Japanese University and MSU Work Together to Promote Education

In order to collaborate in the fields of economics and management, Maharaja Sayajirao University, often known as MSU, has signed an MoU with the University of Hyogo in Kobe, Japan.

On Monday, the MoU was signed at a gathering hosted by MSU’s Office of International Affairs (OIA).

Both professor Takashi Tohi, a specially appointed professor, and Toshiyuki Nagasaki, the university of Hyogo’s coordinator for overseas students, were present.

“The MoU has been signed to promote joint educational and cultural collaboration in general and more specifically in the areas of economics and management,” said director of MSU’s OIA professor Dhanesh Patel.

“The exchange shall comprise the exchange of staff members and the exchange of students. Both institutions shall exchange staff members on a regular basis for teaching, joint research, academic training and capacity building,” he said.

“Similarly, seminars, workshops, symposia and colloquia on the subjects of common interest will be organised and there will be exchange of information publications, discussion papers and other academic materials,” he said.

Three forms of student exchange will be encouraged regularly and reciprocally. “The categories include study abroad for credit, PG students’ study abroad for research and study tour  and study language abroad,” he said.

Sayajirao Maharaj In the Indian state of Gujarat, the institution of Baroda, originally known as Baroda College, is a public institution. It was first founded in 1881 as a college before changing its name to a university in 1949 following India’s independence.

The Kobe University of Commerce, Himeji Institute of Technology, and College of Nursing Art and Science were combined to form the University of Hyogo (UH), which was founded in 2004. UH is currently one of Japan’s top public universities and has six faculties, nine graduate schools, five research centres, and affiliated junior and high schools.

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