Mosaic Nursery: Enlightening Children With a Holistic Approach
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Mosaic Nursery aims to educate children between 18 months to 4 years and is boasts of a philosophy that the development of a child is just like mosaic art.

The school believes in shaping young minds so they can pursue the highest levels of academic and professional excellence and become role models for their communities. 

The Jumeirah Lakes Towers hours an outlet for children’s growth and creativity known as the Mosaic Nursery. It aims to educate children between the ages 18 months to 4 years and is boasts of a philosophy that the development of a child is just like mosaic art. There are different bits and pieces of learning and understanding that need to be put together to create a unique individual. The children here are given an immense and quality start to their educative journey while giving recognition to the humans that they are. This pre-school welcomes children to an environment where knowledge is imparted through play and fun. Any child who passes out from Mosaic Nursery is future- ready, they are condiment, decision makers, problem solvers, creative and humanitarian with a lifelong love towards learning.

About the Adept Personality 

Meghna Bajaj is a dedicated individual who has constantly worked towards ensuring smooth functioning of the Nursery. She also works towards making sure that the right resources are implemented and operational aspects are in place. Her job also includes coordinating and maintaining conversations with the parents during the registration process, fee payments and documentations. She has worked with a lot of dedication to ensure that the Mosaic Promise is delivered with respect to child-directed education.

Providing leadership and inspiration to the team, Ivana Colic is responsible for managing the provision of the nursery ensuring that children, parents and the staff team work together to provide high quality childcare. She has been working in the Early years and is very passionate about her learning. She ensures that the curriculum is innovative and dynamic, policies and procedures are fully implemented and a safe and nurturing environment is maintained

A Framework of Knowledge 

Spanning across an entire floor of 10,000 square feet, Mosaic Nursery has 7 spacious classrooms and a large play area situated indoors. The classrooms are divided according to the different age groups and work towards meeting the various needs, abilities and developmental stages of the students. The classrooms are divided based on colors and age groups of the students which helps them build up their interest in various activities. They are also provided with high quality furniture that provides immense comfort. The nursery also consists of a gym that encourages the children to involve in physical activity as well. The area is baby-proofed and has plenty of rides and equipment to keep them occupied. The efforts build their gross motor skills, build their stamina while keeping them healthy. This also encourages conversations between children that can keep them engaged for hours.

Children in their playtime are prone to minor injuries and are also receptive to minor colds. The nursery has a clinic that helps keep the parents aware of their children’s health and engage in valuable conversations with the nurses. The DHA approved nurse possesses immense knowledge to analyze any emergency cases that may come up. They work towards calling the ambulance and providing the parents with sufficient information. Al the children are administered immediate medical care if and when required.

Academic Initiatives

The ages of 18 years to 4 years are a phase where children pick up most of their basic knowledge, which is why it needs to be done in a safe yet productive environment. The nursery ensures just this by nurturing the children towards a more confident future. It also encourages the building up of craftsmanship skills and bring in their decision making ability. Giving them ample playtime and getting them involved in various activities helps in their overall development and their psychology. Mosaic Nursery has for this very reason created a curriculum that ensures all these boxes are ticked off and the students find themselves flourishing. This is why it follows a Creative Curriculum – in line with the British Curriculum which creates a balance between every aspect of learning. The various areas of development such as language and social-emotional behavior aren’t sufficient enough to complete the child’s learning journey. In order to complete the mosaic picture,  the child’s growth has to be combined with other ares of growth as well. The curriculum hence works on building up to 10 areas of learning and development.

  • Social-Emotional Development – This involves teaching the students to identify and build on their own feelings while also learning how to express them efficiently. It also makes them aware of how to build close, supportive and trusting relationships with adults as well as peers. When children see the adults being responsive and participating actively, children start believing the importance of being expressive.
  • Physical Development – This includes the children’s gross motor and fine motor skills which requires immense practice in the initial days. The activities involve running, kicking, throwing, climbing and jumping. They also need to tune their fine motor skills such as manipulating, cutting threading and mark making.
  • Cognitive Development – A child’s ability to think and process these thoughts makes up their cognitive abilities. Every child’s mind functions in different ways and this aspect works on the way a child processes information, memorizes, classifies, solves problems and acquires language, literacy and mathematical concepts.

The curriculum also focuses on the various basic subjects required to continue their path of education such as:

  • Mathematics: This school believes that is important that that children gain first-hand exploration in mathematics. Hence, the curriculum designed by the school caters to this need and lays a foundation of mathematical concepts. Blending play with all its learning materials, through math, children learn essential life skills like problem solving, numeracy, and reasoning.
  • Science and Technology: Young children are always curious and born investigators, and Mosaic Nursery allows its students to wander their curiosity unleashed. As a result, the students learn to engage in the process of scientific thinking. They explore and experiment and gain deeper understanding about things around them, which further ignites them.
  • Social Studies:  The learning material of this subject helps students to be researchers, critical thinkers and even be an active member of the classroom community. Children are introduced about the society, and the world around. It is Mosaic Nursery’s mandate to make sure that their students are aware of the increasingly globalized world, traditions and cultures.
  • The Arts: At Mosaic Nursery, young children are encouraged to express their thoughts through visual arts such as music, dance and drama. This helps students in expressing verbally difficult emotions or thoughts. Also, through singing, dancing, drawing, moving, dramatizing, students make new discoveries and integrate what they have been learning.

English Language Acquisition: Children who are second language learners often face many challenging cognitive tasks, hence to help students learn two languages, in line with that the school has designed a creative curriculum. It helps students to fluently speak and understand the global language.

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