SRM Institute of Hotel Management: Nurturing Individuals to be Globally Competent
SRM Institute of Hotel Management

Till a few years back, education mainly constituted of theoretical knowledge and mugging things up for the exams. Very little focus or close to none was given on developing skills and preparing individuals for what they would actually face in the professional sphere. Over the years, this notion of education has changed. Education today comprises of both practical and theory classes.

Having said that, it does not go unnoticed that staying abreast of the sheer pace is no more a choice but a necessity. The world today is led by individuals or professionals who know how to tackle the everyday rising complexities in the work-world.  Recruiters, today, are in pursuit of candidates who are ready to take up the responsibilities of the job with minimal in-house training.

How do we train aspiring candidates, irrespective of their area of interest, to thrive in this competitive world? This is possible when educational institutions provide the students with an environment where besides gaining from academics, they also get to gain exposure to the actual corporate world.

The Knowledge Review’s search for such an educational institution that has shifted from conventional educational norms to developing real-life practical skills brought it to SRM Institute of Hotel Management (SRM IHM). Rather than merely chasing academic excellence, this educational institution offers both academic knowledge and practical skills aligned with the fiercely rising competition demands.

Driven by Excellence

SRM IHM is one of the country’s premier Hotel management institutes established in the year 1993, as a part of the prestigious SRM University, Chennai. The institution grew substantially over the years while always maintaining a cordial atmosphere and intimate learning environment for the students to mature and develop.

SRM Institute of Hotel Management is dedicated exclusively to the creation, development, and amelioration of the professional careers of mid to senior executives in the hospitality industry. It stays committed to creating potential leaders for an expanding hospitality industry who will be capable of competing for senior positions in a global market place.

A Student-Centric Curriculum

At the heart of the institution lies ‘education to employment, learn by doing and earn while you learn’. Adhering to this principle, the institution’s geographical space, infrastructures, and curriculum has been designed to add value to the education it offers.

Spanning across some of the major cities in India including Chennai, Trichy, Delhi and Gangtok, Sikkim, the institution is a host of an immersive educational environment.  SRM IHM is equipped with state of the art infrastructure with the latest equipment, smart classrooms, advanced labs,  and a well-equipped library.

Complementing SRM IHM’s ultra-modern infrastructure which is enabled to hone the student’s skills is its student-centric curricula. This curriculum has been designed keeping students and the growing industry demands in mind.  The curriculum of SRM IHM is framed according to UGC rules and is revamped once in three years which enables the students to learn all the updated trends that are followed in the hotels. The board of studies members who approve the revamped syllabus is notable dignitaries of the leading hotels and academicians of government recognized colleges.

Below-mentioned are the courses offed by SRM IHM:

Undergraduate Courses

  • Sc. in Hospitality & Hotel Administration
  • Sc. in Hotel & Catering Management (Madras University)

 Post Graduate courses

MBA in Hospitality Management

Craftsmanship Courses

  • Food Production
  • Bakery and Confectionery
  • F&B service
  • Front Office and
  • House Keeping

Lateral Entry Program: Lateral entry degree course (II Year B.Sc) for those who have completed three years diploma in Hotel Management & Catering technology from any recognized Institution.

The institute offers innovative teaching methods such as activity-based learning (ABL), case studies, tasks & assignments, field trips, power point presentations, role plays, hotel management software, creative manager exercise, guest lecture, research methodology, etc. to enable interactive and collaborative learning, best which helps students in unlocking their true potential.

The Semester Abroad Program with leading Universities in the world ensures that the students acquire the perfect blend of behavioural traits and professional competencies to lead the industry in the future.

At the Helm of The Educational Institution

Steering SRM Institute of Hotel Management towards its educational goal is Dr. D. Antony Ashok Kumar, the Director. After the completion of his education, Dr. Kumar started his career at the Holiday inn and moved on to different renowned hotels like Park Sheraton Chennai, SOFITEL New Delhi, in Saudi Airlines as a crew member, at British Broadcasting Corporation, and also at many suite hotels at Houston, Texas. His passion and the longing to share this rich experience and knowledge made him switch over to teaching, thus joining government hotel management colleges at Hyderabad and Chennai.

SRM Institute of Hotel Management has received many awards and recognition under the leadership and guidance of Dr. D. Kumar, some of which include:

  • Recognized as No.1 Hotel Management Institute in India by the World Association of Chefs Societies
  • Accreditation by Higher Learning Accreditation Commission of Texas

Apart from these, SRM IHM has consecutively ranked first in the category of Super Excellence and also in the state of Tamil Nadu (Private) by the Global Human Resource development centre Pvt Ltd (GHRDC), New Delhi.

A Host of Opportunities

It has already been established that SRM IHM provides both theoretical and practical assistance. Let us have a look at how this institute nurtures students for their future careers.

SRM IHM combines its curriculum with practical classes that enable students to receive hands-on experience. The institute also conducts, workshops and demonstrations which boosts their confidence and encourages them to attend their Trade Test with more innovation and creativity.

It believes in live-interactions, demonstrations and seminars more than classroom education. A series of events are conducted throughout the academic year wherein many successful national and international hoteliers and personalities interact with the students and educate them through their talks, interactions, demonstrations, also by conducting competitions and quiz.

The institute is also associated with a fully operational star hotel attached to the campus to help the students acquire hands-on training in the real-time environment to hone their skills and competencies. They also receive plentiful training in welcoming and escorting the guests as the visit of VIPs and VVIPs are more frequent. As a part of pre-placement activities, the students are given specialization training every day. Every students gets a chance to participate in mock group discussions and mock interviews enabling them to develop skills needed for their professional life.

Being a part of SRM institutes, the students receive a chance to cook diverse cuisines with various quantity measures and to serve them to different cadres of guests. Hence, they are also trained in hospitality and event management.

Apart from all this, SRM institute conducts various seminars and conferences every year.

Who is an SRM IHM Graduate?

SRM IHM has completed more than 25 years of service in hospitality education and has successful alumni scattered all around the globe in diverse fields, thus earning immense trust. Bringing out many successful management trainees in all the leading hotels is its continued goal.

But, what makes an SRM graduate distinctive from others? The students of SRM IHM are widely recognized for their passion, commitment, and professional competence. Students’ consistent performance at national level examinations and the numerous awards and accolades which the institute possesses, attracts recruiters from all around the globe. Many leading hotels drive into the campus for campus interviews and besides hotels cruise lines, retailers and IT sectors also recruit students for their incomparable talent and skill.

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