JEE Advanced 2023 Topper Vavilala Reddy Reveals Consistent Studying his Success Mantra
Vavilala Reddy

The brilliant boy Vavilala has prepared his plans of becoming a computer scientist, an innovator or working in the government sector. He is planning to go BTech in Computer Science Engineering from IIT Bombay.

Topping the results with his score of 341 of 360 marks, Vavilala showed his dedication with laser sharp focus throughout the last four years. This 17-year-old boy, Vavilala Chidvilas Reddy, studied every single day from 6 am to 11 pm, preparing for the challenging exam, without getting deterred by minor health issues.

Crediting the success to the resolute support of his parents who are both mathematics teachers at the government school in Madgul, Rangareddy district of Telangana state. Vavilala’s mother Nagalaxmi Reddy is a government teacher at Irwin while his father Mr Rajeshwar Reddy is a government teacher too but at Giri Kothapalli.

Moreover, jubilant Vavilala admits the invaluable guidance and motivation offered by his teachers. He had been a student at Sr Chaitanya school and junior college in Hyderabad since the age of 11. This outstanding student nurtured his dream of IIT since his early school days and developed a focused learning approach.

He further added that he is following his brother’s footsteps as his brother was also a student in Sri Chaitanya, who is in his final year of BTech at BITS Pilani. “I have been dedicatedly preparing for the JEE since the 9th grade. I worked very hard, and my lecturers provided me with confidence and motivation. From 6 am to 11 pm every day, I utilised every moment except for necessary breaks for bathing, meals, and snacks,” Vavilala expressed enthusiastically.

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