JIS Group Educational Initiatives: A Stepping Stone to the Zenith of Success
JIS Group Educational
Sardar Jodh Singh, Founder and Chairman

Education is a powerful tool which provides people with knowledge, skill, technique, and information that enables them to know their rights and duties toward their family, society as well as the nation.  It is an essential knowledge which expands our vision and outlook to see the world and develops capabilities to fight against the bad elements in society.

This guidance and direction are inculcated by our Educational Institutes which play an integral role in shaping the future of young minds throughout their life.

Celebrating and honouring this guidance, we bring forth a 20+-year-old legacy. With 30 Institutes, 140 Programs, and over 37000+ Students enrolled in diverse academic programs. This is the largest & most trusted premier education service provider in Eastern India – JIS Group Educational Initiatives.

JIS Group is born out of Sardar Jodh Singh’s entrepreneurial vision, which through the years have spanned in the fields of the dairy business, telecommunication, transportation, infrastructure, logistics, education, healthcare and social service. However, his aspiration to serve society by imparting knowledge, education and employment culminated into JIS Group Educational Initiatives.

JIS Group is committed to focusing on a policy of consistent quality enrichment of the services provided to promote growth and economic prosperity of the nation. JIS Group Institutions are also accredited by AICTE, NAAC, NBA, PCI, BCI, DCI, MCI, NCHMCT, Academic Impact United Nations and affiliated to MAKAUT and WBSCTVESD. JIS Group Educational Initiatives started its journey from 1998, keeping affront its mission – Igniting Minds, Empowering Lives.

At present, JIS is the largest educational conglomerate of eastern India. However, it had a very lean and humble start. The aim was to translate the vows of Sardar Jodh Singh, the Founder, and Chairman of JIS Group to serve society by being the torchbearer of knowledge, education, and employment.

With the vision igniting minds, empowering lives in mind, JIS Group started its journey in 1998. The first college was Asansol Engineering College. And two years later, JIS followed with the opening of JIS College of Engineering in 2000.

Since then the educational group expanded with Narula Institute of Technology (2001), Guru Nanak Institute of Technology (2003), a Centre for Management Studies (2004), Guru Nanak Institute of Dental Sciences & Research (2003) and Guru Nanak Institute of Pharmaceutical Science & Technology (2005), Guru Nanak Institute of Hotel Management (2005), and JIS School of Polytechnic and Dr Sudhir Chandra Sur Degree Engineering College (2009).  And in 2014, JIS University Act came into force vide Government of West Bengal. Thus, the endless journey of JIS Group in the field of education kept on surging forward.

The University is operational since then intending to provide instructions, teaching, training and research in various branches and specialized fields of study of Science, Engineering and Technology, Management, Law, Humanities, Education, and other fields of study including imparting of skills that have employment potential through the JIS Institute of Skill Development.

The University provides PhD programmes in various subjects and streams. Students are offered foreign language classes and are also exposed to international student internships through various student exchange programmes with foreign universities. The University has a mission to be one of the top class universities in India and preferred destination for students, research scholars and faculty members alike.

The Visionary

Among his group members and other people of diverse views, Sardar Jodh Singh was known as Babuji. He believed that education is the core of human progress. The purpose of education is to prepare people to be successful, productive, and engaged members of society. As such, they get to shape sustainable societies, enhance economies, and improve lives.

During his lifetime, Mr Singh contributed to our modern India to a considerable degree. He served the society through his pioneering role in alleviating the scourge of illiteracy by propagating the need for quality education across various sections and strata of the society.

Currently, Mr Taranjit Singh, Managing Director of JIS Group Educational Initiatives shares his father’s (Late. Sardar Jodh Singh’s) vision of igniting minds and empowering lives with the light of knowledge and education. Mr Singh is widely recognized across eastern India for his path-breaking and visionary contributions in moulding future generations of modern India through his pioneering role as an education evangelist and corporate leader. Over the years, he has transformed the educational scenario of the country by setting new standards in self-financed quality and ‘practical’ education in the country.

Ideal Address for Education

JIS students enjoy sprawling campuses with a lush-green ambience having all technological conveniences. JIS Group Educational Initiatives is a unique model of amalgamation of a private initiative through several foundations offering graduate/postgraduate programmes with degree provided by state-run universities.

All institutes under JIS Group equip the students with more than 222 Specialized Departmental Labs and libraries comprising of 3.26lacs books which are constantly updated. The JIS Group of Institutions has above 1508 faculty strength out of which 308 are PhD holders who published more than 177 books. A firm believer in quality education through practical learning, all member institutes under JIS Group stresses on practical training and hands-on industry experience by arranging compulsory internships, regular industry visits in reputed corporate through their strategic tie-ups for their students. JIS in terms of diverse educational initiatives has become an ideal place for ensuring pursuits for the future of the students fruitful.

Achievements, Rankings, Awards & Accolades – JIS Group Institutes

  • JIS University conferred for ‘Best Private University’, JIS School of Polytechnic conferred for ‘Best Private Polytechnic College’ and GMIT conferred for ‘Best Emerging Private Engineering College’ at the Education Excellence Awards 2020 by Zee 24 Ghanta
  • JIS University, JIS College of Engineering, Narula Institute of Technology, Guru Nanak Institute of Technology, Guru Nanak Institute of Dental Science & Research, and Guru Nanak Institute of Hotel Management received rankings from THE WEEK by the Hansa Research Survey 2020
  • Guru Nanak Institute of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology & Narula Institute of Technology have received NIRF Ranking from the MHRD consecutively since 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020. JIS College of Engineering received NIRF rankings from the MHRD in 2020.
  • Guru Nanak Institute of Dental Sciences & Research, JIS College of Engineering, Dr. Sudhir Chandra Sur Institute of Technology & Sports Complex, Guru Nanak Institute of Technology, Guru Nanak Institute of Dental Science & Research, and Guru Nanak Institute of Hotel Management received rankings from India Today Rankings 2020
  • GNIHM ranked 1stin Private Hotel Management Institute in West Bengal, GNIDSR ranked 1st in Top Dental College in West Bengal, JIS college of Engineering received 2nd ranking in Top Private Engineering College in West Bengal, DSCSDEC ranked 3rd in Top Private Engineering College in West Bengal ad GNIT received the 4th ranking in Top Private Engineering College in West Bengal by Outlook I-Care Rankings 2020.
  • JIS College of Engineering, Narula Institute of Technology, Guru Nanak Institute of Technology have been ranked in the Times Engineering Survey 2020 among Top Private Engineering Colleges in Eastern India.
  • JIS University received a ranking from the Careers 360 for Emerging & Budding University.
  • JIS College of Engineering received a ranking from AARIA 2020
  • Narula Institute of Technology has been ranked as Top Engineering Colleges of Excellence in India 2020-2021.

JIS Group & its institutes have got several other Awards, Ranking & Accolades in this year as well as in previous years.

Striving for Excellence

JIS Group has already emerged as the largest educational group with its presence in students’ and their guardian’s minds. It also plans to spread its legacy with the collaboration with 550+ Industries, 11 Chambers, 73 universities and 21 countries. For the forthcoming years, the group plans to promote and provide quality education and inspire excellence, by aiming to work hard to maintain and grow in all educational sectors and enhance new possibilities by providing holistic knowledge, encouraging research in all fields and empowering our students with several educational and employment opportunities to prepare them for successful professional lives and grow steadily in the education sector.

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