Kodai Sports Academy: Bolstering Careers through Sports in India
Kodai sports academy

Sports have always been a great unifying force to bring people together. It ingrains a feeling of oneness beyond boundaries, as times even allowing to forget issues and complexities in the people’s lives. Truly the aura on a sports field is such that it has endless possibilities, even allowing foes to turn friends.

Many countries have developed a special love for one particular sport. Brazil loves their soccer, and so does England, while America drowns itself in Rugby and Baseball.

On the other hand, India sleeps, eats, and breathes cricket. It is no veiled secret that cricket is deemed as a religion in India. Every street of the nation encounters the craze of cricket every moment. All are gage over the game from little children to teenagers to adults.

It is also evident that India has become a significant face in world Cricket, with a huge population passionate about the sport. However, being such a vast country with colossal sporting potential, many youngsters fail to showcase their game to the world. There are multiple challenges that the youth in the country go through. Also, numerous stories in different parts of the country uncover many players who did not find the correct exposure or even get a fair opportunity to make it to the top.

Kodai Sports Academy is a sports academy that aims to train cricketers, nurture their dreams, and provide the best opportunities to India’s youth.

The Genesis of a Stellar Academy

In 2015 two passionate young and energetic former cricketers, Prerit Goswami and Mukesh Saini took the initiative with the help of  Kodai International School and inaugurated Kodai Cricket Academy.

In the last six years, the dream has reached a tremendous rise, and the academy has transformed the spectre of cricket in its region. The quality and distinct coaching proffered by the professionals here enable every single dream of its students to be on the right track.

Prerit and Mukesh played professional cricket with utmost diligence at a young age. After some years, their shared dream took a frame as a highly experienced and well-equipped cricket coaching destination, facilitated by the Kodai International School Director – Mr Anil Mehta.

Grit and the Outlook of the Academy

Mr Anil Mehta has given all his support to start the cricket academy in his school area. All the aspiring cricketers from the age group of 5 to 25 years are nourished and given essential details of cricket under the able guidance of highly talented professionals.

Birth of Kodai Sports Academy

Assistant coach Mr Gajendra Jangid adds an extra edge to the academy through his hard work and a particular focus on individual students.

In June 2020, with a new vision, KCA started another branch with the name KODAI SPORTS ACADEMY.

Many sports like Cricket, Basketball, Skating, Football, Yoga, Handball and the most loved game among corporates – Box Cricket had started. In February 2022, another landmark was added to the group with the name Super Over Turf– the most prominent sports Box of Jaipur for Cricket and Football, facilitating a space for enthusiasts to enjoy themselves with friends and family inside a BOX.

Growth and Achievements

KCA (Kodai Cricket Academy) began its journey with five students. And now, over a period, the academy has delivered phenomenal outcomes through its coaching, reaching more than 125 students chiselling out their goals. Past three years, many players like Jatin Saini, Saransh Goswami, Harshit Gaur, Deepesh Verma, Megha Saini, and Tanmay Yadav have represented the Rajasthan state team. Saransh Goswami went on to set the record of making the fastest century in Domestic cricket in India.

Every day KCA/KSA proves its tagline, “A Journey of thousand miles begins with a single step, come and take your first step with us,” to be confirmed with his splendid results.

The Next Big Step

Today, Kodai Sports Academy has become a prominent face of the overall
sports development of youngsters. Starting from cricket, KSA has started taking
a lot of initiative into other popular games like football – KODAI LIONS Football Club and skating – KODAI SKATING CLUB

KSA has been arranging many tournaments weekly so that the country’s aspiring athletes get an opportunity to showcase their talents on a national level. With the support of Kodai International School, the academy collaborates with different sports academies and schools so that the students do not run out of opportunities. This initiative also encourages and inspires the youth to participate in sports, and with their intensive training, KSA prepares them for having a remarkable career in sports.

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