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The school works towards promoting the concept of Ohana while creating awareness among the students about the world abroad and the importance of connections with people as well as themselves.

In 1999, Joy of the World was established as an English school and came into existence two years later when it opened its first school as a multi-age daycare center. The founder Mr. Jerry Hanus is the individual who decided to bring out this venture and ensured that the pace was set towards a rich learning environment. He made sure that when the surrounding required an international preschool, he delivered. It is also an added advantage that Joy of the World is located in the safest neighborhood in Tokyo alongside two beautiful parks. It is known to be a staple in the community as a trusted institution for young learners.

Academic Provisions

Joy to the World is a school that believes in giving its students equal treatment and ensures a diverse environment for it. They accept students who belong from various parts of the world such as America, England, China, France, Italy, India, Australia, Korea, Hawaii, Canada and Japan. There are morning and afternoon programs to provide a fun, creative, immersion English learning. Kids between the ages 1.5 to 6 years are provided classes in various timings from 9:20 – 2:00 and these include special classes such as Joy Tots Class (1.5-2), Pre K (2-3), K1 (3-4), K2 (4-5) and K3 (5-6). The faculty is well trained in early age learning and along with having multiple years of experience in various fields of education. They also belong to diverse backgrounds so that the students are able to relate to in the classroom which in turn makes them feel like they’re home. The staff is also adept at attending and speaking various conferences in Japan and all around the world in an attempt to broaden and improve the overall curriculum.

The institute also offers cooking classes which can be opted for as electives and ensures that the students develop an interest towards culinary skills as well as build an early relationship towards good food. Japanese classes are also conducted to help academic skills flourish with Japanese being the medium through which the curriculum is taught. Joy also provides afternoon programs which contain the Afterschool Kindergarten for ages 3 to 6 and Afterschool Elementary Classes. The kindergarten program focuses on building phonics and critical thinking but keeping in mind a welcoming and looser approach that the children will be able to adapt and focus on more.  The elementary program also offers the same but works on building up the academic skills of the older learners along with reading in the lowest level class. The institute also offers special programs all year round such as the winter, spring and Summer Fun Programs as well as the Hawaii Summer Program. This is where they implement crafts, games and songs into the English learning process. The Hawaii Summer program specifically is offered to the families who are on vacation in Honolulu with the aim to spread the spirit of ‘Ohana’. They are taken on a tour of the island and can participate in various fun activities while taking in the beauty and culture of Hawaii.

An Effective Teaching Methodology

The institute mainly focuses on promoting learning and development by involving the students in creative activities which help in building up their fundamental skills especially critical thinking. Multiple set of guidelines along with some goals and activities make up the core curriculum of Joy to the World which covers all the aspects of learning. The teaching methodology has been developed according to the directives of the NAEYC and also the strategies listed by Oxford University.

Behind the Brilliant Structure of Joy

Jerry Hanus is an individual who has always been fueled by his vision and determination. He belongs to Honolulu, Hawaii and credits his qualification to the University Of Hawaii. His immense interest and passion towards the field of business has helped in fueling the progression and expansion of the school. He also puts in constant stream of effort to make sure that the school curriculum is designed to be original along with the materials. Hanus is also well experiences with childhood development and curriculum development.

An Overview of Career Opportunites

Joy to the World, works on inspiring the new generation of students towards education by creating new and innovative programs. The students also are known to go beyond expectations of various other elementary schools they apply to and also find themselves being accepted to any school of their choosing.  It enlightens them about the world and its realities upon graduating while inspiring them learn better. Upon graduating, every student gains immense confidence and love for themselves which is a result of the completely amiable nature which also encourages them to prepare for their future ambitions.

Words of Trust

The Alumni of Joy to the World even after graduating are treated with immense respect and the ones who have completed junior high school are allowed to return to assist with the special programs. The alumni constantly continue to express their appreciation while reminiscing about their fond memories at the institute. Students have gone on to express how the school has been a significant influence on how much they have improved personally as well as educationally.

Nana Ichiose states – “I remember having a great time dancing and singing with my friends and teachers. I remember practicing and practicing again and again. I was excited to show my parents the performance every time. I used my English skills that I learned from Joy to the World and moved to Hong Kong when I was 6. I have seen that most of the kids in Joy to the World are very bright and outgoing. I have seen a lot of changes since I graduated from Joy to the World.  I have seen that most of the kids in Joy to the World are very bright and outgoing. I have seen a lot of changes since I graduated from Joy to the World. But I’ve seen some memories that have been here since I was there. I am really glad that I was able to spend time at Joy to the World.  Thank you, Jerry, for this opportunity.”

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