Kids Academy Company: Crafting a Joyous Structured Learning Process with Technology
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A gift of a lovely newborn child is precious to every parent. The joyous event is etched throughout life with memories framed in albums or on walls. And to assist them in their growing years, parents take care of everything – from providing basic necessities to presenting small luxuries of desired toys. While the play and fun continue, the need to guide their children rightly in their early years is heartfelt. And here is where the story of early schooling education unfolds, whose complex goal is to instil values and basics of core subjects in a method that does not wipe out the play and fun.

Working to reach this goal and distribute its benefit to the global audience is Kids Academy Company, an online children’s learning platform that is strongly driven by the idea that ‘Kids know best how to learn.’ It has combined its ideas and perceptions towards creative learning methods, aligned with the government’s structured learning approach, in its one-stop preschool solution and flagship product – the Talented and Gifted app.

The app integrates an interdisciplinary approach with exciting puzzles and games to ensure a step-by-step learning process for its students. Keeping in mind the data that suggests the maximum concentration span of a child of about 25 minutes only, it has come with various games like – Dress Up Eddie, strategies and tips to play Chess, innovations like Eblox construction set to teach science with a hands-on-experience and more to keep them motivated throughout.

Apart from this, the company’s comprehensive exercise tools to acquire and practice skill sets that cover all the core topics and subjects of preschool and elementary school are a perfect way to lay the foundations for a child’s world exploration.

With Eddie the Elephant as its Learning Happiness Manager, the company has moved beyond international borders to cater to global education demands in a happy-go-lucky way. The ability to reach this far and provide access to quality access irrespective of the child’s location and social well-being is constantly supplemented by its diverse and goal-driven team, which is a hub of expert professionals from various fields.

Today, the app’s success and efficient functioning are only possible because of its team taking all aspects of learning materials development very seriously – from concept development to task and text creation, graphic and motion design, and software implementation.

Through this, it is leading a learning process that is streamlined, stress-free, and, most importantly, full of play and joy.

Let us dive in to find deeper insights into the innovative education solutions curated by Kids Academy Company!

Journey of Ideating the App

Kids Academy was founded in 2011 as a children’s learning platform inspired by the idea of putting the latest digital technology in the service of early childhood education. The KA team’s first unique project was an app with interactive worksheets that were checked and scored by AI using neural network learning.

Steadily KA started collaborating with outstanding education professionals to create high-quality worksheets on different topics. As years passed, the project grew and expanded to include the launch of a successful YouTube channel, a collection of educational videos for pre-school and elementary students. It also came up with an educational website full of diverse activities based on core school subjects.

At the same time, the company launched its flagship product – the Talented and Gifted app, thus uniting all its best solutions and educational materials in one comprehensive learning tool. It was only possible because of the professional and creative human resources that KA continues to have.

A Collective Team’s Mission

The founders of KA see early childhood as a crucial and precious time in a person’s life and development. Hence they navigate ahead with their mission of assisting young individuals in acquiring new skills and competencies that will benefit their future academic endeavours. It will also lead to a learning process that is streamlined, stress-free, and, most importantly, full of play and joy.

As the team keenly observes and is absolutely sure that children deserve the best of the best, therefore they take all aspects of learning materials development very seriously – from concept development to task and text creation, graphic and motion design, and, of course, software implementation.

In pursuance of achieving this goal, they are blessed with a team that is a collective of experienced and enthusiastic teachers, instructional and graphic designers, developers, editors, and project managers.

Innovating a Creative, Unique, but Structure-based Learning Process

KA’s team pursues its main goal with its learning software is to teach children in preschool and elementary school all the essential skills and knowledge as stipulated by the official US learning standards in a structured and comprehensive way.

The team delightedly shares, “We love incorporating an interdisciplinary approach in our learning materials since it has shown great results in improving the learning progress and building a more integral understanding of world processes in young minds.”

Interestingly, their app also allows students to work at a comfortable pace and to choose the subjects, and difficulty levels based on how challenging and interesting they find it to be.

Elaborating the app’s uniqueness further, the team says, “Our Talented & Gifted app features a set of all the key academic subjects taught in preschool and elementary school. All the curricula, be it Math, Social Studies, Language Arts or others, are carefully structured to provide a guided step-by-step learning journey.”

The video courses are complemented with diverse activities, including interactive worksheets, games, videos and quizzes for instruction, play, and assessment, with a lot of encouraging and supportive feedback.

As they possess a knack for creativity, they have also included a purely entertaining Dress Up Eddie game in the app to help young students stay motivated and take five whenever they feel like it.

Giving deeper insights, the team further shares, “Another unique feature we’re proud of is integrating our first grade Science course with the E-blox construction set, which helped to combine digital and physical components and allow students to master new scientific concepts through hands-on experience. And last but not least is our chess course for beginners that provides kids with a systematic guide to the game of Chess and offers a lot of exciting puzzles.”

A Guide, a Well-wisher, and a Happiness Supervisor – Eddie the Elephant

Eddie the Elephant is Kids Academy company’s Learning Happiness Manager. Eddie’s job is to keep a close eye on the whole team, reminding them that learn-to-play balance in a child’s product is the Sancta Sanctorum; that every task they incorporate in their learning products should be meaningful and engaging; and that laughter and happiness are the best conditions for a successful learning process.

Eddie also reaches kids through the Talented and Gifted app and some learning videos helping to guide little learners through the instructional process, introducing new concepts to them and making sure that they are thoroughly entertained.

Expanding Beyond Borders

Kids Academy’s educational resources are successfully used in the educational process both inside and outside its main target market – the US – including Pakistan, the Philippines, South Korea, Singapore and the Republic of South Africa.

The team informs, “We cooperate on it with our international partners who are interested in promoting English-language-based instruction within their local educational systems. This collaboration allows students from different countries access quality learning materials independent of their geographic location and economic well-being.”

Being the Push to a Student’s Future

Many opine that the present course of action answers the questions of tomorrow. In a pursuit to enable the future harbingers of innovations and development in their journey post-preschool, the KA team has devised various methods for this purpose. They prepare the future journey of their students by providing them with comprehensive exercise tools to acquire and practice skill sets covering all the core topics and subjects of preschool and elementary school.

Their sole aim in curating these strategies is based on their belief that suggests mastering such skills as number sense and algebraic thinking, logics, phonological awareness, reading and writing, as well as the understanding of natural processes and phenomena along with the ways of how society is organized lay a solid foundation for further learning and world exploration.

Accelerating its Growth Curve

Kids Academy is constantly expanding its educational platform, filling it with new projects and activities, including a parent’s blog, a Learning Resources project, and new videos and worksheets.

The team further informs, “We also keep reinventing our learning apps and working on creating new ones.”

As their partnership network is steadily growing, it is allowing quality digital educational technologies to reach every child based in every nook and corner of the world.

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