Insurer joins forces with International Education Association
International Education Association

Allianz Partners has teamed up with the International Education Association (ISANA) New Zealand, as well as Studentsafe and Mercer Marsh Benefits, to help schools and tertiary education providers plan for an influx of students after the borders reopen.

Education providers have been especially hard hit by the shortage of foreign students over the last year, according to Allianz Partners chief sales officer David Wallace, and the new agreement will help speed up the pace of international students returning to New Zealand.

The partnership’s members are holding a nationwide webinar titled “Bringing Students Back to New Zealand,” as well as promoting the government’s education recovery efforts.

These are difficult times for the international education industry in New Zealand, and we will collaborate and offer services to education providers to help international students return to New Zealand faster,” Wallace said.

Allianz Partners sells services to foreign students in addition to travel insurance, and Wallace said the relationship is a good match for the company’s aims of assisting international travellers to New Zealand.

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