Kingsgate International School: The Pursuit of Excellence through Hearts, Minds, and Hands

“We are committed to a programme that reflects both our school Community & high expectations for academic rigour and a commitment to service leadership through deep connections to our global community”.

Founded in 2017, in Malaysia Kingsgate International School takes pride in becoming the first choice educational institution for students in the region. The school offers a Kindergarten through to Year 13 program based on an International British curriculum.

Kingsgate International School is run by Global Services in Education (GSE). Global Services in Education (GSE) is one of the world’s leading education management companies.

GSE has been recognised with several international awards including: Far East Business Leadership Awards – Excellence in Education;  Best Global Brand in International Education (2016); Best Global Brand in Secondary and Vocational Training (2015);  Asia Pacific Corporate and Social Responsibility Award in Education (2015); Shanna Parry: World Top 10 Global Guru in Education.

The school motto is to see their students excel and to pursue careers and pathways that make their families and community proud. It will be successful and we will foster peace, understanding and international mindedness.

Torchbearer of the School

The school is led by former international school Principals Greg and Shanna Parry; their team is well recognised as proven education experts who know what is required to ensure a school delivers quality education outcomes for students and their families.

Mr. Michael Ainscough is the Deputy Principal and has 20 years of international school experience in Singapore, the Middle East, and his native Australia. Michael is a highly skilled, professional teacher who truly makes a difference in the classroom. His education philosophy is to ensure that children become life-long learners through embracing new opportunities and challenges. He says that at Kingsgate International School we ensure that all teachers are 100% highly qualified native English speaking teachers from UK, USA, Australia or Canada.

Life Beyond the Classroom

Extracurricular Activities (ECA’s) currently encompass: football, swimming, drama, arts and crafts, homework club, film club, cooking, dance, mandarin and more. As the school continues to grow so will the ECA’s that they are able to offer.

Shanna Parry hosts Teacher Training events at Kingsgate International School but also in the community. For example she trained 66 local Malaysian teachers through the “Teach for Malaysia” programme.

Kingsgate International School also hosts Education Workshops at its campus in order to inform and educate Kingsgate parents and families in the community on numerous topics of education. Topics include; “How to effectively communicate with your child’s teacher” | “Helping your child succeed” | Assessment and evaluation, what’s the difference and why it matter.

Technology used in the Classroom

Kingsgate International School has a very clear vision and mission in regard to how they use technology in the classroom.

Kingsgate International School seeks to be innovative through use of current, relevant and progressive technology and in ways that accelerate learning for children. The school aim is to develop responsible global citizens with superior technology skills so that they can harness the infinite knowledge now available in a global world, safely and with a critical eye.

The school knows how important technology is for learning!

Technology will not be used “for the sake of using technology” or as a way to motivate or entice children to pay attention. They recognise the concerns some parents may have about children who cannot balance using “technology for a purpose” and “technology for distraction”. It is a clear mission within their school to train children to use technology effectively so that its advantages are embraced.

Technology in the Classroom

  • Early Years
    In the early years classes (Kindergarten – Year 3), shared devices are provided for student use under the guidance of the teachers. This strategy aims to teach children appropriate skills and build a foundation in collaboration and sharing.

1-to-1 Program:
Their 1-to-1 device program in Year 4 to Year 13, allows students to use devices throughout the day to supplement teacher instruction.

All devices include software that directs access to learning material and contents that accelerates learning but it also controls access to sites, apps and material the school community deems inappropriate.

At Kingsgate International School the safety of the students is their number one priority. Their published policies and procedures ensure technology is used in a safe manner and it restricts access to material that may be deemed inappropriate or outside the purpose of learning at the school.

Innovative labs

Kingsgate’s Innovation Lab is a dedicated space for “ideating”. This is where the children will learn about the world of invention, design, and creative problem solving. It is a flexible space that inspires new thinking.

Kingsgate International students begin developing analytical skills, creativity, scientific and problem solving attributes from Kindergarten age.  Da Vinci proved that innovation is accelerated when we understand the connections between Arts, Science and Technology, so too will their students have the potential to be Global Innovators for the future.

Students will work on projects utilising 3D printers, electronics, robotics, coding, and textiles/fashion, Arts, Culture and Sports in various forms.

Opportunities with a Difference

Kingsgate International School delivers a rigorous British curriculum that focuses on enquiry and critical thinking. They believe that students should be challenged as well as nurtured, guided but also developed as independent learners. They aim to develop a vibrant community of students, parents, faculty, staff, and alumni.

At Kingsgate International School everyone will seek out opportunities to pursue their interests inside of the classroom but also beyond the classroom through their clubs, organisations, programs, and events.

Their pursuit of excellence begins with teachers who understand best practice and apply it in natural ways that maximise student performance. Their teachers continue to learn and research new methods and practices in curriculum alignment, assessment, and instruction. They work collaboratively to share their teaching strategies so that all students benefit from their collective expertise.

The school pursues 21st century standards, learning and assessment. They develop students’ minds, hearts and bodies, knowing that students must know information but more importantly they must be able to apply it and accomplish things with the skills and knowledge they develop.

Scholarship Offered

There are numerous offers available for the first set of students joining the school this academic year. From a 10% lifetime discount for the first 100 students at the school to a waiver of their MYR20,000 Enrolment Fee.

The school has selected one (1) scholarship for this academic year (2018/19). For the next academic year the school will announce a new scholarship programme which is likely to include available scholarships in the arts, sports and academics.

Kingsgate will offer IGCSE and A-Levels. There are a number of different pathways available for both of these options.

IGCSE can lead to A-Levels but also to other colleges and foundations degrees.

A-Levels can lead onto universities worldwide. In fact Kingsgate’s Shanna Parry is an expert in guiding students into the top Ivy League universities in the USA and the UK. Many students get great grades at A- Levels but it is the other aspects of the students education that are what counts when it comes to getting noticed by these top universities.

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