JLU School of Hospitality And Tourism: Shaping Future Through A Career-Oriented Approach
JLU School of Hospitality And Tourism

In today’s world, more than ever, education or most importantly what everyone defines as a good education has always been one of the most important topics of society.  We often go back in time, inspect and re-evaluate the list of hundreds of institutes before finalizing one that satiates the pursuit of a ‘good education’, one that shapes a successful future.

Hospitality education, a very niche choice combines all the prominent list of components that shapes graduates to tackle the challenges of future and lead. Various institutions offering an academic program in hospitality are not just preparing students for today, they are endowed with an entrepreneurial spirit, flexibility and critical thinking they would need to flourish in the professional landscape along with conquering the challenges of tomorrow. Such institutions unlock the potential of both the sector and the nation’s talent pool.

The changing ways of life and increasing globalization are driving the growth of tourism, travel, and hospitality. Coupled with the new generation who are capable, innovative and entrepreneurial and an exclusive academic curriculum, the potential for growth within the hospitality and its allied industries is incredible. Hence, when dealing with something intangible as a ‘good’ educational institution, every list of ingredients is crucial for the recipe for a successful future.

In its quest of finding an exceptionally advanced and future-oriented educational institution, The Knowledge stumbled upon JLU School of Hospitality And Tourism.

Laudable Learning Experience  

Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal  (JLU) is one of the fastest-growing and one of the most awarded universities of India having practice-based pedagogy at its core.  School of Hospitality & Tourism, a feather of its wing,  is home to best-in-class professionals who have extensive industry experience.
The school aims to create hospitality leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow, who are groomed in accord with the latest trends in the sector, with highly specialized learning facilitators and state-of-the-art facilities.

The School of Hospitality & Tourism (SoHT) ensures students acquire personal and professional skills for immediate employment and progression into leadership positions in the industry. Through its global partners and educational sites, the SoHT model of education consistently compiles with high academic standards and integrated resources to grant accessibility to hospitality education throughout the world.

Leading Through Example  

Kunal Kapur, Chief Mentor, of JLU School of Hospitality & Tourism is the zealous leader who has helped the institute touch the feet of success and fame. He is Chef extraordinaire, TV show host, winner of several culinary awards and the author his debut cookbook- ‘A Chef in Every Home’.  Chef Kunal has been recognized among the Best Chefs in India by National Weekly Magazine – India Today and Indian Culinary maestro Jiggs Kalra titled him as “The next big guy in kebabs and curries in India” at the start of his career.

He is a recipient of The Indian Television Academy Award 2014 for the Best Jury/Anchor in a game show format for Junior Master Chef India. Best Anchor Award. He was also awarded the prestigious Sir Edmund Hillary Fellowship, by the Prime Minister of New Zealand Mr. John Key in the field of Food & Beverage.

It was his vision that enabled the school to stand aside from just being an educational institution rather, take the lead in offering industry-oriented education to students.

Lot More Than Quality Education 

The JLU started its expedition with a mission of establishing well researched and pragmatic hospitality practices which will enable students to meet the challenges of a fast-changing environment in the new world economic order. It has constantly been moving towards the peak with its aim of developing conceptual and practical skills to convert the abilities of students into managerial competence, required in today’s competitive environment.

The school has a firm belief that a blend of relevant knowledge, skill, and the right attitude is essential for the overall development of students which impels their growth & success in the world. Propelling the same thought, the School of Hospitality and Tourism offers programs in  B.Sc Hospitality & Hotel Administration, B. Sc Culinary Art and MBA (Hospitality and Tourism).

Aligned with the school’s industry-oriented curricula are its student-centric learning process and personalized educational experience. The faculties of JLU are industry experts and hence, students avail industry insights. In its attempt to stay abreast of the hospitality sector, the faculties are also trained under Refresher Training Programmes.

Moreover, the school believes that while theoretical knowledge is only useful to complete graduation, practical knowledge helps students get hands-on experience and learn lessons in real-time. Hence, the school organizes industry visits that enable students with skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving and managerial qualities.

Career Ready 

The unique feature at SoHT is its Culinary Mentoring Sessions (CMS), where every month a culinary expert from the industry, academicians visit JLU for 2 – 4 days and conduct sessions.  The institute follows a personalized learning experience, and hence, every student is assigned an Expert Chef as a mentor. Here, the students are groomed for the life outside the campus and are enriched with hands-on experience and insightful learning. A pool of renowned chefs and industry experts join the program to hone the skills of the students.  Padma Shree Master Chef (Dr.) Imtiyaz Qureshi, Master Chef Kunal Kapur, Master Chef (Dr.) Manjit Singh Gill, Chef Nimish Bhatia, Chef Vivek Saggar, and Chef Palani Murugan are just a few names of the list.

A Road Map to Future

JLU SoHT’s continuous endeavor is to create progressive thinkers, capable of solving professional challenges and take up global roles in hospitality sector. However, while it will focus on its aforesaid mission, the institute will also continue to improve the educational experience of students be it by offering state-of-the-art laboratories and Infrastructure, exclusive curricula or quality research.

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