Jonathan Breton: Wisdom that Transcends Trust and Impact
Jonathan Breton
Jonathan Breton

  Great orators have the ability to captivate audiences, convey powerful messages, and empower positive changes. These personalities connect with the people, initiate movements, and shape new ideas. Orators who inspire positive transformations often present a compelling vision for the future. They exhibit a clear and optimistic picture of the world they envision, motivating people and establishments to work towards a shared goal.

Their captivating vision serves as a powerful catalyst for positive change, fostering hope and determination. The zeal to work for society drives them to craft a growth environment for organizations and individuals that lead to a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

Jonathan Breton, Global Director of BSI (British Standards Institution), is one such individual who has the ability to captivate, motivate, and inspire people towards positive transformations and has been significantly impacting society with his innovative thinking. He has over 15 years of experience in leading Sales, Marketing and business development strategies for his clients in various industries.

He remains committed to developing a positive influence by establishing trust through the exchange of ideas and global collaboration with clients. His approach involves implementing a digitally connected, safe and sustainable built environment through trust to contribute to a future-ready sector.

As a public speaker, he uses his subject matter expertise and vision for change management to find solutions to some of society’s most pressing issues. This includes driving digital transformation, accelerating progress on sustainability, ensuring clients’ health, safety, and well-being during the whole life cycle of construction projects.

Making the World a Better Place

Under Jonathan’s stewardship, BSI works closely with its clients and stakeholders, developing trust and accelerating progress towards a fair society and a sustainable future. BSI promotes confidence in organizations by demonstrating new perspectives on solving substantial issues with effective solutions.

The organization aims to improve business, protect consumers, work with governments, and reinvest the profits to benefit society. This attracts other organizations and experts to work with BSI to pursue the greater good.

It expanded boldly with global recognition, ensuring trust and confidence in businesses and communities on six continents. At BSI, employees have incredible capabilities and expertise. They take great pride in the organization’s purpose-led work. Jonathan helps organizations achieve their goals and grow sustainably while balancing the necessity for profit with the planet’s and people’s needs.

Sailing through the Challenges 

At times, challenges can lead to growth opportunities if approached with a perspective to learn and gain experience. Highlighting this aspect, BSI organizes and participates in events that invite industry professionals from diverse sectors.

Jonathan brings together leading thinkers, innovators, and practitioners in speaking events to discuss industry trends and collaborate to create best practice standards and regulatory frameworks.

Harnessing Effective Strategies 

Jonathan notes, “Unforeseen challenges are a natural part of public speaking, and how you respond to these moments can ultimately shape what the audience comes away thinking.”

Speakers can confidently navigate these moments with preparation and a calm demeanour. By embracing adaptability, maintaining composure, and keeping the audience engaged, speakers can effectively navigate unexpected situations during live speaking engagements.

Jonathan engages the audience during live events through various delivery modalities such as presentations, webinars, round table talks, and panel discussions. He recommends using tools like Slido to evaluate people’s knowledge using an interactive online quiz to spice up the presentation or to assess people’s learning entertainingly.

The Power of Transparency 

As an adept orator, Jonathan emphasizes the role of effective communication. He notes, “Clear, open, and empathetic communication creates an environment where people feel understood, valued, and motivated to perform at their best.”

It can foster trust, provide clarity and direction, enhance motivation, build strong relationships, encourage innovation, provide support, and facilitate personal and professional development.

“By prioritizing effective communication, leaders and individuals can create environments that inspire and empower others to achieve their full potential,” he adds.

Casting an Everlasting Impact on the Audience 

As a public speaker, Jonathan hopes to inspire, inform, and engage his audience in a meaningful way. Measuring success in his profession involves a combination of qualitative and quantitative indicators.

Gathering feedback from audience members via surveys, testimonials, and direct communication is an excellent approach to assessing the effectiveness of Jonathan’s presentations. Furthermore, tracking audience post-engagement conduct, including adopting the ideas expressed, making changes in their own lives or work based on the insights given, or reaching out for additional collaboration, can provide objective evidence of the impact of his presentations.

Assessing the long-term impact of Jonathan’s presentations on individuals and organizations, such as tracking changes in behaviour, performance improvements, or adopting new standards influenced by his message, is an essential measure of enduring impact.

Soliciting feedback from event organizers, corporate clients, or conference committees can provide insights into the effectiveness of his presentations in achieving their objectives, meeting audience expectations, and contributing to the event’s overall success.

Jonathan says, “Being recognized as a thought leader in the industry, receiving invitations for speaking engagements from prestigious organizations, and gaining visibility and influence within relevant professional communities can indicate the impact and resonance of my presentations.”

He believes monitoring audience reach, engagement metrics, and social media interactions related to his presentations can provide insights into the resonance and get of his message beyond the physical event, indicating a more significant impact on a larger audience.

By assessing these varied measures of impact and success, Jonathan can continually refine and enhance speaking engagements to maximize the value he aims to bring to audiences, organizations, and individuals.

Ultimately, the ability to inspire, inform, and engage, coupled with tangible evidence of positive influence and change, can be used to evaluate the impact of Jonathan’s work as a public speaker.

Advice for Aspiring Public Speakers

Jonathan has several pieces of advice for individuals aspiring to become public speakers that can help them develop and enhance their skills in this area.

Jonathan believes that to become an effective public speaker, one must first understand their reasons. Choosing themes or issues one is passionate about is important, as this will generate motivation and make the message more captivating and accurate to the audience. Connecting with purpose and emotion is essential for giving an impactful speech.

He considers practice as an essential tool for improving public speaking skills. One should grasp every opportunity to speak in public, whether in front of a small group of friends, at local events, or in professional settings.

He also advises knowing the audience. Before speaking to the audience, it is essential to take the time to understand their needs, concerns and challenges they may face. This understanding will help the speakers narrate content that resonates with their audience’s needs and interests.

Jonathan believes in providing captivating content. Speakers should carefully craft their messages to ensure they are attractive, educational, and relevant to their audience. Whether sharing a personal story or expertise or delivering a motivating message, providing well-structured and valuable content to the audience is primary.

In his words, “Authenticity is key to connecting with your audience. Be genuine to yourself as you speak.” It is essential to embrace authenticity.

Public speaking can be nerve-wracking, but managing one’s nerves is crucial. Jonathan advises practicing relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing or visualization, to calm the nerves before speaking.

Individuals can develop the skills and confidence required to become successful public speakers by following these tips and staying dedicated to continuous improvement. Jonathan says, “Remember that becoming an effective public speaker is a journey that requires commitment, practice, and a genuine desire to connect with and inspire others through the power of speech.”

At BSI, Jonathan leverages a unique position to take on society’s biggest challenges. In 2024, he aims to influence international thinking and action on important issues so BSI can deliver long-term benefits for people.

Jonathan wants to be an agent for positive change and partner with stakeholders to co-create solutions to global challenges like the climate crisis and how AI will be used. These are two areas where Jonathan would like to personally invest and enhance his knowledge eventually.

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