Keerthi Purnima: A Torchbearer of Future Women Leaders
Keerthi Purnima
Keerthi Purnima is the influential leader who addresses the problem in her region Telangana, that there is a lack of awareness about music, dance, painting, and literature education.

What a miraculous time has arrived! A time when women are indigenous yet powerful to face any challenges that stop them from becoming successful leaders.

Every woman is born with leadership qualities, yet they never realize their innate skills and sometimes hides their abilities because sometimes they get punished for being powerful women in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

However, the women of today’s era are able enough to claim their powers, and in just a few generations, women stand equal to men.

While trailblazing women’s power, Amy Tenney says, “The World needs strong women. Women who will lift and build others, who will love and be loved, women who live bravely, both tender and fierce, women of indomitable will.”

Presently, women are strong and lifting others through organizing groups and addressing the issues. Similarly, among the other powerful women, Keerthi Purnima is the influential leader who addresses the problem in her region Telangana, that there is a lack of awareness about music, dance, painting, and literature education.

Thus, she started teaching music, dance, and painting at 23. During her second year post-graduation, she started a YouTube Channel called ‘Little Star and Surepalli Ramulamma’; she emphasizes children through this channel.

Apart from this, she has a keen interest in literature and writes poems, articles, and stories. Some of her stories are published in anthologies and edited by renowned writers of Telangana.

While searching for The Powerful Women Leaders in Indian Education 2022, we encounter Keerthi Purnima to know her contribution to the Indian education space.

Let’s dive into knowing insightful information about trailblazing women leader Keerthi Purnima.

A Zestful Spirited Woman

Keerthi Purnima has loved literature and related services since her childhood. Still, due to some adversities in her region, she didn’t get proper guidance and facilities in the literature field, yet she decided to move forward and clinched the opportunities.

Keerthi’s zeal for literature drove her to choose a Nobel profession teaching. Since childhood, she learned that humans are blessed with a brain where they can store abandoned knowledge and that knowing all the art requires huge potential and talent. However, she keeps on learning and teaching all the art forms like dancing, music, painting, and many other skills.

She has completed her education in B.Ed., M.A in Telugu language. In her second year, she analyzed the need for this art education in her region, yet she decided to provide education in these fun arts to students.

Encouraging Artistic Skills

Apart from teaching, she is a YouTuber and beautician; she also likes painting and crafting. All these arts keep encouraging her to learn and indulge in various skills in herself. When we discussed encouragement, Keerthi asserts, “Encouragement can be given to those who want to learn at any cost and introduce their talent to the world. It should be given to those who think about achieving success in life.”

“Very few teachers want to learn various artistic skills in their careers. And those with innate unique talents could not present them in the world. Because of this, many talents prevail hidden; due to a lack of understanding, students and teachers couldn’t explore their innate skills. Education helps people to know their hidden talents and look for opportunities to upscale and encourage themselves to work hard to enhance their skills,” she further adds.

Making Education Accessible

She has always been enthusiastic and wanted to help as many people as possible. When she thought about educating people across the country; there, she came across an idea and started a YouTube channel and taught by making videos on various topics.

Without charging any fees, she encourages her viewers and everyone. Keerthi also organizes several competitions, so students can participate online and show their talents to the world.

Keerthi has two YouTube channels, and the primary aim of these channels is to encourage people to participate in competitions. The channel caters to worldwide children, ‘Little Stars,’ and the other is ‘Surepalli Ramulamma,’ which is associated with the Women Welfare Charitable Trust. As the children are the citizens of tomorrow and Women play an important role, if they are educated can bring their children a competitive spirit.

A Good Intension Requires the Support of a Good Action!

Keerthi emphasizes hiring excellent teachers in music, dance, painting, crafting, and fashion designing and can teach students for free and make it accessible all across the country. The motive behind this channel is to provide accurate information through social media, as it is the fastest way to spread awareness and information rather than a newspaper.

Apart from making videos, she writes articles and poems and is placed in a popular magazine, ‘Bala Parmalam,’ for running a summer resort for children. Keerthi also wrote prizewinning stories that were published in anthologies.

Awards are like Applause!

  • She received a cash prize of One thousand rupees in the Momspresso competition for writing the best story, ‘Atta Oka Nati Kodale.’ Also, she won five hundred rupees for creating an excellent vlog for their app.
  • She received an encouragement gift for the ‘Darpanam’ drama, which was included in the M.S.R. story collection in 2020.
  • She also wrote a story called Stri Svecha (nannies), which Dr Pellakuru Jayaprada later edited in 2021.
  • Besides, she wrote ‘Shikhandi Story’ for it; she won her second cash prize, i.e., two thousand rupees. And later, in 2022, the story was modified in the Katha Logili anthology under the editorship of Dr Vairagyam Prabhakar.
  • Apart from these gifts, Keerthi won first prize in an essay writing competition organized by TUTF 2014 in the Adilabad district.
  • She also received the second prize of two thousand rupees in Karimnagar’s state-level consumer law painting competition in 2015. The same year, she won another one thousand rupees as the first prize in an essay writing competition on the same topic.
  • In World Telugu Cultural Fest 2021, Keerthi was listed in the top ten candidates.
  • IIFL and Story Mirror organized a poetry competition in 2020, where she won first prize for her story. In 2021, she received the award in the first story category in another competition organized by the same organizations.
  • In 2021, she also received a special prize in ‘Akhil Bhartiya Sahitya Parishad’s’ poetry competition.

Since the second year of her post-graduation till now, she has won up to twenty prizes in various competitions at the school and college levels; at that time, she used to write articles and interviews in some newspapers.

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