Inspirus Education: Creating a Dream Pathway through Conclusive Coaching

There is chatter about creating a global village impact in every diplomatic enclave. And so  the academic corridors specifically for higher education, are certainly creating a seamless campus across the globe. For students from India, the choices are no longer limited to the Universities in their home state or those pined across the length and breadth of India. The world is quite literally their playground and most begin weaving their future dreams around these new realities fairly early in their school life.

Supporting these dreams in today’s universe is the unlimited access to information; simplified processes; improved financial support systems and most critically a well aware and experienced network of education allied services dedicated to providing counselling and coaching support to young students.

Inspirus Education is an institute that is leading the way in helping students identify and prepare to become alumni of some of the world’s best universities. With a strong footprint of over 2 decades (formerly known as KIC Education), Inspirus has a unique test-prep module defined on the basis of an in-depth understanding of international teaching-learning patterns and academic standards.

While helping candidates prepare for GRE/GMAT/SAT/TOEFL/ IELTS, the institute believes success is not simply in achieving an admit. Success for team Inspirus is when students find the perfect match of subject choices, university and campus environment. With a strong belief in their moto “Children matter. Their dreams, goals and future matter more”, the institute focuses on working with each child at their own individual pace.

Decisive Coaching and Career Guidance

University education is a stepping stone into the future. And each future is unique. Inspirus counsellors recognize and respect this reality. Through an individualized counselling programme, the team aims to get each students’ SWOT analysis in the primary stage itself. This helps students and parents make an informed decision about both subject selection and targeted universities, at an early stage. With their focus being student centric, Inspirus team helps students find the right fit in terms of subjects and universities.

The counseling process is designed such, that students are able to build up confidence and improve their conversational skills, days before they are ready to pack their bags. Participation is encouraged for various programmes that prepare them to understand life beyond the classrooms. From academic to socio-cultural variations counselors at Inspirus engage with students on a one on one basis. Regular interactions of over 6-7 weeks, students are familiarised with all aspects of the country of their choice. Each candidate is encouraged to discuss and question student alumni from Inspirus, currently studying in universities across the globe.

Present in the prime suburban centres of Andheri, Bandra and Ghatkopar, Inspirus has well equipped, dedicated, spacious classrooms, that offer students a quiet environment to focus on learning. Backed by a well-qualified and experienced faculty is always an advantage for an institute. At Inspirus, the faculty is not just made of subject experts but also of teachers willing to go way beyond their brief to help each child achieve optimum success.

The institute ensures counsellors, teachers and mentors remain in tandem with the dynamic changes occurring across industry corridors and impacting teaching patterns as well as options in academic centres. Says Bakhtawar Krishnan, Director Inspirus Education, “We want our students to come out as confident, positive and progressive members of the society, who are in a position to maximize their learning via this unique opportunity of cultural and academic exchange”.

An Ambitious Leader and Astute Observer

“Ambition is the first step to success. The second step is action

For Bakhtawar Krishnan, Inspirus Education is not an enterprise, it is a passion and a long standing personal dream realized.  A successful banker for over 2 decades, Inspirus was not a challenge. It was in fact, an opportunity to shape an institute that would play a critical role in defining the shape of tomorrow.  Moving into the space in 2013, Bakhtawar steered the institute towards becoming a student-first centre. Helming the Institutes unique coaching-mentoring methodology, she put the spotlight on enabling students to recognize their core strengths and build critical life-skills along with understanding subject concepts over competitive successes.

A keen observer, Bakhtawar visits International universities on a regular basis and remains actively engaged with academicians and students across institutes in India and abroad. Her astute understanding of corporate interests and their impact on curricula, have built the foundations of Inspirus. The institute reflects Bakhtawar’s vision. Each student that Inspirus grooms for an international campus is like an ambassador from India and she ensures her team continues to work with the students even after the finalization of their admits. Guidance on legal matters and financial planning advise are just small steps that she encourages her team to support parents with.

Promising Career and Academic Walkway

Inspirus is not an institute that prepares students for a career prospect in the direct sense of the word.  However, they are a critical cog in the wheel; in fact their role is pertinent in setting the direction of the career the child might opt for in the years to come.

As such the focus at Inspirus has been to spend time with each individual student to understand their motivations, inspirations, strengths and weaknesses, and at times even the family influences before guiding them towards subject selection and eventually university selection”, asserts Bakhtawar.

Being independent counsellors, this institute is not obliged to focus on any University. They remain loyal to their principles of keeping student interest foremost. As such students are recommended to interact with the counsellors well in advance. Through in-depth engagement with students and their parents the team understands individual goals and formulates a customized plan.

Success, at Inspirus, is measured in student happiness and achievement of individual goals. Some of the brightest minds of this institute are leaving their footprints in University of Texas (Austin), Purdue University, California School of Arts, University of California (San Diego), University of California (Los Angeles) and John Hopkins University to name just a few.

Glorious Achievements

Inspirus has placed over 6000 students from all over India, in prestigious institutes of Higher Education, across the globe. Some of the highlights of Inspirus over the years are:

  • 5% of the students are placed in TOP 10 university
  • 25% of the students are placed in TOP 30 Universities
  • 60% of the students are placed in TOP 100 Universities
  • Over 30% of the students secured Scholarships from 1st Semester onwards while over 65% received Financial Aid from the 2nd semester onwards.
  • A total Scholarship of USD 800000 was received by the students in Fall 2017

Nevertheless, the most decorated accomplishment of this institute is the growing number of high scorers with one student securing the absolute score of 340/340 – for the first time in India.



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