing in the Future 

Innomatics claims it doesn’t wish to develop its own business but consistently strives to be a bigger part of business transformation. Its motto is to train every student with the right skillset and help companies to recruit the right candidates.

In the next two years, Innomatics aims to create the PAN India presence and pave the way to create more Data Scientists. Apart from the training, it intends to bridge and maintain the balance between the businesses and jobs through its consulting services. Apart from the existing courses, the institute aims to leave traces in other technologies such as Fintech, Cloud and Quantum Computing and aspires to put India at the top of the world in the analytics sector in the years to come.

Words of Trust

Innomatics Alumni has spread across India in fortune companies. Here is what they have to say:

“Innomatics Research Lab is one of the best data science training institute in Hyderabad. I joined here as soon as I completed my bachelor’s to attain a great job. This team suggested me to go with a data science course; for the first two days, I heard the demo and just got impressed by their teaching and, with no second thought, choose this course. I’m almost about to complete my course, and no doubt, they are Turning me into a very well qualified data scientist.” – Vinay Keerthi 

“One of the best learning institutes in Hyderabad, I say! In every aspect, the Innomatics research labs Institute has proved to be the best for me. The topics and projects covered in Machine Learning were real-time, and it helped me understand the basics along with high-level stuff, equally well. Thank you, Innomatics, for turning me into a Young data scientist!” – P V Meenakshy 

“I joined Innomatics as a student and an Intern at the end of December 2018. It has been a conscious experience to date. I got to work on some interesting projects and case studies as a Data Science Intern. The mentors at the Institute are talented, experienced, yet friendly. They are always ready to help. It has been a great experience, and I am sure I will benefit a lot from it in my career.” – Sai Chaitanya

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