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A child’s path to success starts with their physical and emotional growth, nurtured by high-quality early education. Nurseries play a crucial role in shaping character and providing a strong educational foundation.

Nurseries also offer communal spaces where children develop empathy, sharing, and social skills, contributing to their well-rounded development. These Nurseries become the cornerstone of quality education, promoting academic and social growth. Early education’s impact on a child’s future underscores the importance of providing an impeccable start.

An exemplar of such education is Kids Spot Nursery. Established in 2013, it has earned a reputation for delivering superlative childcare and preschool education to children aged four months to 4 years. With a purpose-built environment, Kids Spot Nursery ensures a secure and enjoyable space for children to take their first steps toward self-independence. Kids Spot Nursery never forgets their roots but grows new branches to provide different communities with quality early education. 2021 saw the opening of Kids Spot Al Barari, and in 2024, a partnership between Kids Spot and ESE – Emirates School Establishment.

Tailoring the Learning Experiences

Kids Spot Nursery integrates and tailors the learning experience with a range of approaches to support the child’s holistic development through play-based learning. For some children, the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum may be the perfect approach; for others, the nursery may need to draw on other frameworks to best support their learning and development needs. Hence, EYFS is not the only curriculum the nursery follows; however, it does form the base of what they offer in terms of education.

KSN understands and values the uniqueness of every child, embracing a holistic approach to their education. Our dedicated nursery staff are committed to tailoring their approach to each child, recognizing that every individual is distinct.

Through continuous assessment, we closely monitor the children, taking note of their interests, strengths, and areas where they may need extra support. This dynamic approach ensures that every child is making significant progress in all seven key areas of learning as we work collaboratively toward achieving their developmental goals.

At every stage of a child’s journey at Kids Spot Nursery, they provide age-appropriate experiences that encompass both indoor and outdoor activities to promote holistic learning. They believe in giving children the freedom to make choices and explore their unique learning paths, recognizing that their voices are the most valuable in the nursery.

Their approach at Kids Spot places a strong emphasis on nurturing fundamental areas of development, with the ultimate goal of empowering children and fostering their self-confidence and independence.

Kids Spot Nursery provides a wide range of enriching activities, including Arabic, Football, French, and Gymnastics. These activities are an integral part of the morning sessions and are accessible to all children, regardless of their age or size.

These activities serve multiple purposes. Firstly, they aid in supporting smooth transitions, helping children form valuable social connections and shift their focus from one key person to another. Additionally, these activities facilitate the development of essential skills across all seven key learning areas, which in turn prepares them for a successful transition to primary school.

Moreover, these activities contribute to building children’s vocabulary, and above all, they ensure that the children have a great deal of fun while learning and growing.

Cultivating an Exceptional Environment

Kids Spot Nursery’s vision is to redefine the nursery experience for children and their parents by providing a unique environment that not only supports the child’s first steps away from home but also allows them to thrive.

The school aims to help children to:

  • Become social, independent individuals;
  • Explore and discover new concepts and ideas;
  • Recognize their values, ethics, and morals;
  • Embrace the challenge and learn through experience and self-discovery.

The KSN mission is based on the understanding that working on a child’s health, heart, and mind is the key to creating a successful and happy individual.

The nursery aims to achieve the following things:

  • Welcome every child and provide them with the opportunity to develop within a secure and caring environment.
  • Ensure that all the children feel included, secure, and valued
  • The nursery wholeheartedly embraces the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and various other pedagogical approaches to craft a truly individualized learning experience for each child. Their primary aim is to assist children in not only discovering but also nurturing their distinctive personalities.
  • Professionally and effectively oversee, nurture, and enhance all facets of the preschool.
  • Ensure the Nursery is fully equipped with modern, well-maintained resources in line with the needs of its children.
  • Work closely with the children’s families.
  • Provide a safe, healthy, and happy environment in which adults and children can work, play and learn together.
  • Promote a positive outlook and foster respect in children, both towards themselves and others.

Unparalleled Vision of the Managing Director

Nouhad Doughan is the driving force behind the phenomenal success of Kids Spot Nursery. Nouhad is a dedicated mother of three on an unwavering mission to ensure that each child embarks on an unforgettable journey of growth during their formative years.

Her unparalleled vision for redefining the traditional nursery experience is brought to life in every meticulously designed area of the facility, a testament to her unwavering commitment to exceptional quality and unmatched excellence.

Creating a Caring and Stimulating Environment

At Kids Spot Nursery, the educators emphasize the importance of close collaboration with families to foster children’s sense of inclusion, value, and security. By fully embracing the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, the Nursery takes a comprehensive and holistic approach to education and development.

Challenging the traditional daycare model, Kids Spot Nursery seeks to redefine the nursery experience. This endeavor involves introducing a modern childcare concept that caters to each child’s unique developmental needs.

The Nursery’s initial phase encountered obstacles, which it effectively navigated with its exceptional team. Drawing on the diverse experiences, skills, and passion of its members, creating a nurturing and stimulating environment for children and parents alike.

Bringing Stakeholders Together

Bringing all educational stakeholders on the same page to achieve common goals requires effective communication and collaboration. Some strategies the Kids Spot Nursery believes in achieving this include:

  • Conveying the distinct vision and specific goals: It is essential to communicate the Nursery’s vision and goals. This helps in aligning everyone’s efforts towards the same goal.
  • Fostering Collaboration through Regular and Planned Meetings: Consistent and scheduled meetings with staff, parents, and other stakeholders play a crucial role in promoting collaboration and facilitating the exchange of important updates. These gatherings provide an opportunity to openly address concerns and challenges, while also encouraging valuable input from all stakeholders in the quest for effective solutions.
  • Open door policy: Encouraging open communication and feedback from all stakeholders helps in identifying areas of improvement and allows everyone to have a voice in the decision-making processes.
  • Ongoing Professional Development: Empowering staff and parents with access to training and resources is instrumental in elevating their skills and knowledge, ultimately fostering a collective effort towards achieving shared objectives.
  • Cultivating a Positive Culture: Nurturing a culture that cherishes teamwork, diversity, and inclusion can significantly enhance collaboration among all stakeholders.

Setting the Bar High

Kids Spot Nursery has been recognized globally via various prestigious awards. A few noteworthy of them are:

  • ‘Boutique Nursery of the Year – Middle East (UAE)’ by Prestige Awards in 2021,
  • ‘Outstanding Leadership Award from Conference Education 2.0.’ in 2022,
  • Listed as one of ‘The Best International Schools to Know in 2023,’ in 2023.

Its unwavering commitment is to continue expanding and growing at an unprecedented level, setting the bar high and surpassing expectations. Its relentless dedication to educating young minds and witnessing their growth on a daily basis is second to none.

Kids Spot Nursery ensures that every child receives personalized attention and tailored learning experiences to facilitate their individual growth. Its purpose-built facilities are designed to encourage exploration and discovery within a safe and stimulating environment. A key component of its approach is the integration of guided risk-taking, which means that its children are encouraged to play freely and test their boundaries while the skilled team is always on hand to offer support and guidance. With this approach, the school empowers children to develop self-independence, resilience, and self-confidence – all crucial skills for their future success.

Recognizing the uniqueness of every child and their untapped potential, Kids Spot Nursery is steadfast in its commitment to creating a lasting, positive impact in the society.

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