Dr Yethindra Vityala: Fostering Ingenious Learning in Youths
Dr Yethindra Vityala

Medical science has changed the perspective of people in the world!

These advancements in the medical field have helped and saved humanity from the cruelty of nature and human actions. And the world has witnessed that during their importance during uncertainties, where doctors, with the help of science, have performed miracles to overcome these.

Also, during the recent COVID-19 Pandemic, which the world has suffered for two years and still recovering from its adversities, it was doctors all across the world persistently serving humanity and fighting against the deadly virus by putting their lives at stake.

Moreover, medical scientists continuously researched and invented a vaccine to stop the virus’s adverse effects by improving people’s immunity and helping them fight against the virus. Evidently, numerous other deadly and harmful diseases are available in the world, and saving from those diseases, scientists played a significant role in the healthcare industry.

One heading leading the advancements in the field of healthcare is Dr Yethindra Vityala, the world’s youngest scientist in medicine, and being a passionate scientist, he has conducted various research in the healthcare sector. Apart from research, he has also authored two books; in 2018, ‘Essentials of Hematology: Inside Hematology’, published in three different languages, i.e., English, Hindi, and Russian.

Other than that, his second book, ‘The Historical Development of the Heart, i.e., from its Formation…’, published in 2019, was recognized worldwide and made a place for itself in the Guinness world record for the longest book title.

As an ingenious youth, he has completed 51 medical courses from reputable universities and published 40 research articles/papers in numerous reputed journals.

In the quest for Superiors of Indian Education, we, The Knowledge Review, crossed paths with Dr Yethindra Vityala, a Young Scientist and Doctor, and learned about his success story, achievements and future vision.

To learn detailed information about an eminent scientist and doctor, read ahead.

The Journey of the Magnanimous Scientist

Dr Vityala Yethindra is World’s Youngest Scientist in Medicine and a twelve-time world record holder. He has received national and international awards; he is also the author of two books. Moreover, he has published 40 research articles in reputable journals and completed 51 medical courses from reputed universities.

After clinching abandon of knowledge in the medical sector, he evolved a significant interest in the education space and obtained an opportunity to contribute to society by educating young minds, which is closely associated with people’s psychological and social development.

According to Dr Vityala, education space frequently assists with challenges and mental activity of humans. And it is essential to generate the critical spirit of the student by teaching them the various perspectives of thinking and observing things.

While mentioning the idea which inspired him to work in the education sector, Dr Vityala says, The biggest thing that motivated me to work in education space was the opportunity to mentor students, encourage the development of the students both academically and personally, and foster good attitudes.”

Igniting the fire of education among the lower income group and underprivileged children, Dr Vityala conducted the campaign ‘Power of your intelligent minds’ on poor and underprivileged students in India (Warangal, Hyderabad) and Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek), which reached more than two thousand students within two years (2016-2018). Moreover, the campaign has shown positive results, and children from rural areas have begun attending schools regularly.

In 2020 -2022, Dr Vityala ran a Yethindia COVID-19 Awareness Campaign (the world’s first QR-code-based awareness campaign) where he successfully notified 1918 students from 15 government schools of Warangal (Telangana) about the social distancing.

The campaign provided accurate information to people; however, it also supported other campaigns like ‘Digital India’ and ‘Save Paper, Save Trees, Save Planet’. And this campaign also received appreciation from Rashtrapati Bhavan (President’s Secretariat), New Delhi and Shri Thawar Chand Gehlot, Hon’ble Governor of Karnataka.

Science- Paved the Way of Medicine

Science has never been the best subject of Dr Vityala. Still, with his challenging attitude, he opted for medicine in his college to prove that nothing is impossible and achieved tremendous success. Coping with various challenges, he stayed up exceptionally late studying and achieved distinction during graduation.

Constituting how science and medicine pilot success in his career, Dr Vityala asserts, “I always think to bring changes in things which are different, difficult and longed to do. I always believed in the five-word maxim, Never give up and quit. I have always embraced challenges, which are necessary for growth and a constructive outlook on self-correction.”

“My daily motivation comes from the timely completion of my work at the end of the day and from realizing that I have improved the lives of numerous patients and their families. I’ll never forget the joy in their expressions; seeing them improve makes me want to work more. Treating patients and glimpsing their happiness is the only reason I became a doctor and scientist,” said Dr Vityala.

Sliding down his gratitude, he asserts, “I had a vision of helping and empowering many more students of various ages and countries. I believe that ‘education does not change the world but changes the people who are going to change the world. This motivates me to conduct campaigns and contribute more to the education sector.”

Stop Being the Chess Piece; Become the Player!

There is a famous saying, “Excuses will always be there for you, but opportunities won’t.” Since childhood, we have all been listening that opportunities won’t come again and again; they come only once, and we have to grab them.

Similarly, when we were discussing the opportunities which Dr Vityala came across in the Indian education space, in response, Dr Vityala postulated, I always tried to attempt to do new and difficult things, such as completing 51 courses in nine days, authoring books, conducting research, working continuously in a lab, and running campaigns.”

While stating more about the opportunities, he says, “Right from the initial days of my work, I tried to grab and tried to take opportunities instead of waiting for them. During the COVID-19 situation, I reached more than 2800 students through conducting 184 webinars and meetings on various platforms like Skype and Zoom in different medical colleges in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh (India) and Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan); I also cleared all queries of students in their academic and medical research.”

“Furthermore, I helped 324 peers and 48 PhD students with academic and research methodology for free; I further helped them conduct research and acquire positive results in universities. This helped me to gain knowledge and motivate me to be a student forever and learn more from creative young minds during an interaction,” further constituted by Dr Vityala.

Dr Vityala’s Roaring Success

When we were discussing the thinking and initiatives of the Dr Vityala, he also mentioned the award and overall achievements of his life till now, and he notes,

  • “In 2018, I successfully passed 51 medical courses from top universities around the world and wrote ‘Essentials of Hematology: Inside Hematology’, which was published in English, Hindi, and Russian language which was acknowledged as a world record for the ‘youngest person to write a trilingual book’.
  • In 2019, I wrote ‘The Historical Development of the Heart, i.e., from its Formation…’ and received the Guinness World Record for the ‘longest title of a book’. And in the same year, I received six world records for my research activities as the world’s youngest scientist in medicine. I currently hold 12 world records.
  • As a researcher, I proved that fluoxetine and doxycycline inhibit SARS-CoV-2 replication in-vitro; evaluated the safety and efficacy of umifenovir, heparin, itolizumab, and rivaroxaban on COVID-19 patients; and achieved positive results.
  • I also assisted in developing remdesivir and constructed a VYTR hypothesis on remdesivir in inhibiting SARS-CoV-2 in vitro.
  • I was the first to discover, report, and publish new and rare case reports on diseases such as frontal-lobe epilepsy, neurofibromatosis, and ischemic stroke.
  • I represented India at 15 international conferences, delivered presentations, and won eight awards.
  • I conducted 54 research studies and published 42 articles in top peer-reviewed journals.”

Clenching Conviction and View

When we asked Dr Vityala about his opinion and thoughts on the Indian education system and its changing landscape, he stated, “The Indian education system is complex, where every city/state has its own independent state education board/university governing body along with other local authorities responsible for regulating schools.”

“Even though there are a lot of positive changes performed policy-wise in the existing education, but the ground reality and application of change has been considered long-term results and sustainability, which includes concept-based education model in science subjects along with hands-on experience. And provides higher scope in research instead of emphasizing rote learning. Indian educational system provides students only theoretical knowledge, but it is crucial to imply theoretical knowledge into practice. As said, theory without practice is blind, just as practice without theory is sterile,” concluded Dr Vityala.

Words of Wisdom

While advising future medical students, Dr Vityala asserts, Begin to think for yourself. Do not just rely on advice from others but rely on your rational analysis of observed realities to draw your inferences. Even so, this is merely a suggestion or input rather than advice.”

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