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In the business world, the appropriate use of inspiration and experience often translates to success and wisdom. On the other hand, ill-informed decisions, miscommunication, and the inability to manage your team to take the right steps are often attributed as the leading reasons as to why CEOs and business leaders fail. The importance of good leadership and management skills is more vital now than ever before, and something that cannot be overstated.

One such institution which is best suited to guide the future business leaders and visionaries is Bengaluru-based MBAESG India.

MBAESG is a brand within Galileo Education Solutions, an established and recognized global leader in its own right. Galileo is Europe’s biggest education solutions company, primarily in the postgraduate (PG) space, while also facilitating the undergraduate (UG) space. Soon, Galileo aims at cementing itself as the largest educational solutions company in the world.

Galileo Education Solutions

The year 2011 saw the acquisition between Galileo and Studialis, although the company has been in operation for nearly two decades. The best way to describe Galileo is that it is a portfolio of various brands, having footprints in various sectors, all related to the education industry.

In the field of design, there exist some globally recognized entities within the Galileo group, like the Strate School of Design. Then there is HETIC – a globally recognized digital business leadership institutional entity. Furthermore, there is the Atelier Chardon Savard Fashion School, another eminent brand in the global fashion industry.

The move to India, for Galileo, was done by launching a joint venture with the prominent EdTech pioneers in India; iNurture Education Solutions. Therefore, the joint venture is called iNurture Galileo Pvt Ltd. MBAESG offers degree programs in MBA with their partnership through Jain (Deemed-to-be University) in Bangalore. Currently, the institution plans to expand beyond the boundaries of Bangalore into different states, with the help of their partner iNurture which has a presence in 38 universities pan India.


MBAESG is a top-ranking business school in Paris that is bringing exciting new-age MBA programs in sports, luxury, and hospitality management and BBA in Global Sports Management in Bengaluru. For over 30 years, MBAESG, among Europe’s leading business schools, has been delivering talented business professionals to the global resource markets in the sectors having its footprints. Each year, through various channels, the school offers students the opportunity to get in touch with companies and be confronted with real-time live scenarios.

MBAESG Paris has about 38 different programs in MBA itself, which includes discipline-specific MBAs like MBA in finance, MBA in international business, MBA in marketing, and many others. The institute is well renowned for its MBAs in domain-specific postgraduate programs – such as sports, luxury, and hospitality.

MBAESG India currently facilitates two programs which started from 2017 onwards: MBA Sports Management; and MBA Luxury Management. Soon the institute plans to launch its MBA in Hospitality Management as well.

Academic Outlook

To date, the institute has facilitated the graduation of two batches of business aspirants already – first graduating 2019 garnering massive success in terms of placements, and just last year, the second batch did the same. There were big multinationals like ITW Global, Puma, Nike, AUDI, Decathlon, and many other exciting industry dominators.

Owing to the MBAESG’s association with Jain (Deemed-to-be University), students passing out get a dual certification: First of which is an MBA degree from Jain (Deemed-to-be University) which is AICTE driven and accepted by the UGC; Secondly they also get a Professional Graduation Certification from MBAESG Paris which aligns with the Parisian and French pedagogical system and philosophy.

The future business leaders graduating from this institution can avail this dual certification program, which spans over two years or four semesters and helps students achieve their educational and certification needs globally.

A New Perspective and a Fresh Approach

A question now beckons: What makes the learning experience at MBAESG so unique and transformational and yet so very fulfilling?

To this, the Dean of MBAESG, Nirmaalya Biswas, responded as follows: “The answer lies in the first principles of the uniquely designed operating model which is divided into two parts: the pedagogy and the industry interface. The unique operating model of MBAESG caters to every foundational need that defines a complete education for business administration, both in the domains of sports management and luxury management.”

Starting with the pedagogical elements:

  • Learning by Doing – This is an apprenticeship method of pedagogy where you roll up your sleeves and get to work. The leadership of ESG believes that apart from just theory, learning happens when the students engage with the learning process and there are specific measurable outputs. This includes internships, presentations, conferences, organizing events.
  • Academic Rigour – Several core subjects which are spread over the four semesters emphasize a strong theoretical underpinning, which gets manifested in reports, presentations; outcomes, which are a result of Project-centric, Outcome-based Learning.
  • Case Studies – The students at MBAESG must undertake a lot of case studies, mostly from India, and others from the USA and Western Europe. 
  • Directed and Independent Learning – The faculty members and educators direct their respective students to go and do their research (direct), on the completion of which these students have to present what they have learned. The students are entrusted with the idea that learning is their responsibility, and the teachers facilitate the process. This translates into independent learning – while pursuing their research, the students invariably come across various other associated subjects and knowledge, sparking the latent interest within inquisitive learners.

The students can’t become exemplary professionals if they don’t grasp the functional understanding and the ground reality of their respective sectors. MBAESG understands this full well and thus provides a platform for a very strong industry interface to facilitate holistic learning, whose key elements are as follows:

  • Business-Academia Partnership through Industry Field Visits & Internships: The institute is strongly connected with the sports sectors through partnerships that manifest into lucrative internship programs. Uniquely, there are three internship programs that the students have to undertake.
  • Two-week experiential-learning trip to Paris: Between the second and third semesters, all the students get the opportunity to go to Paris to understand the wider scope of their studies, interact with students their age, form bonds, build networks, and understand each other’s cultural interface. Recently, the students received a masterclass by Gerard Houllier (late), the manager of Liverpool FC. This kind of massive exposure is very rare, certainly one of a kind as compared to other MBA institutions.
  • Eminent Guest Speakers: Some of the eminent guest speakers that have visited the campus to give lectures, inspire and drop useful insights about the industry are – Parminder Gill, CEO of SportzVillage; CFO of BCCI, Santosh Rangnekar; Archana Jain, MD PR Pundit; Avnish Anand, Co-Founder, Caratlane; and many other respected intellectuals and practitioners of their respective domains of expertise.
  • Business Simulation: Perhaps the most interesting part of the whole MBA program is the business simulation games. Operating as teams and split the tasks of marketing, production, operational oversight, distribution channels, etc., the students compete against each other to see each other in a strategically and tactically oriented game, juggling multitudes of tasks and challenges at the same time.

Leader of the Pack

Coming from a varied background, Mr. Nirmaalya Biswas has got to live two lives in a single lifetime. The first was spent being a professional in the hospitality industry for more than 14 years. He worked in different organizations like the Oberoi Hotels, The Park Hotels, Radisson Hotels, and various other illustrious organizations. A story he recounts is that opening India’s first-ever Spanish restaurant in Delhi, and one of his first guests was the Crown Prince of Spain (now the King of Spain).

Two years ago, he joined MBAESG and overlooked all components of the business. Mr. Biswas has worked tooth and nail throughout his entire career and gathered a bevy of experience and garnered the respect and adoration of industry leaders and academicians worldwide. Now in the institute, he looks after the complete operations and major outcomes of his students at MBAESG India.

Aspiring to Make a Difference

The base foundation of MBAESG is of putting forward holistic professionals in sports and luxury domains with competencies and sensitivities with regards to all sections of the society and also the environment. The institute is a forerunner in fields of guiding the new generation of business leaders and industry experts that are sure to be disruptive in the industries they end up joining.

It’s an exciting time in the world right now, an exciting time to be in MBAESG India.

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