In the state, Texas A&M University Ranked First for Increases in Student Enrolment
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Based on enrolment increases for the most recent academic year, Texas A&M University is ranked first by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. One of the most prestigious universities in the state, located in College Station, added 2,433 more students to its student body between fall 2022 and fall 2023, while its competitor, the University of Texas in Austin, saw an increase of 893 students during the same time frame.

The two universities are renowned for having some of the highest enrolments of public universities in the state; however, one of them surpassed the other by over 1,500 students.

The University of Texas in Austin is ranked second in terms of enrolment with 53,082 students, while Texas A&M University has 69,598 students enrolled as of the higher education board’s preliminary data for the fall semester of 2023.

In terms of enrolment spikes from fall 2022 to fall 2023, the University of North Texas trailed TAMU in second place among other public universities in Texas; overall, UNT experienced an increase of 2,402 students. Third-place Texas A&M University-Commerce added 1,340 new students during the same time period, representing an almost 13 percent increase in enrolment. 1,307 more students enrolled at the University of Texas in San Antonio, which came in fourth place, than at Angelo State University in West Texas, which came in fifth.

According to the board’s data, this year has seen the University of Houston’s biggest enrolment decline in comparison to previous years. Preliminary data indicates that UH has about 46,502 enrolled students, which is 558 fewer than the number of students enrolled for the fall 2020 semester.

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