Mansi Thakkar: A Woman of Substance
Mansi Thakkar
Ms. Mansi Thakkar is the Director of WindPlus Pvt. Ltd. She is a capable and honorable woman who thinks about leadership development. Read for more information.

“If I hadn’t had mentors, I wouldn’t be here today. I’m a product of great mentoring and great coaching. Coaches or mentors are very important. They could be anyone—your husband, other family members, or your boss.” -Indra Nooyi.

Ms Mansi admires Indra Nooyi when it comes to women in leadership positions. Mansi has had the great fortune to come across the ideal mentors who have helped her career take off.

To implement these teachings, one must be able to analyze and comprehend them, which can only be done through education. Because education provides people with perspective, diligence, and awareness of other points of view, it is a fundamental human right.

Despite the fact that people are aware of how powerful education is, some parts of the world haven’t yet seen its light. Several pioneers have emerged in an effort to address everyone’s needs and inform the world about them.

Director of WindPlus Pvt. Ltd., Ms Mansi Thakkar, is one such industry pioneer. She is a capable and honorable woman who thinks leadership development and education can empower people everywhere. Young and successful in her job, she has established herself as a capable leader and citizen of the globe.

Saga Story: Ms Mansi Thakkar

Ms Thakkar holds a diploma from Shah and Anchor Polytechnic College. She received her BE.IT degree from Pillai College of Engineering in New Panvel, University of Mumbai. As a result of her interest in enhancing people’s personal growth through motivational speaking, she upskilled, took public speaking, and trained the trainer courses in 2010 and 2011.

In addition, she continued to conduct training sessions. This enabled her to advance in her information technology career at Pillai College of Engineering.

“A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability in you than you see in yourself and helps bring it out of you.” – Bob Proctor

She perceives meeting her mentor to be one of the most significant events in her life. Dr Radhakrishnan Pillai, India’s No. 1 business author, met Ms Thakkar. Dr Radhakrishnan Pillai mentored her during her postgraduate academic career, guiding her on the path to becoming a leadership coach and working for youth and women’s leadership development.

She earned her MA in Leadership Science from the Chanakya International Institute of Leadership Studies, University of Mumbai, thanks to his invaluable guidance.

Ms Thakkar was invited to guide, direct, and disseminate knowledge to members of leading educational institutions, pioneering industries, the community through development programmes, the youth through skill development programmes, service organizations, start-ups, and much more, using all of her learning skills, practical experience, and expertise.

Past and Future Stepping Stones

Her ambition is to cultivate one million female and young leaders in India, where she was born, with this mission at the forefront. Integrity, passion, humanism, devotion, and consistency are a few key characteristics that Ms Thakkar possesses as a person who is aware of and understands the significance of values. These values will help her on her future journey.

Personalized Education

According to Ms Thakkar, personalization imparts knowledge and improves people’s skills so they can sharpen their viewpoints in new dimensions. She sets goals for herself and pursues them relentlessly in order to benefit her clients. In order to craft and hone her delivery and effectively reach and guide the learning community, she has made an effort to understand the psychology of its members.

She delivers in several languages, taking into account audience members’ needs, carefully selecting the time slot, and committing to her audience, regardless of size, because she is aware of the linguistic hurdles. She states her wish to be accessible for upskilling programmes that are extremely innovative and given in a customized way, even on weekends.

Challenging the Challenges

Failures and difficulties have both been components of success, and Ms Thakkar explained both from a very personal perspective. It was difficult to learn new initiatives after failing in her two years of engineering. But throughout those two years, she underwent training, developing a more resilient attitude.

As she continued her impressive educational journey, this two-year adventure also helped her realize the significance of education, the need for upskilling, and the necessity of integrating strong principles like continuous learning into the educational system.

Exposing the Potential to the World

Windplus has adhered to 33% of women’s employment reservations ever since it was founded. Many wind energy businesses have received the seven business leadership pillars of Chanakya from Windplus.

Mansi Thakkar makes sure that aspiring youth entrepreneurs are trained in leadership development and family-run businesses through keynote speeches, entrepreneurship conferences, content creation for social media, and personal coaching, while at Windplus, training is delivered on wind energy, technical training, leadership development, business psychology, and personal growth to prepare the youth, working professionals, and wind energy entrepreneurs for global exposure and the enhancement of their industries.

The Driving Force

Ms Thakkar is a passionate youth speaker who inspires and encourages young people to become extraordinary leaders. She is now capable of progressing because she understands the importance of investing in her own training and finding the right mentors to help her reach her maximum capabilities. She loves learning new things, which provides her with a unique perspective on how to continually relearn, unlearn, and learn new things.

She quotes herself: “I have been blessed with many mentors who have redirected my path into a transformative journey.”

The Engagement with Students

In order to encourage students’ personal development, several highly interactive free training sessions are being held in colleges.

Furthermore, paid online and offline programmes are run simultaneously. She has conducted various online training and coaching sessions, and she intends to offer self-paced, prerecorded courses in the future. Currently, her content creation on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook is adding value and inspiring many aspiring leaders.

Departed Wisdom

Ms Thakkar advises all students around the world to keep learning, always be humble, find the right mentors, become a role model for others, don’t compromise on integrity, build your character, and push humanity forward.’

Awards and Achievements

Ms Thakkar, a well-known leader in Indian education, has received numerous honors and awards. She was interviewed as a youth speaker by Fever 104 FM and has trained over 3 lakh youth and women across India in 9 years. She received the ‘National Awards Businessmint’ 30 under 30 inspiring entrepreneurs award in the leadership training category, as well as the ‘Grand Queens Global Leadership Award 2022’ for education and training.

She has received over 100 speaking awards and has been featured in several prominent Indian newspapers. Dr Karunamoorthy designated her for the Windplus Pvt. Ltd. Board of Directors. He believes Ms Mansi is a woman of substance who can add a lot of value. She was selected to be a content creator at Bigbrainco. She is currently the podcast host of Chanakya Unscripted With Dr Radhakrishnan Pillai.

Planning the Future Steps

Ms Mansi is currently working on the Windplus LinkedIn page, Dr Karunamoorthy’s personal branding, and the future Windplus YouTube channel to share wind energy wisdom and experience while also providing leadership development for aspiring professionals.

She intends to launch her personal branded YouTube channel, Mansi Thakkar, in the near future, which will feature podcasts with masterminds and informative videos on Personal Growth, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and other topics.

“It will include mastermind podcasts, keynotes on digital leadership and business psychology, leadership book reviews, and research-based learnings on leadership, personal growth, and entrepreneurship,” she says. I aspire to publish my book on leadership and personal development for aspiring youth leaders in 2023.

“I want to serve society and share authentic knowledge in a variety of ways,” she continues.

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