Syntagma- Reimagining Education through Advanced Digital Solutions

The advent of COVID-19 has introduced numerous challenges for the education sector. Educational institutions require efficient service providers who can simplify academic procedures while offering excellent solutions. This is where the leading ed-tech companies step in. They provide cutting-edge facilities and advanced solutions which enhance the teaching-learning process.

The leading ed-tech companies deliver personalized learning methods tailored as per the audience’s requirements. They help students to carry out their learning process at their own pace. These companies are focused on the objective of enhancing and simplifying educational


Driven by a similar motive, Syntagma Digital focuses on changing the world of education and improving the difficulties that some students find in acquiring knowledge. The company’s journey started with a simple conversation during the lockdown between a Spanish language teacher, Rachel and Jordi Bretos, the founder. This interaction forever changed how Spanish was taught at Spain and Latin America schools.

Maths, Science, English, hundreds of software were created to help teachers and students at school. However, the main question that emerged was – How to assist the Spanish language teachers? They did not have a digital solution and had to use paper, with no possibility to digitize assessment during the lockdown.

To help them, Jordi, who had led digital educative products at the most prominent publishers for the past ten years, developed a new software solution with Patricio, engineer and CTO, and Carlos, advisor, and PhD. in Psychopedagogy. Eventually, after numerous interviews with teachers and following lean start-up methodologies, Syntagma Digital was created.

In just a couple of months, the Spanish Ministry of Education recommended this cloud Saas platform. They became Amazon’s and Google’s official partners, were selected to represent the EdTech sector at Mobile World Congress and achieved more than 5K users. The reason for their massive success was that the company provided a solution to the real needs at schools.

Refurbishing Teaching–Learning Procedures

Syntagma Digital reimagines education by overcoming teaching barriers. It eliminates various physical and economic barriers and delivers products that democratize education while providing free use.

The management at Syntagma Digital believes that learning should be simple. For that reason, its products are online and easily integrated into external educational platforms, without installation or registration.

The company embraces modern technology and has complete faith in the teachers. Keeping this in perspective, it develops easy-to-use and visually engaging multiplatform software which can solve the teacher’s needs while focussing on assessment.

Enabling Instructors to Impart Quality Education

Syntagma Digital provides the first digital platform to teach Spanish Language syntax, which can be used to teach for the six years of secondary school. Syntagma Digital not only solves the teachers’ needs to digitize syntax but also helps them to apply new learning methodologies. The company’s application can be easily integrated in school platforms. Most importantly, it helps teachers to save time in assessment.

The company also focuses on sustainability. Using its digital platform, students can reduce tons of paper at school. Syntagma Digital provides 24*7 customer support through email and its social profiles.

Taking Education to the Next level

Teachers can easily apply new learning methodologies using Syntagma Digital. It provides results of exercises at the platform in real-time at the digital board. This enables teachers to apply gamification when using it at school. Also, as the platform structure is not created following a classic class-teacher-student structure, students can create content and assess other students by applying cooperative learning.

Specialized in Enhancing Education

Explaining about its operations, the team at Syntagma Digital states, “Our platform is created by teachers, for teachers.” The relation with its users is not merely about the company-customer; it is a relationship between teachers. The company solves their daily problems. For that reason, it also creates tons of content for the teachers, so that they can be inspired and can introduce engaging activities for the students.

The Cultivated Ringleader

Syntagma Digital is led dynamically by its Founder, Jordi Bretos. Licensed in communications and an MBA graduate, he is focussed on one main goal: make education easier and turn it into an engaging experience. He believes that no student should be left behind.

While leading digital educative products at the world’s largest English Publisher Mr. Jordi discovered that numerous software are created worldwide to teach English. Hence, he thought, why not create a unique experience to learn Spanish language also – the second most-speaking language of the world?

Experienced in start-ups and multinational companies, Mr. Jordi led digital educative products for ten years before establishing Syntagma Digital. His products have been translated into 15 different languages and downloaded in 70 countries. He has also participated in talks, lectures, and keynotes at Bett London, Simo Madrid, and Yomo Barcelona, some of the most renowned education shows.

Winning Many Laurels

Syntagma Digital has always remained focused on providing excellent educational facilities to the leaners. Owing to its dedicated endeavours, the company has achieved tremendous recognition. It has been shortlisted for the pitch contest at Mobile World Congress, representing EdTech companies.

The company was recommended by the Spain Ministry of Education and was accelerated by Amazon’s EdTech special program. It is an official Google partner and has been shortlisted as one of the 21 best Spanish SaaS companies in 2021. Syntagma Digital has more than 5K users and 4K followers.

Succeeding throughout the Pandemic

Syntagma Digital was incepted during the 2021 lockdown to change the way in which Spanish language is taught. Thanks to its solution, it has successfully assisted teachers in digitizing content and enhancing assessment with an easy-to-use and visually appealing platform that engages students. The company has introduced a new way to teach using digital solutions.

The Future Awaits

With its eyes on the future, the team at Syntagma Digital intends to continue reimagining education while developing software solutions to fulfill teachers’ daily needs. It aims to offer software to all teachers and students worldwide to democratize education.

The company emphasizes offering solutions not only for Spanish language, but also for all other subjects such as philosophy, history, Latin, and so on.

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