Inventateq: A Centre of Excellence Enhancing Careers
Safura Begum CEO | Inventateq

Automation, digital platforms, and other innovations are changing the fundamental nature of work. Understanding these shifts, employers and prospective employees are required to advance themselves to contemporary technologies.

Knowledge is the way to success and when you derive knowledge from the right source, achievements are guaranteed. These sources, adopting emerging technologies intuitively, equip the students with necessary skills to take-on the dynamically changing business and IT fundamentals with confidence and agility.

Over-skilling and upgrading of skills have become more than just catchy phrases, and are turning into decisive factors in shaping the trajectory of the careers of professionals and students across domains. Inventateq, a training institute appears to have identified the need to equip the students with necessary skills to navigate the constantly changing economic landscape.

Aesthetically Superior Solutions

The varsity imparts training to students in some of the most sought-after Big Data, Data analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) and cybersecurity courses. Inventateq has become a lead organization operating in the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore, giving students the best-of-class technology equipping them with skills, which in turn could keep them in good stead when they start to work.

On the modalities of the courses that are offered at the institute, the students can either opt for certificate programs or diplomas. Both of them will be tailored to meet the standards of the industry, besides being offered for short periods.

Inventateq offers technology courses with latest syllabi and training programs implementing experimental ideas and methods making students better understand even the most complex terminologies.

The institute specializes in Digital Marketing Courses, Data Science Programs, AWS training in Bangalore, DevOps training sessions, Tableau, RPA training in Bangalore, and programming languages like Python training and Java. It also trains the students in software testing, .NET, AutoCad, salesforce training, and CCNA certifications.

Inventateq is widely recognized to assist the students in contemporary technology trends VIZ., BigData, Hadoop, Artificial intelligence, and Machine Learning leading to the inevitable technology revolution.

Inclusive Coverage

The Full Stack programs incorporated at the institute are aligned to job roles in data science and machine learning. It leverages comprehensive coverage of all aspects of data science such as descriptive, predictive, prescriptive with both Statistical and ML algorithms.

The learning methodology emphasizes hands-on practice on real life datasets covering multiple domains including Finance, E-commerce, Supply chain, Healthcare, HR and more. The capstone project duration is 1-3 months whereas the syllabi are updated after every 6 months.

Guiding towards Excellence

Safura Begum the CEO of the school of Analytics has extensive experience in the field and has been leading it successfully for many years. Having worked across multiple industry verticals and a deep analysis in the technology sector made her realize the loopholes and identify the responsibilities to do more.

Ever since setting up Inventateq, she has developed an inclination towards technology and its use to drive businesses and firms by inculcating valuable knowledge in the students who are going to drive the industry sector.

Safura, besides holding a BSC degree, most notably is a serial entrepreneur. She has a proven track record of identifying business opportunities and capitalizing on them since 10 years.

Miss. Safura has been leading Inventateq in a totally unique way embracing the foundational principles of Inventateq. The principles have played a significant role in moulding the students, boosting the teachers, and building a unique space besides competition,

  • Social Interaction and Recognition: Strengthening bonds among students and academicians through interactive sessions that drive students to open up to problems restraining their capability. This approach has assisted Miss. Safura as well as the trainers in identifying difficulties and work on it collectively and collaboratively.
  • Ease and Efficiency: Safura along with teaching experts help students simplify the daily learning experience and improve their performance.
  • Personal Growth: At Inventateq students grow and develop inclusively and make themselves industry ready.

The Initial Travails

Tending to grow strong along the way, the institute was unable to materialize in the initial years. It faced its biggest challenge to find real-time industry professional trainers who can provide practical and advanced knowledge to the students. But facing these challenges individually and collectively, the firm was able to find best mentors with excellent communication and convincing ability.

Opening the Doors to Opportunities

Inventateq offers first-hand experience in the corporate work culture and hones the students with professional skills. It provides various job opportunities depending on the specializations of the students. The institute through every course or diploma program offers multiple possibilities to choose the career paths considering the students’ aspirations, skills they have possessed and the technology that interests them the most.

Moreover the experience gained at the academy allows the students to spot their passion and choose a definite and well suited career. Prominent national and multinational companies like HP, Flipkart, IMS Health, TCS, Sandisk, JPMORGAN, ITC, Infortech, HCL, and Lenovo recruit the talents groomed at Inventateq.

With an excellent placement percentage over 91% every year, students at Inventateq get placed at various small, mid-sized and MNC companies. The average package offered to the students is 6 LPA with highest package of 14 LPA.

Skill Experts: Pillars of Inventateq

The experts at Inventateq train students to stay abreast of technology advancements and equip them with skills during the courses required to meet demands of the increasingly technology-driven market.

With a focus on ensuring a better future, students are guided and their performance is assessed at regular intervals. Inventateq caters its services to individuals at different levels ranging from beginner level computer users to IT professionals aiming to get more advanced knowledge in the field.

An Impending Plan of Action

In the years to come Miss. Safura envisions Inventateq as India’s best training institute in Chennai and bangalore. Given its growing stature and more students being enrolled to Inventateq to avail the courses, the institute is planning to inaugurate its branches in Pune, Kerala, and Amravati. To attract more crowd, Inventateq is prepared to approach more colleges in Chennai and Bangalore.

To avail the awaited opportunity that Inventateq offers to excel in modern technologies and jump-start your career.

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