St. Joseph’s College: Creating Agents of Change
St. Joseph’s College
St. Joseph’s College

Industries are integrated nowadays and one skill is not enough to be employable in today’s world. Along with specializing in ones own field, it is important to be equipped with tech based skills to work well with other fields as well. Digital literacy and IT led growth is integral to a country’s future development. Hence Data analytics and AI are some significant skills that students and the candidates pursuing higher education should be abreast of.

Emphasizing the trend of integrated industries St. Joseph’s College, an Autonomous institution, Bangalore is developing students through advanced and sustainable learning programs.

Oldest & Distinguished

St. Joseph’s College, established in 1882, is one of the oldest and finest colleges in Bangalore imparting graduation, post-graduation and research education to make industry ready students. It is recognized as a distinct institute as it ensures providing a comprehensive education with relevant changing situations.

Adding Value

The institute’s pioneering role in education and training, and its unique contribution in shaping the students has won it several accreditation and honors from elite organizations.

To name a few, in 2004, the College was declared as a ‘College of Potential Excellence’ by the University Grants Commission(UGC), New Delhi. The college is also recognized as “College of Excellence” by UGC.

After examining the academic level of the college, St. Joseph was declared as an autonomous college by the Karnataka Government in 2005.

Most notably,  the College was re-accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council with ‘A’ securing 3.73 out of 4 GPA in March, 2012 which is one of the highest rankings in India. In the later years, it was again accredited with A++ grade and 3.79/4.00 CGPA by NAAC which is the highest in India in the fourth cycle of the rankings.

Moreover, it has been bestowed DBT Star Status & DST FIST grant by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India.

Inclusive Coverage of Courses

St. Joseph’s, an edtech institute offers a plethora of full-time and add-on courses such as,

  • Sc courses
  • A courses
  • Vocational courses
  • Professional courses
  • Com & management courses
  • Postgraduate courses
  • G Professional courses

Bold & Astute Leadership

Fr. Dr. Victor Lobo SJ, the Principal of St. Joseph’s College has a vast experience in the educational field and is leading it successfully for years. The institute under his guidance expanded in new directions. He has scripted many reforms, and formulated many branches such as M.Sc. in Big Data Analytics, M.Sc. in Food Science and Technology, M.Com., M.A. (Advertisements and Public Relations). He initiated the formation of Commerce and Management, and interdisciplinary Humanities courses such as Communicative English, International Relations and Peace Studies, Public Policy, etc.

Communicating Concepts in a Systematic & Lively Manner

The academic calendar is planned well in advance, and is outlined in a detailed fashion in the College Calendar. Lectures are adopted in a way that students become more receptive to learning. The learning methods emphasize experimental learning as an important tool. To instill this method it ensures students participation in groups, presentations, quizzes, report-writing, case studies, and management games in their teaching-learning process.

Technology has the Power to Transform Lives

The change in infrastructure and teaching method has brought glory to the institute. Walk into St. Joseph’s College and you will know how.

  • Joseph has equipped several classrooms with projectors, providing students’ access to academic resources through INFLIBNET.
  • It has included software-based learning in many syllabi, and through the recognition of MOOCs for awarding credits.
  • Some of the innovations seen in recent years include the use of case studies, field work, data based research, reviews of literature, screening films and documentaries, practical examinations in statistical software, the online Learning Management System MOODLE.
  • Other than above mentioned methods, M.Sc. in Big Data Analytics syllabus is designed by ISI, Kolkata in collaboration with Data science industry experts.

Inculcating Academic Excellence and Creating Champions

The Big Data Analytics course trains the students to become data analysts which is a sought-after career nowadays.

Initially, it faced its biggest challenge to design the syllabus compatible to industry concepts. Thus to well train the students to become a data analyst, St. Joseph’s joined hands with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and ISI Kolkata so that it could frame a better syllabus.

Second challenge was to provide professional training to the teachers which was solved by ISI Kolkata who imparted residential intense training before starting of all the three semesters during the commencement of first academic year of the course M.Sc. in Big Data Analytics.

The biggest challenge was to re-design the existing infrastructure to be aligned with the required standards of the course. TCS funded state-of-art lab facility and Bangalore Jesuit Educational Society funded well equipped class rooms and provided infrastructure solutions..

Bright Future Ahead

They are planning a new approach by incorporating suggestions from the industry which could be beneficial as this course is industry oriented professional course.

The institution has made summer internship mandatory for all the students. Also, attending conferences, paper presentations, and competitions like hackathon, hackerarth, and kaggle would be an integral part of the course as well as for the intellectual development of the student.

They are incorporating Bachelor courses on Data Science and Cyber Security which will give immense job opportunities in varied sectors.

St. Joseph’s College helps inculcate the knowledge and skill set in students to develop them into more effective, and value driven leaders. Get its insights on

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