Thadomal Shahani Engineering College: Creating Game Changers
Thadomal Shahani Engineering College
Thadomal Shahani Engineering College supports its students to reach the heights of their careers & Taking care of that innovative child and keeping the fire igniting

Almost everyone wants to pursue a career they are passionate about or which is fascinating to them and respectable. When asked in childhood, most of us were very clear about our future aims because it was simple, either a doctor or an engineer! These were one of the most respected and popular professions, which stands true even today.

Today most students go on pursuing engineering as a choice of career for the sake of that dream and passion. However, the popularity of the field has increased the competition to quite an extent, making it difficult to find an institution to suit individual requirements and support the passion of the dreaming young child inside.

Taking care of that innovative child and keeping the fire igniting, Thadomal Shahani Engineering College supports its students to reach the heights of their careers. With the aim to create game changers in the field, the institution is currently making efforts under Dr G. T. Thampi, Principal of the college.

Let’s step into the insightful institution and learn more about Thadomal Shahani Engineering College.

Old Brick; New Foundation

Established in 1983, Thadomal Shahani Engineering College (TSEC) is one of India’s oldest private engineering colleges. It was founded by Hyderabad National Collegiate Board and is recognized by the Government of Maharashtra. The college is also approved by the All-India Council for Technical Education and is affiliated with the University of Mumbai.

It offers a four-year B.E. Degree program in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Electronics and Telecommunication, and Chemical Engineering.

The college also offers a PhD program in the subject of Information Technology, Computer Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication. Around thirty PhD. Scholars successfully completed research endeavors and were awarded a PhD degree by the University of Mumbai. At present, forty research scholars are enrolled with the Institute.

Abiding by Vision, Following the Mission

TSEC has a vision of perpetuating and transcending the processes of contributing to evolving supply chain of human capital for the ‘National Economy’. Along with this, at heart, it wants to create entrepreneurs and ‘game changers’ to support a heightened level of economic activities underpinning ever-increasing human aspiration. It wants to help the nation evolve into a total solution provider while creating value and wealth for mankind.

TSEC focuses on product and process innovation, leveraging human cognitive and behavioral science for creating instructional content. It uses pervasive and ubiquitous Information Communication Technologies for customized content for learning, along with acknowledging and facilitating various learning styles and learning abilities.

The institution has migrated from a teaching paradigm to a learning paradigm. It inculcates research culture in everyday discourse and furthers the cause of societal advancement. This also involves understanding various markets and cultures and engaging in collaborative learning and emotional integrity.

The institution impresses upon theoretical rigor to develop conceptual clarity. It promotes the modelling and design of experiments to inculcate a culture of investigation, helps in foot printing on project management and collaborative human endeavour, and encourages interdisciplinary studies and exposure to functional areas.

Fuel for Engine

TSEC believes in inclusive growth, evident from gender, caste, religion, agnostic programs, and discourses for all stakeholders. The presence of equitable academic ambience, nonexploitative administrative procedures, and absolute alignment with the statutory norms are the key values defining TSEC. It is committed to nation-building, which is integral to the professional educational process.

Dr G. T. Thampi: Man of the Institution

Dr G. T. Thampi, Principal of the college, remains focused on furthering the cause of professional education by perpetually scanning the technology marketplace. He is successful in modifying the collective consciousness of the Institute and in channelizing juvenile impatience constructively to develop market-driven competency building and create the spectacular.

He is instrumental in creating the culture of coding and successfully integrated hackathons as the single most important flagship co-curricular activities in the Institute.

His everyday discourses are known to impress the stakeholders to develop a sense of ownership of the processes, which subsequently catapult learners into the orbit of excellence.

Engagement: Students Fair Extracurricular Activities

The institution encourages students’ participation in intercollegiate, intra-college arts, and sports festivals; not only this, but it also conducts and participates in hackathons.

The institution also organizes social outreach programs via student bodies like Unnat Bharat Abhiyaan, Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat, and NSS. Along with this, green movements and tree plantations are also encouraged.

IETE, Computer Society of India, and other similar student activities are also conducted in the institution.

Co-curricular Activities

TSEC introduces interesting co-curricular activities along with extracurricular activities like mobile application development and programs for hands-on training in nascent technologies as a competency-building exercise.

The institution makes sure that the mentors of students and the student council are instrumental in marketing the events and resulting in maximum participation among pupils.

Little More of Effort

The institution judiciously and profitably uses ‘Mini Projects’ every semester. These projects are part of the curriculum to initiate learners to get exposure to various tools, mainly open-source software, for solving idealized real-time problems. This results in learning new skills and capabilities in relation to what they study in functional areas.

Preparing for Future Battles

TSEC has successfully created a centre of excellence in the majority of the departments. We have a well-designed pedagogy to help learners develop conceptual clarity and problem-solving strategies. The initiative to nudge the pupil to interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary research programs and collaborative project work has been an enterprising step by TSEC. It has also successfully provided limited international placements and internship opportunities.

Flames of Fame

The National Board of Accreditation has accredited the Institute for all eligible branches of study since 2016. Currently, it is undergoing accreditation by NAAC.

The institution has also been able to keep a consistent NIRF ranking and has remained high in the print media ranking. It has received an award for promoting internship programs predominantly, along with-it multiple awards won by teams of students in National level Hackathons.

Visualizing the Future

TSEC insinuates the strong engagement of learners with an aim to evolve as human capital. Coding competencies in the institution are the least common factor and, over and above, help them develop a template for self-learning of nascent technologies. Along with this transcending the teaching-learning paradigm is practised, promoting the learning paradigm.

The institution impresses upon the learners about wealth creation and value creation for themselves and for society at large. TSEC wants to ensure helping learners to develop a high level of empathy through social outreach programs. With national building at the core of the professional program, the Institute aims to transcend to become a research-heavy institute to offer “Total Solution” to society at large.

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