T. John Group of Institutions: Nurturing Innovative Minds
T. John Group of Institutions
T. John Group of Institutions (TJGI) is one of the few institutions that has won the trust of many in creating a meaningful educational environment.

Education is an essential component for the progress and prosperity of any society. In a fast-changing society, the concept of education has gained momentum, focussing on training and development of human expertise with necessary knowledge and skill-based. It guides one through every stage of life and is extensively involved in shaping the personality as well as the root of building a strong nation. Playing a critical role as the catalyst in education, a proper ambience gives students a chance to explore more and use the learning experience to make the world a better place.

Apart from this, faith and trust in the institution are of great significance as this establishes a strong relationship between the students and teachers.

However, scouting these factors in the same institution could prove as a challenge. The institution needs to be progressive, experienced, and valued to overcome this challenge.

T. John Group of Institutions (TJGI) is one of the few institutions that has won the trust of many in creating a meaningful educational environment. Developing under the leadership of Dr Thomas P. John, the Founder and Chairman of the institution, it provides an environment for growth and development.

Let’s have a look at the T. John Group of Institutions and walk a few steps through its journey, beliefs, and achievements.

From 24 to 24/7

Dr Thomas P John started T. John College in 1993 with few students, and since then, there has been no looking back as the institution crossed milestones with each passing year. The institute that started with 24 students today attracts students from all over India and the neighbouring countries.

The Marougen Education Foundation (MEF) has established various educational institutions under the flagship of the T. John Group of Institutions, with the objective of imparting quality education with a global perspective at an affordable cost. Subsequently, the established institutions were expanded to offer higher education courses with the highest quality innovation and continuous search of knowledge to the students.

Currently, there are five Colleges under TJGI offering Diploma, Graduate, and Post Graduate Courses in Social Science, Science, Commerce and Management, Engineering and Technology, and Health Sciences. In addition, PhD programs are also offered in Engineering and Technology, and Pharmacy.

Bow of Excellence, Arrow of Education

The institution aims to achieve excellence in delivering quality education of global standards, coupled with innovative practices using advanced technology and expertise. It looks forward to transforming the student community into potential global leaders with accountability to meet the social, national, and dynamic global challenges.

TJGI envisions creating and nurturing a learning and knowledge-based environment conducive to the pursuit of quality education. It strongly believes that it would transform a socially responsible generation to act on their professional values and beliefs. While bringing about overall personality development and fostering a caring and creative environment that emphasises physical, social, and intellectual development.

The institution seeks to instil a sense of understanding, remarkable resilience, and enduring adaption to a diverse, competitive, and dynamic society.

TJGI continuously strives to improve the Educational Quality Management System to make its students qualified, independent and responsible citizens. Along with this, it wants to enable them to excel in various fields, including research and development and industry, thereby contributing immensely toward Nation Building.

As the institute says, “We inspire and assist our faculty members to upgrade their knowledge and improve the quality of teaching through achieving higher educational levels and learning advanced teaching skills.”

The Beating Heart: Dr Thomas P. John

Dr Thomas P. John initiated the foundation of the institute in 1993 with innovative bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. Investing all his time, energy, and other resources into building these institutions with state-of-the-art infrastructures on the college campus, he helped the institute reach a great height and stay true to its morals.

Subsequently, Dr Thomas P. John is responsible for developing all the academic research and other activities in the institutions and colleges under TJGI. He has contributed to the development of physical and technical infrastructure and the appointment of qualified, competent teaching and nonteaching staff in institutions.

His vision and foresight have contributed to the development of the colleges and institutes as one of the top institutions in the state. His personal involvement in the planning, development, and implementation of academic research and other programs is highly recognizable.

Sharpening the Arrow

TJGI shelters many colleges and institutions, including T. John Institute of Technology, T. John College, T. John College of Nursing, T. John School of Nursing, and T. John College of Pharmacy.

Understanding the value of education and staying true to its principles, TJGI offers institutions great placement opportunities, value-added courses, and hands-on workshops. Additionally, various courses such as Computer Hardware and Network, Web Designing, training on the Stock Market, Digital Marketing, Soft Skill Training, and much more are provided by T. John College.

T. John Institute of Technology is having Industrial Collaboration with Tier-1 MNCs IBM, Bosch, and Intel for conducting add-on courses and interactions with the Students, Soft skill Trainings, Internships, etc.

T. John College of Nursing and T. John College of Pharmacy focus majorly on the stimulation of training and practice with the belief of creating excellent assets for the field and the nation.

Hop on the Ground

T. John Group of Institutions organises inter-college sports competitions, including Football, Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Kabaddi, Throw ball, Table Tennis, Chess, Carom, and many more. Apart from these sports, cultural programs are conducted by the institution with the active participation of the students.

Preparing For ‘The Game’

TJGI helps students in building self-awareness and prepares them for the future, which is done through training programs. This also includes providing students with work-integrated learning opportunities such as internship programs.

Other areas where the institution helps students are by fostering collaboration with industry under industry-academia collaborations, building student-teacher trust through mentoring, and encouraging students to come out of their comfort zones and complete the projects they have started.

Traces of Achievements

T. John College is accredited by NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council) with an ‘A’ Grade. T. John Institute of Technology has industrial collaboration with Tier-1 MNCs IBM, Bosch, and Intel for conducting add-on courses, soft skill training, internships, and numerous other provisions. All the colleges and institutions have achieved ISO 9001: 2008 certification from American Quality Assessor, USA. Along with this, Outcome Based Education (OBE) is followed by the institution.

The institution involves dedicated and qualified resource persons from corporate and visiting faculty from IIM. In an attempt to give the students, the best, the institutions provide progressive placement and coding training from the first Semester onwards. This efficient training and placement cell of the institution has an average placement rate of 75% to 80% annually.

In order to promote research and development activities, the institution/ management has developed a policy to encourage faculty and students to undertake R&D initiatives through awarding financial assistance as Seed Money. The management also recognizes the research output of faculty and students in addition to awarding financial incentives.

Training and development of the students in the areas such as personality development, communication skills, and technologies like EXCEL, Tally, and SAP are taken care of. The institution has an Active Institution Innovation Council (IIC) to create a vibrant innovation ecosystem. Along with this, TJGI management offers financial, technical, and manpower support for the establishment of new start-ups by its students.

Green initiatives such as solar power panels (producing 100 KVA), LED Street Lights, and rainwater harvesting could be seen on the campus, 24 X 7 Wi-Fi enabled campus with state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure, special merit Scholarship for rank and distinction holders, and free ship for Students of economically weaker sections are provided by TJGI.

Stepping into Future

The roadmap for the future for TJGI is to achieve excellence in delivering quality and skill-based education of global standards, coupled with innovative practices using advanced technology and expertise, transforming the student community into potential global leaders with accountability to meet the social, national, and dynamic global challenges.

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