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When one relishes the pleasures of music, one attains nirvana.’

The role of music in our daily lives implies an inevitable significance. The choice of music we listen to sometimes reflects our personality and sometimes the conditions of our minds. As the quote, ‘Music is the best medicine,’ metaphorically explains the healing power of music, it is also scientifically proven to be true, while stating it as Music Therapy. The Education sector has also expanded its grounds for the inclusion of music in the holistic development of a child. This inclusion of music efficiently improves and aids an improvement in academic as well as individual skills.

Coming to the institutions that assist in the aforesaid holistic development, Kindermusik with Love School is a premier example. This music school is dedicated to offering Kindermusik-the world’s most trusted early childhood music education programme for newborns to 6 year-olds. Equipped with extensive expertise and knowledge, the school’s team is built on the passion to deliver the most optimum experience and benefits that music education can provide. Its studios are situated in the West, East and central parts of Singapore and each studio is built for the best Kindermusik experience.

Kindermusik with Love Studios comprehends that music and movement instruction improves children’s memory, cognitive development, learning skills, and expressive ability. The school also understands that to get there, music needs to be delivered to the children in an effective way, viz. The Kindermusik way! Its mission is to influence parents and the education industry, such that they recognize the way children should be learning via music. The school believes that children need to be moving, playing and be totally immersed in the music-making process for real learning and real benefits to take place.


Kindermusik with Love Studios has been ceaselessly treading on the path to excellence since its inception in 2012, under the prolific leadership of Shauna Chen, the Director. Shauna is an all-rounder musical talent who has excelled in her chosen field. Apart from attaining a Masters in Early Childhood Education, she is also well versed in the Electronic Organ (Diploma with High Honours), completed Grade 8 Music Theory, accredited in Piano and Guitar, and also plays the Erhu and Violin for leisure.

As a music educator since the year 2000, Shauna now specializes in early childhood music upon discovering the wonders that such musical experiences provided for her three young children. Her commitment and passion for the programme has grown and matured by leaps and bounds. Parents love her ability to customize every lesson for maximum fun and learning, and revel in the special connection she has with every child under her care. Kindermusik transforms learning and brings musical education to a whole new level. Shauna dedicates her energy into Kindermusik, for the children, for parents, for her team. Apart from managing her studios, Shauna has been appointed a mentor at Kindermusik University for International trainees. She is also an adjunct lecturer with several established educational institutions, imparting valuable musical skills to other early childhood educators.

From 2019, her dedication in Kindermusik has been affirmed when she was offered the role of Master Franchisor for Kindermusik in Singapore. Kindermusik continues to benefit numerous children in Singapore through Shauna’s whole-hearted nurture.


Kindermusik’s programmes cater for newborns through to 6 year olds. Age groups are divided into 0-18 months, 18 months-3 years, 3-5 years, 4.5-6 year olds.

For newborns to 18 months age group, the activities include Instrument Play, Dance, Exploration Time, Musical Concepts, Together Time, Expert Advice, and Tools & Inspiration for Home. For Toddlers to 3 year olds, the activities are, Music Concepts, Vocal play, Together Time, Exploration Time, Story time & early literacy, Instruments & Ensembles, Twirling, hopping, and Dancing. For preschoolers to 5 year olds, Instrument Play, Parent involvement, Movement activities, Music Concepts & Terms, Music variety & singing, and Language & cognitive development. And for 5 to 7 year olds, Movement, Fun & Games, Focused listening, Reading & writing, Musical instruments & concepts, and Singing & vocal development.

Toddler classes are most popular but the school is happy to see parents starting their music journey earlier as the years go by. As options for music class increase after 3 years of age, Kindermusik is witnessing an increase in enrolment in the older age groups as well as due to a better understanding from parents about appropriate developmental learning. “Putting a child too early on formal instrument is not appropriate, and those precious early years should be used to build a firm foundation for musical success in the future,” states Shauna.

Shauna expresses, “Before our modern lives took over, music was, naturally, a part of family tradition and everyday life. The only way for that to re-enter the homes is to provide grown-ups with easy resources to tap on while at home. People are busy, gadgets are distracting, and laziness kicks in, so it’s important their access to appropriate music is easy.”

Pertaining to this, Kindermusik has supporting home kits to assist each term’s learning from the child’s home. The simplest homework of putting the music on is one way to integrate music into the households. “We hope our millennium mums are more compelled to do that by providing digital music on top of their CD so that their child’s music can be streamed from anywhere and anytime,” Shauna expresses.

Kindermusik is also of the belief that music should be part of the environment. It should be seamless and unintentionally so. Singing a song while walking down the corridor, tapping on cups during snack time, playing a rhythmic clapping game before bed time, that’s what children need, as opposed to intentional rah rah segments at certain festivals and events only.


Kindermusik is always keeping itself up-to-date through the course of time. The school’s curriculum and presentation will always appeal to new parents and the children of today. This sets it apart from many programmes out in the market.

To propel Kindermusik to its best potential, the school has clinched the prestigious assignment of being the Master Franchisor of Kindermusik in Singapore. Kindermusik with Love Studios is now entirely owned and operated by Kindermusik Singapore, upholding the highest level of professionalism in offering Kindermusik classes.

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