Kavitta Mehtta: Providing Wings to Aspiring Students Looking for Glocal Education Opportunities
Kavita Mehtta

The thought of pursuing education in foreign countries excites not only the students but also their parents.

However, more than this is needed to get admission to foreign countries, one should know about the country, university and many other factors. In the fast-pacing world, one has to face massive competition in every field and to stand out of the lane; one has to cater skills and knowledge that assist many career opportunities.

While probing the thought of getting higher education in whichever country, the parents and students require someone experienced who can guide them throughout the process and helps them to get their desired goal.

Moreover, an educational consultant plays a vital role in assisting and helping the aspirants to get a clear vision of their desired future; along with this, they make the whole admission process hassle-free for students and their parents.

Students who want to pursue their education overseas are in dire need of consultants as it is not easy to get admission in foreign countries.

To ease the process, the consultants evaluate the student’s academic performance, their interested fields, country and budget; accordingly, they suggest suitable courses; also, the consultants help the students and parents in the whole admission process in foreign countries.

Similarly, Kavitta Mehtta, the Founder and CEO of 3RDiConsulting, provides expert counselling and guidance to help students make the right choice of education and career. She has completed her dual master’s degree in two countries: India and UK in Business and Strategy.

She also studied in abroad and knew the challenges one has to go through in the whole process. Since then, she decided to help other students suffering while choosing their higher educational streams and applying for foreign education. She also aids the students in the decision-making, the application process, and the Visa process.

In an indulging interaction with The Knowledge Review, Kavitta Mehtta shared the beginning tale of her consulting firm, 3RDiConsulting. She also mentioned her firm’s future endeavours.

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The Beginning Tale

3RDiConsulting is an education consulting company which offers knowledgeable advice and counselling to students to assist them in selecting the correct course of study and career. The organization’s single-minded goal is to help students find the best institutions so they may create a bright future for themselves. Students are given trustworthy, expert counsel and instructional materials to help them develop their careers.

Kavitta Mehtta is an empathic person who works as a social entrepreneur. After completing her academic education in business and strategy. She did her master’s degrees in UK and India, respectively. She has been employed since 2011 in education field, advising numerous students on their academic and professional paths.

Boutique counselling sets the company apart. It enables students to identify the most significant match for their academic profile, financial situation, preferred country and location, career goals, and future aspirations to study abroad or in India.

The Founder, Miss Kavitta Mehtta, has substantial expertise and has counselled many parents and children regarding their choices to apply to High School, Bachelor, Master, MBA, and PhD programmes in the past years. The firm is pleased to announce that many of its students have been admitted to top universities worldwide.

Emerging Need for International Education

With the immense and rapid technological development, the companies are representing themselves globally and raising their business standards; the firms look for pupils who have studied from abroad universities.

As per QS Global Employer Survey Report, six out of ten employers around the world emphasize more on international students’ experience, and more than 80 per cent of employers said that they seek graduates with foreign degrees because of their enthusiasm towards exploring innovative ways and the confidence to resolve the challenges helps them to achieve their desired goals.

While stating further, Kavitta says, “Having studied abroad myself, I have experienced the troubles that a student faces in making these decisions. When we are looking to study abroad or make a career decision that will affect our entire life, we want to be sure that the person is reliable and trustworthy. While going through the process, I realized it was just a business model for many counsellors without having the student interest at heart. Having faced this myself, I was determined to help others and make sure they could depend on making their choices in amalgamation with my opinions. Many people might believe that we are in the business of exporting talent to other countries, but in reality, I am working to make our young people globally competitive.”

3RDiConsulting: Igniting the Light in Education Space

As Nelson Mandela says, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”

3RDiConsulting aims to educate the youth and make Indian students globally competitive. The ultimate goal is to thrust the importance of education into every individual mind and make them realize the importance of this investment. Thus, helping them make the right choices and encouraging them to study creates a sustainable planet.

Studying abroad indeed doubles the learning; thus, it is not surprising that businesses are looking for candidates with international experience. For Indian students, however, it has always been challenging to identify a reputable education consultant due to the oversaturation of small, medium, and large businesses in the country’s study-abroad consulting market. Kavitta has won many hearts and made many people’s dreams come true by providing pupils with a personal touch that goes beyond the boundaries of the workplace.

Catalyzing Motivation

The best counselling involves more than just aptitude tests, profiles, and scores; it also involves a deep discussion of goals, talents, and hobbies. Knowing this, Kavitta always takes a mentoring approach, which has assisted thousands of young people in the workplace and students in achieving their potential.

While stating further, Kavitta mentions, “Being student-oriented, the ultimate goal since the start has been to put their needs first. It is my dream to build next-generation world leaders and innovators.”

Words of Wisdom

While advising the future generation, Kavitta asserts, “The shift toward skillbased hiring in the corporate sector demonstrates that other factors will be used to evaluate an individual’s aptitude besides diplomas. Our educational system could use some reform, but that does not mean we should stop learning; on the contrary, attentive learning is crucial.

Some tips for the youth of today

  • Collaborate and Discover.
  • Communicate to learn.
  • Be courageous.
  • Trust yourself to trust others.”

Envisaging the Future

While sharing her vision, Kavitta states, “In the near future, we aim to develop an App for the convenience of the students and enhance their experience. We are also establishing a YouTube channel, which will be informative and rich in content, helping students with various issues or queries.”

She adds, “We are also tech savvy and ensure the team is always connected and available for connecting on all social media platforms. Furthermore, I personally attend the calls of all my students and provide online counselling via Skype and other tech platforms.”

“We work closely with multiple organizations that can be advantageous to students. Beyond individual counselling, I have indulged myself in seminars at schools and colleges, too,” concluded Kavitta.

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