Karnataka & British Council Join Forces for Education Excellence!

Karnataka Achieves New Milestone in Higher Education: Joins Hands with British Council for Faculty Development! 

In a courageous effort to revolutionise the education industry, the government of Karnataka has established a partnership with the esteemed British Council to ensure their students benefit from the best higher education opportunities. This unrivalled organisation is renowned for pioneering faculty development and broadening higher education prospects. 

On Tuesday, the Karnataka State Higher Education Council (KSHEC) and the British Council signed an Operational Alliance Agreement (OAA) intending to realise progressive and beneficial outcomes in higher education. 

Unlocking New Opportunities: Launch of Further Higher Education Partnerships 

Prof Gopalkrishna Joshi, Executive Director, and Janaka Pushpanathan, Director of South India of the British Council, signed an agreement in the presence of Karnataka Higher Education Minister, CN Ashwath Narayan. This agreement will provide seed funding for capacity building, faculty development, and the launch of the ‘Furthering Higher Education Partnerships – UK and Karnataka’ program, in consultation with the Karnataka State Higher Education Council (KSHEC). This agreement has the potential to provide new opportunities for students and educators alike, fostering increased collaboration and promoting successful outcomes in higher education. 

In accordance with the official statement, capacity building for faculty will involve collaborative research on the topics of Net Carbon Zero Hub, the impact of the KC Valley Project in Kolar and Chikkaballapur districts, and the design of antimicrobial biomolecules composite-loaded electrospun dressings for diabetic skin ulcers. 

Janaka Pushpanathan of the British Council stated that the higher education faculty and staff would be equipped with the necessary skills, resources, and methodologies to ensure the delivery of high-quality education. It was further noted that out of the total Rs 90 lakh set aside under the agreement, the British Council would contribute Rs 60 lakh and each university would be required to fund Rs 10 Lakh. 


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