Is PMI PMP Certbolt Certification Your Bird of Luck?
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The Project Management Institute is an organization responsible for setting the industry’s best practices for managing projects. It proves the candidates’ ability to apply these practices through the PMP certification. The Project Management Professional (PMP) credential requires that the individuals invest both their time and financial resources to earn it. Moreover, they need to thoroughly prepare for its qualifying exam to increase their chances of excelling. Despite the level of difficulty involved, you will be glad to have gone through all the challenges because of the associated benefits. Read on to learn more about the Certbolt Tests certificate, its test, and the main reasons for getting it.

What is Project Management Professional (PMP) certification?

The PMP credential offered by the PMI validates that one has mastered all the basics needed for managing projects. Project management is a crucial part of each organization’s processes. The projects that any company takes on often demand a considerable chunk of the budget. The costs can be much higher if the project leaders do not follow laid down standards and procedures. That is where the Project Management Institute comes in. It trains the professionals to use specific methodologies to lead their projects effectively. As proof that you have undertaken the required training, you will need to pass the PMP exam.

What does the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam cover?

The PMP certification exam is highly detailed and spreads across five domains. Each of these is categorized in terms of its percentage weight. Be sure to pay more attention to high-weighted sections. They are as follows:

  • Initiate a project – accounts for 13%;
  • Plan a project – accounts for 24%;
  • Execute a project – accounts for 31%;
  • Monitor and control a project – accounts for 25%;
  • Close a project – accounts for 7%.

The entire exam consists of 200 multiple-choice questions. Out of these, you are graded only on 175 questions, the rest 25 are considered as pretest unscored questions. The examinees have 240 minutes to complete the test. The certbolt certification exam is delivered in 15 languages and costs $405 and $555 for the PMI members and non-members correspondently.

What are the benefits of Project Management Professional (PMP) certification?

  1. It makes your resume valuable.
    When an interviewer is looking for a project manager, he or she is more likely to select those candidates who have an IT certification. The demand for project managers is insatiable. Earning the PMI PMP Certification Dumps credential gives you an edge over your competitors during job interviews.
  1. It gives you industry recognition.
    PMI PMP is a universal certification accepted by many companies across the world. Thanks to this widespread recognition, you can confidently pursue the credential knowing that you can use it in any country.
  1. It advances your skills.
    The students who go for the PMP credential understand that its exam is not easy. As a result, they set aside a considerable amount of their time to train and master the key aspects of the test. In such a way the learners improve their diligence and time management skills as well as hone their practical expertise covered in the certification exam.
  1. It provides you with a higher salary.
    Research shows that the project managers who hold the PMI PMP Certification earn 20% more than their peers. Thus, you can quickly become a well-paid employee by getting this sought-after certification.


As you get ready to take the PMP certbolt certification exam, it is a paramount priority that you dedicate sufficient time from your busy schedule to the preparation process. Go through practice tests and exam dumps to enhance your chances of passing the actual test with high results and getting PMI PMP with ease.

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