“Investing in teachers” is the First Step in Education Reform: Prue Car
Prue Car

Prue Car, the deputy premier of New South Wales, believes that “reforming the education system” will be accomplished through a $10 million teacher recruitment drive.

Teachers from all over Australia share a pivotal moment in their careers that helped them realize the value of teaching as part of the “Be That Teacher” campaign.

Ms. Car stated during the campaign launch that “investing in the teachers educating the next generation” is the first step in implementing educational reform.

She stated during a press conference on Tuesday, “The government here in New South Wales makes absolutely no bones about the fact that we will be approaching reform in the education system through the prism of valuing the wonderful teaching profession.”

“The way we talk about and support teachers will have a huge impact on our ability to draw more people into this profession—teaching is the foundation of all other professions.”

The essential working cog in the education system’s wheel is the teacher. In every educational level, teachers play a crucial role in the lives of their pupils because they correctly recognize the fundamentals, comprehend their doubts, and appropriately address their problems. Therefore, implementing the proper reform is crucial to further stabilizing and bolstering the educational system. Ms. Car emphasized the role that educators have in providing high-quality education. Good education has a promising role in forming the next generation of people.

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