Kids Spot Nursery- Redefining Nursery Experience with utmost Dedication and Innovation
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Established in 2014, Kids Spot Nursery (KSN) is an institution dedicated towards transforming children into social, independent and confident individuals.

The school aims to redefine the nursery experience for children, offering more than just a “home away from home”, offering a boutique and family feel in a guided and nurturing environment

Established in 2014, Kids Spot Nursery (KSN) is an institution dedicated towards transforming children into social, independent and confident individuals. It is situated in a facility which was bought and restructured to resemble a purpose-built structure. The institution is the brain child of Nouhad Doughan and Rima Lakis who built a nursery in which, they would like their own children to study and grow. It has also been nominated by “Mother Baby and Child” as ‘Nursery of the year’ for 2019.

Excellent Infrastructure Ensuring Children’s Development      

The nursery has a big outdoor area that consists of a couple of big play structures as well as on-ground activities. It has an indoor play area that comprises of a playhouse that is climbed to end in a slide or a music room situated at the bottom. It also has a soft play area as well as a role play area. Nouhad, the Managing Director of Kids Spot states that the sole purpose of creating an outdoor play area is to provide children the opportunity to build and explore guided risk taking, as well as enjoy the outdoors as much as possible.

The nursery has five classrooms, each of which has a minidoor that the children have access to for independence and to feel that they are decision makers where they get to choose to walk into class. It follows the EYFS curriculum but adds its own touch of combinations of many programs. When Nouhad’s daughter was a toddler, she went on a search for the perfect nursery, but was not satisfied with the available options. She was looking for a boutique place, a place that is not an investment but a passion, a place where everyone knows everyone. She wanted an institution where when the parents walk in, not only the teacher but anyone else can easily provide them information about their child. Nouhad desired for an ideal place where at anytime she or anyone from management is reachable without an appointment. Today, she believes she has built a team who follows the same vision and have reached what she was aspiring for. KSN is not only a nursery, it is a child’s home, play area, growth space, their friends house, a place where the parents meet up and interact with each other and most of all a place of happiness.

Dedication towards Educational Upliftment

The prime focus of the institution is to form a personal trusting relationship with the wider community and the children who they care for and develop. It believes that the most important building block of any child is their early years. KSN aims to foster a healthy and happy attitude towards growth and development supporting the next steps in their education. The institute intends to prepare children to become social, independent individuals, and to help them explore and discover new concepts and ideas. It focuses on helping children recognize their values, ethics, and morals and to inspire them to embrace challenges and learn through experience and self-discovery. In order to shape the young individuals and preparing them for a bright future, the nursery implements play-based learning incorporating the child’s voice to attain their interest and curiosity in their own learning.

KSN has carefully chosen staff to ensure its vision and mission are constantly upheld and everyone works towards their common goal. The devoted and qualified staff of the nursery ensure the highest standards and best quality service by providing relative training, support, mentoring, and guidance as needed by the staff to ensure a happy health environment for everyone under its umbrella. Its developmental programs are always evolving to ensure it keeps the students’ well-being, safety, and development at the center of its focus to get them socially and emotionally confident for the rest of their educational journey.

The Erudite Frontrunners

The personality responsible for leading KSN towards the path of academic excellence are Nouhad Doughan, the Owner and Managing Director. She is leading the institution confidently through his dedicated and innovative endeavors. She further comments, “Every single person in the team has contributed to the success of the place, even if they no longer are there today. Most of all our success comes from our parents and the trust they give us with the most precious gift, their children”.

The Road to Glory

Towards its journey of nurturing the budding leaders of tomorrow, the institute has achieved numerous laurels. It has been renowned for dedication and hard work for providing children the best possible education and care. In the short span of 5 years, KSN has created quite a reputation and a proud moment for it is to be known for being such a nursery, does things differently.

The institute provides a personal touch and genuine interest in the children and families that walk through its doors. Through its innovative maneuvers, KSN has redefined the nursery  experience. The institute has opened a nursery in Lebanon and will soon open its second branch in Dubai. It offers high quality services to the children, staff, and the parents. It opts only for the best facilities and techniques to the students and serves the community surrounding them‒doing charity, involving parents and kids, and neighborhood. The institute has received an excellent rating (A) in health and safety where it also prides itself to be a clean and safe environment.

Walking the Extra Mile

The toddlers are the heart of the nursery and the team take additional efforts to create a learning interest among the students. It is of the opinion that a child that feels safe, loved and cared for will form a special loving bond with their teaching team and the result of that is that they learn in an efficient way. It adds, “Guided risk is a big part of who we are and  what we teach our toddlers. They can climb, they can swing, and they can fall. We will be there to pick them up and guide them to a better route. Our mini doors show give them independence and shows them that they have a choice. Our mini sinks help them learn how to do things on their own”.

Towards a Glorious Future

The institution has also made its presence felt in the arena of education with the establishment of Minimoon in Lebanon. KSN plans to open Kids Spot Nursery Al Barari in September 2019.  The Barari Branch will be as nature based as possible with an infrastructure that relays its vision.


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