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The institute is committed to encourage interdisciplinary higher education and research to spread knowledge to every strata of society. It aims to create an innovative, value–based and research–oriented, world–class learning environment and establish itself as a center of excellence, and endeavors to cherish the dreams of learners to excel in hospitality & tourism.

Excellent Education and Infrastructure

Established in year 2007, Institute of Hotel & Tourism Management (IHTM) is an integral part of M.D. University, Rohtak (A State University established by Govt. of Haryana). It proudly stands in the listing of Schools of World Directory of Tourism Education (World Tourism Directory). The Institute has quality infrastructure, state-of-the-art laboratories for food production, front office, food service, tourism services, computers, attached training guest rooms and latest learning resources supplemented by electronic equipment and a rich in-house library having more than 10,000 books exclusively for Hotel & Tourism Management. The students at the national & international level strive to seek admission in this Institute as their first choice.  The institute has been rated amongst the premier Institutes of Hotel Management in Haryana & India by various agencies. It has also received a prestigious grant of Rs 200 Lakhs under Central Financial Assistance Scheme from the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India.  It has young & dynamic faculty with a blend of industry & academic experience and all faculty members are equipped with Ph.D in Hotel, Tourism and Management domain. The faculty members have good research publications in form of articles and books. The institute boasts of completing research projects in Hospitality & Tourism for UGC, completion of e-PG Pathshala modules in Hotel Management for UGC, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India. The philosophy of IHTM is to develop their operational and managerial skills in such a way that the students are able to excel in the industry in their chosen field.

IHTM offers many programmes in Hospitality & Tourism like: Ph.D Programme (Hotel & Tourism Management); Two–Year Master Programmes in Hotel Management & Catering Technology (MHMCT); and Tourism & Travel Management (MTTM); Five–Year Integrated Master of Hotel Management & Catering Technology (5YRMHMCT); and Bachelor Programmes in Hotel Management & Catering Technology (BHMCT); and Tourism & Travel Management (BTTM).

It also organizes workshops on research methodology for Hospitality & Tourism, Faculty Development Programmes and other short term courses regularly. The faculty of IHTM is also in process for developing MOOC Programmes in Hospitality & Tourism.

All these programmes are offered in accordance with the guidelines of UGC, AICTE, M.D University, Haryana Govt. and Govt. of India as applicable.

These programmes are aimed to develop conceptual and perceptual skills of the students. After developing the basic foundation of hospitality and tourism management concepts and the functional areas, the students have to undergo training as per provisions in the syllabi.

Accomplished Alumni

The institute has many alumni serving as ambassadors of Indian Hospitality in various sectors across the world.  A few notable alumni include: Mr. Leela Ram – Facilities Management to Hotels & Hospitals; Mr. Gaurav Chawala – Rent A car New Zealand; Mr. Mohit – The Leela – Gurugram; Mr. Sunil –; Dr. Dinesh Dhankar – Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra; Mr. Tarun Hooda – IHM Rohtak; and so on.

Insightful Leaders

IHTM is grateful to its founders and expresses gratitude to Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor Prof. B.K Punia who is an able administrator and a great motivator. The institute is proud of having Prof. (Dr.) Ashish Dahiya as Professor & Director of IHTM, whose dynamic leadership steers this ship of hospitality in the ocean of Tourism. He has been instrumental in making this institution a great one with his team, fetching financial resources from the Ministry of Tourism, Govt of India, Research Projects from UGC, and e-PG Pathshala from MHRD. It continues to organize various International & National Seminars, Conferences & Events under his leadership every year.

Career Opportunities

Human Resources are the greatest asset and the key to success of Hospitality & Tourism business. IHTM is committed to the professional and personal development of its students.Its activities are student centric with a focus on campus placements and industry needs.It provides career opportunities to students in various fields like: airline ticketing & reservations, faculty in hotel management/food craft institutes/ tourism institutes/ university departments, flight kitchens and on-board flight services, Hospital and Institutional Catering, Hospitality Marketing & Sales in Hotel & Travel Firms , and Indian Navy Hospitality services to name a few.

Marching Forward

In the quest of quality & excellence, the institute is likely to launch Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) Programmes in hospitality & tourism soon. It respects the diversity of people, ideas, and cultures while honouring the value of individuals in a team. It encourages innovation, embraces change and supports growth through knowledge and learning. It also accepts responsibility and delivers on promises with a sense of urgency and agility.

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