Ironhack- The New Education Landscape after Covid-19

Technology is the gift that just keeps on giving. Though educational institutions have been inculcating technology into their pedagogy for some time now, most of the schools and universities have now realised the significance of digital transformation in the education world amid the Covid-19 pandemic. With the increased use of online classes and video conferencing solutions, it is time to implement and build technology that will appropriately transform the way learning is offered to students.

The role of technology has become much more predominant, and its impact will be felt much more comprehensively in the field of education. But education is far from being the only field which has felt the full might of the tech revolution. From entertainment to work, from healthcare to shopping, every aspect that affects modern life has come online. Our lives are ruled by technology in many sorts of ways.

From entertainment to work, from healthcare to shopping, every aspect that affects modern life has come online. Our lives are ruled by technology in many sorts of ways.

So, it would be appropriate to state that individuals who have a better, more in-depth understanding of technology can, not only have more employment and career avenues available to them, but also can play a major role in the way we progress as a society. Who knows, the future might demand each and every individual to have a detailed comprehension of some or the other subsidiary of technology.

To advance into the future with a confident and competent outlook, we need institutions that can leverage the tech to teach the tech to aspiring individuals. Individuals who, after receiving the right guidance and tuition can harness the full might of this ubiquitous force and use it for the betterment of our civilization. And to train these individuals, we need institutions that build a trainable mindset and inculcate the right kind of skills, competencies, and knowledge to turn them into tech wizards. In this context, schools like Ironhack School really manage to help people who need to get a job and wish to start a career in tech.

Ironhack is an international school with campuses in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Lisbon, Madrid, Mexico City, Miami, Paris, and Sao Paulo that was founded to disrupt the way we learn about technology. The school is located at the heart of the main capitals in coworking spaces. It also has a ‘remote program’ in Europe and the US.

The programs are taught in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. Through its unique disruptive approach to education, Ironhack empowers students to find meaningful careers in Web Development, UX/UI Design, Data Analytics and Cybersecurity by offering immersive learning experiences to extremely motivated people.

A Higher Purpose

Ironhack’s higher purpose is to transform the education space by making it customer-centric and outcomes-driven. Students finish the program with a new way of thinking and approaching problems, resulting in new jobs, promotions at their current jobs, or companies they’ve built.

At Ironhack, the staff and students’ values are: can-do attitude, love people and their stories, collaborate to grow, and passion above anything else.

Delivering the optimal teaching styles

Ironhack works closely with companies and the education team is aware of the trends in the job market. The programs and teachers adapt their curriculum to the current needs of tech professionals. Thanks to the short length of the program (9 weeks full time, 24 weeks part-time), it is easy to iterate and make changes fast.

Standing Apart

Ironhack was the first school in Spain to offer bootcamps in technology. The popular bootcamps facilitated by Ironhack are:

  • Web Development Bootcamp – where students get to learn to code their own ideas
  • UX/UI Design Bootcamp – where students get to learn all about user experience and interface design
  • Data Analytics Bootcamp – where students get to learn all about data processing
  • Cybersecurity Bootcamp – where students get to learn all about systems’ security and virtual protection

It has an extensive network of alumni and hiring partners throughout the country and is the most renowned school in technology thanks to its partnerships and quality education. The placement rate of this school is above 85% in the next 6 months after graduation.

The Trailblazing Founders

Gonzalo Manrique (CEO and Cofounder of Ironhack) is a civil engineer that after completing his bachelor’s degree and working in one of the biggest international companies based in Spain (Sacyr Vallehermoso) decided to study an MBA at Wharton School. In this university he met Ariel Quiñones, Co-founder and co-CEO of Ironhack.

They are part of the Endeavor Entrepreneurs and the investors behind Ironhack are Lumos Capital (with whom Ironhack closed a round of 20 million dollars in 2020), Bridhteye, and Creas.

Noteworthy Credit

Ironhack is ranked with 4.89 points over 5 on SwitchUp and with 4.85 points over 5 on Course Report. These rankings are based on students’ reviews and satisfaction after completion of the program.

The Lockdowns and the EdTech Push

“The lockdown was a tough time. But the Ironhack team, having a strong grasp on technology already, had a fast and easy transition into the new educational landscape introduced by the Covid-19 pandemic,” remarked the astute CEO, Gonzalo Manrique. “We have been teaching our programs remotely, allowing people from different parts of the country to study from the comfort of their homes,” he added.

Now that the situation in Spain is improving, with more people getting vaccinated, the Madrid campus is open and people can take advantage and use the Barcelona facilities to study and work from there. Ironhack’s curriculum remains the same, it is taught in person or online. But, of course, the company uses collaborative tools and Zoom for online classes. It has improved its ‘Career Week’, in order to make sure its students are ready to work remotely.

The Future Awaits…

The future is already here and Ironhack is not about to slow down anytime soon. Ironhack School’s goal is to make education and work in tech accessible for everyone.

“We keep working on increasing access to our bootcamps, thanks to disruptive payment methods such as Deferred Tuition, Income Share Agreements and scholarships. We have a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, and we want to break down barriers thanks to our Remote programs. Also, we want to help companies to reskill and upskill their employees, so we have recently launched the Ironhack Enterprise department to keep working closely with companies,” concluded the indomitable Gonzalo Manrique.

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