Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University: Empowering Women and Developing Community
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Aspires to become a leading center of excellence for Education, Research, Clinical Care and Training in Professional, Technical and Medical field to educate women in technically advanced disciplined to inculcate in them the spirit of enterprise and desire to excel. It also aspires to provide Distance Education to Men & Women along with open and virtual learning.

With a commitment to provide “Education for Community Development” leading to women empowerment, Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University, JVWU offers a transformational experience where highest integrity, professional commitment and ethics are inbuilt in the training mechanism itself, so that the ambassadors of tomorrow have an effective personality and ability to address social, economic and technological challenges of the world.

Since the first and foremost priority of this University is community development leading to women empowerment, it is managed by women administrators at all levels. To achieve its vision and mission, the University’s Board of Faculty has always striven to redesign the curriculum in consonance with the changing needs of the corporate world, without sacrificing development of the community and with an aim to open doors for women in those fields in which jobs are performed by male members of the society.

To give wings to the female students of the rural and urban areas and encourage them to pick up the careers which were earlier considered to be restricted for the male candidates, JVWU has started offering various programs. It maintains keeping programs with low enrolments just to motivate and encourage female students to opt for unconventional fields and show their potential to the society. This has led the students of the University to show their talents, skills, and experiences across sectors and verticals of the economy and set an example for the society.

Extraordinary Programs of the University

JVWU offers numerous programs to lead an overall development of the society along with women empowerment. These extraordinary courses are BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery), BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery), BNYS (Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences), BMLT (Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology), B.Opt (Bachelor of Optometry), and BA B.Ed. It also offers technical, professional and medical programs in Engineering, Pharmaceutical Science, Law & Governance, Homoeopathic Science, Ayurvedic Science, Education and Methodology, Physiotherapy and Diagnostics and Agriculture & Veterinary Science. Besides this, JVWU is also offering Distance education, Research & Development and skill development programs.

The University is continuously striving to achieve its mission of Education leading to Community Development leading to Women Empowerment by preparing disciplined, non-addicted, thoughtful, committed citizens who will help overcome various challenges faced by the community. In the past 9 years, more than 7000 candidates have completed the “University Mission Course” successfully and University has forwarded a successful step towards women empowerment and community development. The course helps in developing a feeling of belongingness and respect for society among students.

Offers an Atmosphere which Motivates Innovation

The University has created an ecosystem for innovation including incubation center and other initiatives for creation and transfer of knowledge. It endeavors to provide adequate infrastructure for research and encourages faculty members to undertake research. University’s Incubation center is providing various facilities to the stakeholders like office space, IT support, mentoring, financial support etc. The center has excellent facilities in product and process development to help stakeholders to bring their products to the market. Thirteen innovations have been filed for patents. It even has MOUs with various organizations for knowledge and resource sharing.

The extraordinary offerings and innumerable deeds have helped the University to achieve various recognitions and awards including India’s Best Private Women’s University by Brands Academy for Efforts in Women Education in 2013, India’s Excellent Women Higher Education Institutes for efforts in Women Education by Elets Technomedia in 2014, Best University –Green Campus for Green Initiatives by Econs Education Summit in 2014, Outstanding Contribution to Education for efforts in Women Education by DNA in 2015, Education Excellence Award for efforts in Women Education by Brands Academy in 2017, Best Private Women’s University in Asia for efforts in Women Education in Private Sector by Asia Education Leadership Awards Summit in 2017 and India’s Best Private Women’s University for efforts in Women Education by Brands Academy in 2018.

From the Chancellor’s Desk

Vidushi Garg, Chancellor of Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University, plays a leading a role in handling administrative and academic activities of the University and taking care of more than 2500 students and residing in the University every year. Her extraordinary achievements have earned title for the University- India’s Best Private Women’s University for efforts in Women Education by Brands Academy in 2018.

Vidushi confidently shares, “Women form about half of the population of the country, but their situation has been grim. They have been deliberately denied the opportunities for growth in the name of socio-cultural practices. Women are also suffered from the denial of freedom even in their homes and domination, an unequal and inferior status. Social institutions have a deep bearing on the role and status of women. The vision of success probably looks nothing like yours, and that’s how it should be.”

Offers an Exceptional Career to the Enthusiast Careerists

The University provides financial aid/ subsidy to the needy but meritorious students. To help students showcase their potential and foster the entrepreneurship, the institute offers several facilities including excellent infrastructure, seed money, incubation center and innovation center. JVWU also provides the Corporate, Government and Entrepreneur portfolios along with mentorship to its students to excel in their academic and professional career. It also offers industry linkage with esteemed corporate houses to provide a gateway to its students and alumni for corporate world.

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